‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Was Perry Sentenced To Prison? What Did Paul Decide?


Centered around the murder of oil heir Brooks McCutcheon, season 2 of “Perry Mason” was an engrossing watch with multiple twists and turns. The set design, casting, lighting, and, of course, the development of the characters were top-notch, as usual. This season was a lot simpler than its predecessor when it came to the case at hand, but the gradual revelations kept it thoroughly interesting. Matthew Rhys, as the mostly disgruntled Perry Mason, is an absolute treat to watch on screen. From wanting to find the real meaning of justice to accepting that the system is an illusion and that it celebrates the watered-down justice that one receives, there is a distinct shift in Mason’s outlook. With the second season coming to an end, I, for one, look forward to a third season with Team Perry Mason.

Spoilers Warning

‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Summary: What Happens In The Second Season?

After his first big win as a defense attorney in the Emily Dodson case, Perry Mason strictly stuck to civil disputes. Even though he had won the case, the thought that he could not save Emily troubled him. While civil dispute cases were simpler and more profitable, he missed having a sense of purpose. When the Gallardo brothers were charged with the murder of Brooks McCutcheon, their family reached out to Perry for help. Hesitant at first, Perry agreed to take the case once he was convinced that the brothers were innocent. To prove the Gallardo brothers innocent, it was important to blame the murder on someone else. They suspected Brooks’ father, Lydell, of getting his son killed to protect the reputation of his company. Brooks never paid attention to his father’s advice, and most of his business ideas remained unsuccessful. Perry and his team also realized that Brooks was not the respectable businessman that the prosecutor tried to establish. He abused women behind closed doors, and one of his victims was his ex-secretary, Noreen. Noreen was admitted to San Haven after he nearly strangled her to death. Brooks paid her brother to maintain silence and moved on to his next victim. With the help of the San Haven file that Holcomb brought in, Mason and his team discussed Brooks’ atrocious practices in court. With Councilman Taylor admitting to his sister’s suffering at the hands of Brooks and Della Street’s remarkable demonstration, Mason and his team raised reasonable doubt.

The most important revelation in “Perry Mason” Season 2 was that the Gallardo brothers were responsible for Brooks’ murder. Mateo and Rafael lost their sister and their home to the McCutcheons. Therefore, they did not think twice when they were paid to kill Brooks McCutcheon. The local street thug, Ozzie Johnson, had contacted the brothers, and after a grueling interrogation, he revealed that he was paid by the husband of a regular junkie to get the job done. After staking out the corner street for days, Paul noticed the blue car that Ozzie had mentioned. Clara was with him, and she volunteered to find out the identity of the blue car owner. While the woman, Constance, overdosed, Clara stole a few letters addressed to them. It was Melville “Phippsy” Phipps who had asked Ozzie to appoint the Gallardo brothers to murder Brooks McCutcheon. Since Phippsy had no reason to act alone, it was obvious that he simply carried out what Camilla Nygaard had asked of him. Camilla Nygaard, the oil empress, was troubled by the attention Brooks was bringing to their illegal business. The Feds were after Brooks for selling fruits and vegetables on the black market, but they had yet to find out the larger conspiracy behind it. The produce was used as a cover to transport oil to Japan for military purposes. As a result of Japan’s invasion of China, there was a ban on trade and commercial activities, so Lydell and Camilla found an illegal way to continue their business. She murdered Brooks to protect her interests, and she was not guilty about it.

What Happened To The Gallardo Brothers?

The situation completely changed after the prosecutor found the murder weapon kept in Perry’s office safe. Mason wanted to protect the brothers and brought the gun from their home in Hooverville to his office. Judge Durkin sentenced Mason to four months in prison, and in a way, Mason was glad that the judge did not declare it a mistrial. The trial came to a conclusion, with the DA’s office and the defense counsel coming to an agreement. Perry used the heap of evidence that Phippsy handed over to him and his team after he was blackmailed by them to cut down the sentence for the brothers. Hamilton Burger agreed to allow one of the brothers to go free while the other had to admit to the murder and was to be sentenced to 30 years without parole. Mateo confessed to murdering Brooks McCutcheon in court, but before being sent off to prison, he discussed how his social and financial conditions had affected his judgment. Rafael returned home and continued to pursue his interest in art. Just like in most cases, the one with the least power was punished. Of course, Mateo was responsible for the murder, but there was a larger conspiracy behind it that involved going against the interests of the nation.

Was Camilla Nygaard Arrested?

While Camilla Nygaard was not proven guilty in court for the murder of Brooks McCutcheon, the evidence that Phippsy stole from her safe caught the attention of the Feds. Hamilton Burger was initially reluctant to take a step against his blackmailer, fearing the worst. But with the negative copy of the photographs in his hand, he felt confident enough to see Camilla Nygaard’s fall. Della struggled to cope with Camilla’s betrayal the most. She looked up to her and often sought advice from her during times of crisis. While going through the photographs Camilla kept in her safe, Della realized that Camilla had her men follow her as well. Camilla knew about her affair with Anita, and she later would have used it to her advantage whenever she saw fit. Della felt nothing but disgust for Camilla, and she confronted her one last time. Camilla could sense Della’s lack of respect for her when she ignored her orders. Camilla justified Brooks’ murder by blaming him for being a spoiled brat who deserved nothing better. She compared her situation with Della’s, admitting that one has to do certain things to protect themselves. Camilla will never forgive Perry and Della for ruining her life.

Members from the Bureau of Investigation came to her house to interrogate her about her involvement in the illegal oil trade, and even though she knew she was in deep trouble, she, in her typical calm voice, tried to convince herself that she was in control of the situation. Lydell fled the country as soon as he realized that Perry and his team had found out the truth. The FBI was hunting for him, and his close associate Walter Crippen asked him to remain in Japan.

Was Perry Sentenced To Prison? What Did Paul Decide?

“Perry Mason” Season 2 ends with Perry preparing to leave for prison. He did what he had to to protect his client, and he did not regret it. Della and Perry celebrated their little win (they saved the brothers from the noose) the night before Perry went to prison. To find justice, they had to take illegal measures, and Della wondered if that could ever truly be defined as real justice. Such questions had often troubled Perry, and after dealing with the Gallardo brothers’ case, he realized that the little right that they could do amidst all the wrong was worth fighting for. This, in a way, indicates that maybe there will be a season 3 of “Perry Mason,” and Della will continue to be an integral member of Mason and Associates. Before going to prison, Perry met Ginny Aimes. He admitted his mistake and hoped for a second chance. It seems Perry and Ginny will take a romantic trip to Yosemite in the autumn after his release. Perry kept the picture that the blackmailer had taken of him and his son. He barely had time for his boy, and even though the picture was taken for all the wrong reasons, it was the only happy moment that Perry wanted to look back at over and over again. He is aware that such moments are rare, and his lifestyle and profession would distance him further from his son.

Della and Anita are still going strong, but they cannot come out in public. The reporters assumed that Della and Hamilton were in love, and they continued to pretend to make it all the more believable. They have realized that their careers can be jeopardized if the truth ever surfaces, and after the blackmailing, it only makes sense that they are being extra careful. Meanwhile, Paul decides to quit working for Mason. He instead accepted Melvin Perkins’ offer to work for the community by gathering information against the councilmen who objected to giving out permits for community projects. Pete, too, decided to stop working for the DA’s office. After nearly marring his friendship with Perry, he decided it was not worth his while, and before leaving, he urinated in Tom Milligan’s expensive bottle of cognac for one last laugh.

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