‘Poker Face’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Charlie Find Out About Davis? What Happens To Keith?


In the seventh episode of the series, “Poker Face,” we saw that the Peach Street Speedway championship was underway, and the people were excited to see the rivals, Davis Mcdowell and Keith Owens, take the racing track and go against each other. The rivals often forgot to uphold the spirit of the game, and they had made it ugly and unsavory quite a few times in the past. Davis Mcdowell was a youngster who was just starting out but had proven to the world that he had a promising future. He was convinced that he would beat Keith and become the Late Model champion of the current year. 

Keith, on the other hand, was undergoing a transition in his life where he was feeling that he was losing the Midas touch that he once had. He had the additional pressure of living up to the legacy of his father and grandfather, who had been exceptional race car drivers in their time. People, in general, were already calling him the least talented Owens among the three of them, and somewhere deep down, he knew that they were not wrong in saying so. He had long accepted that he was not as gifted as his father and grandfather, but that didn’t stop him from putting up a good fight against his competitors and making them sweat hard on every lap. He was trying to give his best in all the races, but he was losing his flow, and mentally, he tended to lose the race even before it started. 

In the current race, it seemed like he was going to win, but towards the end, Davis gave his vehicle a nudge from behind, and he lost his balance. Keith was about to announce his retirement post-race, but he decided otherwise as he wanted to end his career on a high. After the race, during the press conference, Davis and Keith lost their tempers and got into a skirmish that really spoiled everybody’s mood. Neither the winner nor the loser was magnanimous in their approach, and they had to be dragged away from the track.

Keith’s daughter, Katy, was supposed to start her career after her father’s retirement, but she was getting frustrated sitting on the sidelines and waiting for him to finish his petty games and make the call. Davis and Katy knew each other because they grew up in the same small town. One day Katy came to the go-karting arena where Davis’ mother used to work, and she challenged Davis to a race. Davis lost multiple times, and after that, he was so angry that he went and trespassed Keith’s property and destroyed his plants and his mailbox. It made Keith and his wife Donna very angry, and the latter asked him to teach a lesson to the kid the next time they were together on the racing track. But Keith had something else on his mind. Davis also used to provide tow truck services, and that night he got a call from Deep Spring Road as somebody’s car was not starting. That call was made by Keith, who wanted Davis to get out of his house so that he could tamper with his car’s engine. 

Keith stealthily entered Davis’s garage and attached a fish hook to the gear tie so that the car wouldn’t deaccelerate and Davis would repent his actions. The next day, when the racers came on track, Davis challenged Katy to try beating his record, and he offered his own car to her to drive. Keith was unaware of this, and when the car crashed, he felt happy for a moment before realizing it was his own daughter who was in the car, and he rushed to the scene to save her. Katy suffered critical injuries and went into a coma. The crash wouldn’t have been so fatal if her seatbelt hadn’t given way, which increased the impact manifold.

‘Poker Face’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Did Charlie Find Out About Davis?

Charlie was working in the same gaming arcade as Davis’ mother, and she knew Davis too, who used to visit the place quite often. Charlie often thought that car racing was an easy sport, and Davis took it upon himself to make her realize that it was not so. Charlie witnessed how anxious Davis’ mother got when he used to race and how much she wanted her son to have a successful career. Davis’ mother always told him that he should use all the rage he had within him on the racing track and stop doing things that would make him end up in prison. 

After Katy’s crash, Davis told Charlie how he thought it was all a conspiracy to kill him, and he was just fortunate enough to give Katy the wheels at the very last moment. Davis knew that Charlie had a knack for knowing when the person was lying, and that is why he told her to ask Keith about it so that she would know that he was not wrong in assuming that his car had been tampered with. Charlie went, and she did find out that Keith was lying when he said that he had nothing to do with Davis’ car. 

The next day, Keith, out of guilt, came in front of the media and confessed to his crimes. Had it not been his daughter, maybe he would have hidden it from the world, but at that moment, he decided to walk on the road of redemption as he felt that his daughter was serving the punishment for his sins. But Charlie realized that there was something off with the whole situation when she heard Davis say that Katy’s seat belt malfunction was a freak accident. Charlie knew that Davis was telling lies, and then she started going through each and every detail in her mind. She realized that the way Davis talked about the fish hook being attached to the gear tie made it sound as if he already knew before the race that his car had been tampered with.

Charlie was right in thinking so, as the night when the prank call for the tow truck came, Davis’ mother had asked him to stay back as he was too inebriated. That same night, Davis noticed that there was some sound coming from his garage, and he saw Keith tampering with his car. He came to know what Keith had done, and the next day, on purpose, he asked Katy to drive his car. Charlie went to his garage to get some evidence and confronted him. Davis would have assaulted her, but Jean came at the right moment, and he had to stop. That night, Davis followed Charlie in his tow truck and tried to kill her, but Charlie managed to escape and save her life.

Towards the end of the seventh episode of the series, “Poker Face,” we saw that Davis had become the uncrowned emperor of the racing track. He got all the sponsors he wanted, and it looked like he would have a flourishing career. But Charlie came back once again on the racing day and had a chat with Davis that changed everything. She told him that when he gave the car to Katy, he didn’t put his grandfather’s picture in the car because he knew the car was going to crash and didn’t want the picture to be ruined. Charlie told Davis that Katy was recovering very quickly, and it was just a matter of time before she returned to the track and competed against him. Charlie spoke with such conviction that it had an adverse impact on Davis’ mindset. He felt his flow breaking, and his hands started shivering the same way Keith’s did. Though the law enforcement authorities never caught the real culprit, Charlie made sure that justice had been served once again.

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