‘Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Peter Save His Friends?


Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway continues the strife between Peter Rabbit and his former enemy, Thomas McGregor. In the sequel film, Thomas marries Bea and starts a new life with the rabbits becoming part of their extended family. However, Peter Rabbit faces difficulties adjusting to his new guardian, Thomas. Director Will Gluck adorable explores the rabbit’s discomfort and sends Peter on a self-discovery journey. With even such philosophical notions in the text, Peter Rabbit charms with his wits and punches.

Plot Summary

The storybook tale begins with the wedding of Thomas and Bea. Peter and the other rabbits are adopted by the new couple. However, Peter feels uneasy in accepting Thomas as the new parent.

Bea writes a children’s storybook depicting the adventures of Peter and his friends. Thomas publishes the book, and it becomes an instant hit. However, Peter isn’t happy with his character’s portrayal in it. He thinks of himself as the hero and not a naughty rabbit.

A London-based publisher, Nigel Basil-Jone, sends Bea a letter showing his interest in publishing Bea’s book globally. A budding writer, Bea fails to resist the offer, and the couple soon finds themselves in Nigel’s London office. They discuss the notion of a sequel book and many other marketing possibilities. However, to crack the deal, Nigel allures Bea with a large billboard of Peter Rabbit movie. The couple and the rabbits are mesmerized but not Peter. The billboard brands him as an outright villain and Peter perceives it as a stain on his Hero Image.

A discouraged Peter strolls around the streets of London and meets an old rabbit thief Barnabas who influences Peter to become a thief like him. It embarks a nasty association for Runaway Peter. He starts reflecting on the “baddy-baddy” image everyone perceived.

‘Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway’ Ending Explained

Barnabas flattered a desolated Peter and heightened his ego because he wanted to use Peter’s skill for a few fake-and-takes (robberies). However, when he figured out Peter’s true potential, he planned the Farmers Market Heist with Peter and his friends.

After a successful dry fruit robbery, Barnabas turned his back towards Peter’s friends, who got captured by Piperson’s Pets. Peter understood Barnabas’s selfish intentions and concluded that Barnabas had been lying all along. Barnabas never knew his dad. He just wanted Peter for the Heist.

In the end, Peter called out to Thomas to bail out his friends from Piperson’s Pets. When the duo reached the pet shop, they discovered that the pets had already been adopted. The conflict paved the way for a visually enchanting action sequence. Bea, Thomas, and Peter saved their friends at last.

Peter and his family robbed the dried fruits from Barnabas’s hideout and returned them to its owners. Bea also learned publisher Nigel had been using the writer’s skill to boost his sales. Nigel finally showed his true colors, and his ideas started sounding pathetic and un-soulful. Bea made a conscious choice and left him.

Post Credit Sequence

Sometime later, like a storybook ending of Happily EverAfter, Thomas and Bea invited their new baby girl. Peter and the rabbits took the new members like a real sister. Bea did write a sequel to the book, and it was named Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.

The ending of the book turned out to be a climax-action kind of conclusion, as Nigel suggested. But, without comprising the family theme and the writer’s soul. In the Post Credit Sequence, Peter implied that there might be more sequels (if the producer and the director wish for it).

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is a 2021 Live-Action Adventure Comedy Film directed by Will Gluck.

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