‘Pizza 3: The Mummy’ Ending, Explained & Film Summary: Who Killed Vishwanathan?


Pizza 3: The Mummy is the third film in the franchise, and it makes us privy to a character named Nalan and how he witnesses some strange and eerie things happening in his newly opened restaurant. The film does have a story to tell, but Mohan Govind and his team make it excruciatingly hard for us to sit through the duration of the film without getting bored. For lack of a better word, the editing is poor, and the slow camera pans every time a revelation has to be made really tested our patience. The director wasn’t able to build up any kind of suspense, and from the scene blocking to the dialogue and the performances, everything fell short of the mark. So, let’s find out what was happening in Nalan’s restaurant and if he is able to solve the mystery in Pizza 3: The Mummy.

Spoiler Alert

How did ghosts appear in Nalan’s restaurant?

Nalan and Kayal had been together for quite some time now, but Kayal’s brother, Prem Kumar, never accepted their relationship. He wanted Kayal to marry a guy named Aravind, but Kayal had made it very clear that she was not going to leave Nalan, even if it meant going against her own brother. Prem never missed an opportunity to insult Nalan, and he told him that he was not fit to marry his sister. Prem wanted a rich and successful guy for Kayal, and Aravind exactly fit the criteria. Nalan, on the other hand, had taken a huge loan to open his restaurant, and a lot was at stake for him. One day, somebody left a small figurine of a mummy in Nalan’s restaurant, and he kept it on a shelf as he couldn’t find out who it belonged to. 

Earlier, at the beginning of Pizza 3: The Mummy, we saw that the same idol was given to a man who made the mistake of bringing it to his house, after which he started seeing spirits. That idol was more than 700 years old, and it had so much power that, through it, the spirits could transcend into the real world. Strange things started happening at Nalan’s restaurant, and he knew that even if he tried to make someone understand, they wouldn’t believe a word of it. One fine day, one of the workers found a sweet dish kept in the fridge, and they assumed that Nalan would have made it the night before. But Nalan had not made it, and he was as surprised as others to find it kept in his refrigerator.

Every night, Nalan could very distinctly hear the cries of a girl coming from his kitchen, but whenever he went there, he didn’t see anybody. He had no clue that the idol of the mummy kept on one of the shelves had opened a sort of portal through which the spirits were able to come into the mortal world. Nalan knew that Kayal had developed an app through which she claimed that they could connect with people from the supernatural realm and he decided to tell her everything and see if they could figure out something through the app. 

Did Nalan Kill Aravind And Veeranarayanan?

One night, in Pizza 3: The Mummy, Nalan got a call from a man named Veeranarayanan, who told Nalan over the phone that no matter which restaurant he called, the call always got redirected to Nalan’s place. He asked Nalan if he could get something to eat, and though Nalan didn’t have anybody to deliver the food, he still accepted the order and decided to make the delivery himself. Something strange happened with Veeranarayanan that night, and it felt like he was stuck in a time-loop. Veeranarayanan opened his door when Nalan came, took the food, and paid him cash, but as soon as he kept the food on the table, the same thing happened all over again. Veeranarayanan had heard of deja vu, but it all seemed way too real, and he couldn’t understand if he was hallucinating or if Nalan had actually come twice. 

That night, Veeranarayanan was murdered, and the blame fell on Nalan, as he had gone to his place just minutes before he had gotten killed. The same thing happened with Aravind, whom Prem wanted to get his sister married to. Nalan had decided to go with Aravind so that he could inform him about his and Kayal’s relationship but before he could do that Aravind was murdered. Prem knew that this time, he would find some evidence that would incriminate Nalan but the forensics report for both Veeranarayanan and Aravind showed that they had committed suicide. Prem was baffled when he came to know about it, and he didn’t understand how Nalan was doing all this. Little did he know that it was not Nalan but the ghost that was murdering people. Nalan knew that the spirit in his kitchen had to do something with these murders, and he was adamant to find out why it was doing so and how these people who were getting murdered were linked to each other.

Who Was Mithra?

Kayal and Nalan went to Rajendran, the librarian, so that they could find out more about this spirit’s identity. Nalan came to know that before he opened his restaurant, there used to be a famous sweet shop at that place. A woman named Rani used to run the shop, and together with her daughter, Mithra, she stayed in the apartments nearby. One day, while going to school, Mithra’s auto rickshaw broke down, and she had to wait for a few minutes before the driver repaired it. Mithra went to a nearby park, and she saw Nalan playing cricket with his friends there. Nalan struck the ball, which accidentally hit Mithra on the head. The girl fell to the ground, and the auto driver immediately took her to the hospital. Nalan was not able to see Mithra’s face, and he didn’t know all this while she was sitting there making a sketch of him. Though Mithra recovered, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic amnesia.

Mithra was having a hard time because she often had these phases where she went completely blank and had no memory of what she was doing or where she was going. The watchman of the building came to know about her condition, and he took advantage of her. Every day, that man used to molest and abuse the little girl in the lift, and Mithra, because of her memory loss, could never remember what she went through. The secretary of the society, named Vishwanathan, came to know what the watchman was doing, and he thrashed him for putting the little girl in such misery. We thought that now that the secretary knew, he would make sure that Mithra was safe, but it turned out that Vishwanathan was a demon himself.

One day, in Pizza 3: The Mummy, Rani, found her daughter in Vishwanathan’s felt. Veeranarayanan and Aravind were also present there, and a helpless Mithra, writhing in pain, lay on the bed. Vishwanathan, Veeranarayanan, Aravind, and the security guard, together, killed Mithra and Rani. They put Mithra’s body in the kitchen and set it on fire, then chopped Rani’s body and buried it at another place to confuse the police and make it look like only Mithra had died in the accident.

Who Killed Vishwanathan?

Mithra and Rani’s spirit were able to come back through the powers of the mummy, and now, one by one, they were killing the perpetrators. Vishwanathan had gotten to know about it, and he had called ghost hunters, practitioners of black magic, to come and help his cause. The ghost hunter had told Viswanathan that he would have to take them to the place where he had buried the body, and then by burning the skull, he would make sure that the spirit returned from where they came from. Meanwhile, Nalan, Prem, and Kayal also arrived at the quarry where Viswanathan had buried the body. Nalan and Kayal had gone to Prem earlier and told him everything they knew.

During Pizza 3: The Mummy’s ending, Mithra, and Vishwanathan came face-to-face, whereas Rani went to stop the ghost hunters from burning the skull. Prem tried to stop Vishwanathan and told him to surrender, but the man went on a rampage and was ready to kill anyone who came in his way. Nalan picked up a gun and pointed it at Vishwanathan, and we realized that Mithra was using her powers to control Nalan’s action. Nalan shot Vishwanath and killed him, and Prem, who had witnessed everything firsthand, knew that he had done the right thing. Vishwanathan didn’t deserve to live, and what he and his friends had done with Mithra was unpardonable. Mithra and Rani transcended into the supernatural realm as they had taken their revenge and Nalan felt like someone had lifted a heavy burden from his shoulders. 

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