‘Perry Mason’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained: Were The Gallardo Brothers Guilty?


Paul concluded that the Gallardo brothers were responsible for the murder of Brooks McCutcheon after he found a match to the bullet markings from the crime scene. He was afraid that his discovery would destroy the case Perry Mason was building. Moreover, Perry has his extremities, and Paul believed the truth would be enough for Perry to drop the case. He figured it would be in his best interest to hide the truth, but he could not stick to his plan. He had been deceived into working on the Perkins case, and he was not ready to do the same with Perry Mason. With the mystery gradually unfolding in Episode 4, the central characters turn to love for solace from their draining professional lives.

Spoilers Ahead

Della Street

Della trusted Emily when everyone else had given up. They had spent months together trying to prove her innocence in court, and the news of her death, in a way, indicated their failure. Della could not afford to process her emotions the way Perry did. She was hesitant to express her pain; after all, someone had to be responsible in the business. Della’s passion for becoming a successful lawyer and her dream of having her own firm one day were her driving forces. As a woman living in the 1930s hoping to make a career in law, she was afraid of leaving a weak impression. Della found comfort in her writer lover, Anita. At her Palm Springs house, they unwind as the sun sets in the background. The peace at Anita’s villa and her charming personality left Della smitten.

While Della had hoped to find out more about Brooks McCutcheon’s stadium from Camilla Nygaard, she instead changed the subject of the discussion. Camilla knew the struggles women face while building a business, and she was sympathetic about the tantrums Della had to put up with while working with Mason. It’s hard to tell, though, if her goal was to merely support and educate Della or to sow a seed of skepticism about working with Perry Mason.

Perry Mason: Romance And Madness

The spark between Perry and Teddy’s class teacher, Miss Aimes, was palpable from the very first parent-teacher meeting. Perhaps it was Perry’s ruggedness that attracted Ginny. All this while, they had only exchanged a few friendly words and glances, but it was enough to predict a possible future. Perry’s effort to become an adventurous and fun father figure continued as he took Teddy along for a horseback riding experience. Teddy was not too keen, and Mason struggled to build his interest. And in that moment of desperate guidance, Ginny Aimes stepped in. She worked at the stable during the weekends and offered to help Teddy.

With Ginny’s assistance, Teddy started to enjoy the activity. Ginny corrected Perry’s parental instincts, leaving him quite amused. We get to know that she was divorced and traveled to Los Angeles, hoping to build a future without the interference of her past. Ginny had dropped enough hints to establish her interest in Perry. Perry’s friendship with Ginny comes in handy the next day at school when a parent insults him. He did not think twice before punching the man’s face within the school’s premises. Later, Ginny defended his action and managed to prevent Teddy from getting expelled for his father’s actions. It was obvious that Ginny had started to care about Perry, and he finally decided to invite her to his apartment.

Perry was tired of the newspaper headlines criticizing and mocking him every single day. Lydell McCutcheon had made sure that the public directed their hatred at the defense attorney. In that moment of rage and disappointment, Mason decided to sneak into the McCutcheon stable and ride their finest horse. Pete was now more responsible than before, and he was not completely on board with Mason’s plan. After sneaking in and riding the horse, Mason and Pete ran for their lives. Mason’s life had significantly changed, and he was always searching for moments when he could indulge in a little carefree and, at times, illegal activities. Maybe it was his way of keeping the private investigator he once was alive. But Pete was done living that life, and he was afraid of losing the comfort that his new job brought into his life. Pete surely knew more about the case than he was sharing with Perry for obvious reasons.

Ending Explained: Were The Gallardo Brothers Responsible For Brooks Mccutcheon’s Murder?

Instead of keeping the truth from Mason, Paul decided to disclose what he had found. Mason completely lost hope in the case after he realized that the people he was trying to protect were responsible for the murder. He wanted to drop the case right away, but it wasn’t as simple as he thought. The Gallardo brothers admitted their involvement in the murder of Brooks McCutcheon, and Perry decided to make an arrangement with the prosecutors, Thomas Milligan and Hamilton Burger, now that he had lost interest in defending them. But the DA’s office was not ready to budge an inch; they were confident about the evidence they had to prove the brothers guilty. Mason wanted to stand up for the truth and fight the cases most refused to take, but this time, he felt cheated. Now that he knew that the brothers had committed the crime, he almost found it unimaginable to stand in court and speak in their defense.

Paul believed it was all too good to be true. The fact that the brothers easily confessed to the crime they committed and that it was completely in sync with the statement of the police seemed a little too strange. Paul decided to find out more from the gun dealer, who was happy to answer his questions in exchange for food and beer. Paul learned that the brothers had borrowed the gun well before the incident and had spent quite some time practicing with it. According to the confession of the Gallardo brothers, they committed the crime hoping to make some quick money. But Paul wondered who paid them to practice before the murder. The person involved in Brooks’ murder wanted the crime to look like an ordinary robbery and had paid the two Mexican brothers for the job to make it look all the more convincing. There was an influential person behind it all, but who was it?

Meanwhile, using the sketches Rafael made in prison, Sofia walked to a rusty car and retrieved a bag full of cash that was securely hidden. This further proves that Paul was thinking in the right direction. The Gallardo brothers were paid to commit the murder, and it was meant to look exactly like a robbery gone wrong. There was no doubt that the DA’s office was confident about the entire case.

The enormous loss that Detective Holcomb suffered as a result of his involvement in the business of the gambling ship forced him to figure out how Brooks managed to keep the business running. He tried to find out about the financial arrangement between Goldstein and Brooks, but none of the employees were interested in entertaining him. He chanced upon the man Lydell tried teaching a lesson to in the previous episode of “Perry Mason” Season 2. Despite his initial reluctance to speak, the man eventually admitted that Brooks and Goldstein were operating trucks outside of their usual businesses, and that was how they were able to make money.

Holcomb was not ready to believe that the McCutcheon ships were only bringing in vegetables in the middle of the night. What business had Brooks McCutcheon gotten himself and his family involved in? Was he using the ships without his father’s knowledge to keep his business afloat and prove his success? Even now, the chances of Lydell committing the crimes to protect his family name seem high, though there is also the possibility of a rival company’s involvement. Episode 4 of “Perry Mason” Season 2 confirms that there was a larger conspiracy behind the murder of Brooks McCutcheon. The brothers seem to have been used to execute the plan, but we are yet to figure out who was behind it all.

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