Did Perry Change The Future In ‘Outer Range’ Season 2? What Will Happen To Him Next?


Perry Abbott was at the eye of the storm in the first season of Outer Range by accidentally killing Trevor Tillerson. Royal and Cecilia put up the Abbott Ranch as collateral to bail Perry out. He was supposed to show up at the hearing, or else his family would end up losing the ranch because they didn’t have $500,000 just lying around in their home. But he decided to disappear into the time-traveling hole in Wabang in the hopes that it’d provide the solution to all his issues (the disappearance of his wife, Rebecca) just like it did for Royal when he traveled from 1886 to 1968. While that forced Royal and Cecilia to run from pillar to post to avoid selling off their ranch, Perry ended up in the 1980s and came across the younger versions of Royal Sumner, Cecilia Abbott, and Wayne Tillerson. And he ended up making a bigger mess than he had done by killing Trevor.

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Where did Perry go?

Since the hole in Outer Range Season 2 had a habit of taking the jumpers to the timeline where they were supposed to be, in order to maintain the continuity of the plot of Wabang, when Perry landed in the 1980s, he was under the impression that that’s where he was going to find Rebecca. He pretended to be a guy called Ben and started asking about them, but the presence of the young versions of Royal, Cecilia, and Wayne sort of derailed his search for his wife. If Royal and Cecilia were a couple and Wayne wasn’t with Cecilia at that time, I don’t think Perry would’ve been too bothered about the feud between the two ranches. But since Wayne and Cecilia were together, with the former cheating on Cecilia, and because Royal was fooling around with other women, Perry probably felt that the future of his whole family was at stake. So, he called out Wayne for cheating on Cecilia. He informed Cecilia that Wayne was cheating on her. And he reprimanded Royal for his promiscuity.

How did Perry End Up In The Hole Again?

Things reached boiling point in Outer Range Season 2 when an angry Wayne singled out Perry and started beating the living hell out of him. The older Wayne (who was high on the mineral from the hole) somehow connected across time and space with the younger Wayne and figured out that Ben was actually Perry. This revelation didn’t have any immediate repercussions because Royal intervened and whisked him away before his son from the future got killed in the past. But Perry realized that his presence wasn’t allowing the arcs of Royal, Cecilia, and Wayne to evolve as they should. He was turning out to be a thorn in their paths. Since Rebecca wasn’t there in the 1980s, his personal investigation into her disappearance turned out to be a wild goose chase. So, he asked Royal to take him to the hole after the latter confirmed that it was back. Now, before his second round of time-traveling, Perry was under the impression that should probably return to the 2020s, take care of his daughter, pay the price for killing Trevor, and stop looking for his wife. Royal took the decision for him by pushing him into the hole, but it ended up being a bad gamble.

Has Perry Created a Branched Reality?

Perry fell through the hole in the 1980s, and he came out of it on the night of Trevor’s murder. When he realized that, he tried to stop the existing version of himself from killing Trevor. But he inadvertently facilitated his own death at the hands of Trevor. The Tillerson kid ended up running away, and Perry threw his own dead body into the hole to live the life he couldn’t after killing Trevor in the original reality. Then he reunited with his family, and that’s where his arc in Outer Range Season 2 came to an end. However, the magnitude of this little event is immense. The timeline of Wabang before Perry jumped into the hole was like a circle. So, even though it seemed like the characters were spontaneously jumping into it and popping up at random points in Wabang’s history, it was all part of a cosmic simulation. The cycle was never broken. However, Perry’s involvement created a branched timeline—an alternate reality—in which Trevor survived and a version of Perry was replaced by another version of the character.

To be clear, Perry Abbott is still missing in the reality where Autumn pushed Amy into the hole and Royal suffered a heart attack. It’s possible that the dead body of the alternate version of Perry might show up in the original reality and bring his arc to a close because everyone will assume that the dead guy is the original version of Perry since he is wearing the clothes the original Perry was wearing when he disappeared. The original Perry is currently in a timeline where no legal hearing is going to happen because Trevor is alive and no real crime has been committed. The Tillersons will probably press charges against Perry for attacking Trevor. That’ll lead to a completely different courtroom drama. Amy won’t disappear. Maybe Autumn doesn’t exist in this timeline. And it’s totally possible that the Abbotts will get to live peacefully and the hole will close up forever. However, if we consider the concept of “time is a river,” maybe the events we’ve witnessed so far will still happen in this new reality, but in a different manner. As in, Perry will eventually kill Trevor for some other reason and kick off the events leading to the takeover of the mining corporation that Royal keeps seeing in his visions. If that happens, it’ll prove that despite creating branched realities and whatnot, people are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

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