‘Perry Mason’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending Explained: Who Found The Gun In Perry’s Office?


Della Street taking over the witness interrogation was the highlight of “Perry Mason” episode 6. In addition to watching Della steal the show in court, Perry and Holcomb also came to an unexpected arrangement. Pete continues to work against Perry and tries to forcefully enter his apartment and office to find a way to bring him down. Paul struggles to keep it together after knocking out Ozzie Jackson. What is the reason behind Camilla Nygaard’s sudden interest in Della? Does she have an ulterior motive, or is it simply one woman helping another to survive in a man’s world? While we are yet to find out who orchestrated the murder, the case keeps getting engrossing.

Spoilers Ahead

Gene Holcomb And Perry Mason: What Did Holcomb Offer Perry To Build His Case?

Holcomb offered to help Perry after he was subpoenaed. He could not afford to lose his job and pension due to his involvement with Brooks. Even though Holcomb was working with Brooks, he was kept away from the details of the trade. Holcomb started to lose all his money in the business after Brooks’ murder, and he was interested in finding out how Brooks ran the business without making losses. He believed his investigation could help Perry destroy the reputed image of Brooks in court. Perry agreed to the deal, but only if he paid for insurance.

In the form of insurance, Holcomb offered the San Haven file, which disclosed the actual reason behind Noreen’s condition. The document that Holcomb handed over to Perry helped him convince the jury that Brooks was not the good businessman that the world wanted them to believe. After Holcomb partially won his trust, Perry accompanied him to the beach as promised. Holcomb revealed that before Brooks’ death, the ships that were loaded in Long Beach would head to the ports of Hueneme. Holcomb believed that Brooks paid people under the table to take the produce around and earn extra bucks. Brooks worked with Goldstein, but after they both were murdered, the produce stopped going to Hueneme. Instead, the produce was thrown away in Los Angeles, but what made it all the more interesting was that the fruits were covered in oil. While both Holcomb and Perry struggled to comprehend what the McCutcheons were trying to hide, Perry knew that he had his hands on something big.

Della Street: What Did The Defense Counsel Prove In Court?

The San Haven file revealed that Noreen’s condition was a result of strangulation. Della noticed the mark on Noreen’s neck and realized that it matched Brooks McCutcheon’s belt. They concluded that Brooks strangled his widowed secretary, leaving her unresponsive and wheelchair-bound. Clearly, Brooks paid her brother, Councilman Taylor, to compensate for the damage. In court, Councilman Taylor refused to be truthful about his sister’s condition. He blamed it on a car accident, but when Perry and later Della referred to the document they had from San Haven, he was compelled to admit the truth. He agreed that his sister had been strangled.

Della went on to demonstrate in front of the jury how Brooks might have tightened the belt around the victim’s neck, further triggering reactions and sympathy for the victims in court. Noreen was not his only victim; she also had written accounts of his other victims, particularly the server who worked at the gambling bar. The physical demonstration of the act and the evidence that they had clearly indicated that Brooks was far from a decent human being. Della believed that they must not push further since they had established reasonable doubt, but with the oil connection at his disposal, Perry felt they must push as much as possible.

Ending Explained: Who Found The Gun In Perry Mason’s Office?

Just when the case started to look good for the defense counsel, Tom Milligan found a way to get back at Perry. Pete tried to break into Perry’s apartment to find dirt, but after the model train incident, he took extra measures to lock his apartment. Pete had given up on finding anything that could put Mason on the spot, but when Tom questioned his intelligence and commitment, he chose to give it another shot. This time, he broke into Mason’s office.

The next morning, Milligan proudly informed the judge that Mason was concealing the murder weapon at his office. The judge announced that he would take a field trip to Mason’s office to witness the truth. Perry’s face had already given up the truth, and when the gun was retrieved from the scene, he had nothing to say in his defense. Perry will be facing the consequences for his action after the case, and the entire event left him troubled. He was no longer thinking straight, and he started to doubt everyone around him. He was desperate to find out who was responsible for his situation, and he ultimately pinned the blame on his lover, Ginny Aimes. Since Ginny had visited him at his office once, he was convinced that she worked for the D.A. Ginny had never seen Perry’s frantic side until now, and she was left in tears. Clearly, Perry will be emotionally broken once he finds out that Pete is behind it. Even though it is not shown, the sequence of events clearly indicates that it was Pete who informed Tom about the murder weapon kept in the safe.

Meanwhile, Paul is consumed by guilt. He noticed someone else wearing the Converse All-Star shoes that belonged to Ozzie Johnson. At the beginning of “Perry Mason” Episode 6, a pair of bloody shoes were hanging from the street wires, and a young man got hold of them. We can assume that Ozzie Johnson did not survive the blow, and the thought of being responsible for a man’s death left Paul agitated. He was distracted during his job, and he failed to keep his temper in check when he dealt with his brother-in-law, Mo. On the other hand, Rafael is struggling with his mental health. He is so confident of getting acquitted that he picks up a fight with the prison guards. Mateo is aware that the entire situation is not as simple as Rafael wants to believe, and he blames himself for the condition of his brother. 

Episode 6 of “Perry Mason” Season 2 ends with Paul finally coming across the blue car that Ozzie had mentioned, though he got distracted by the guy wearing Ozzie’s Converse. The case has worn out everyone on the team, but there is still a lot more left to uncover. Whoever is in the blue car can be of extreme significance. While Pete worked for Tom Milligan, there was someone else who kept an eye on Perry and his team and could be a potential danger. Brooks McCutcheon’s murder mystery keeps getting more complicated, and we are not complaining. Six episodes in, the tension around the case, along with the development of the characters, has been thoroughly consistent.

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