‘Postcards’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Will Siddharth And Zainab Become Parents?


Postcards is an Indo-Nigerian production that is centered around Nigerian characters who have either settled in India or came to India for treatment or career progress. After the death of her husband twenty years ago, Aunt Bunmi decided to live her single life to the fullest. She was always the life of parties in Lagos, and she enjoyed the reputation she had built over the years. But at the end of the day, she could not deny that she was lonely, and she especially missed her son, Yemi, who was so caught up in his own world that he did not care to contact her. While his mother wanted him to continue his education, Yemi wanted to pursue a career in dancing. After a round of auditions, Yemi was invited to India to perform in a Bollywood film, and as luck would have it, Bunmi was also advised to visit India for a checkup and surgery. Even though they traveled to the same country, they didn’t stay in touch.

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Did Yemi make the right decision by moving to India?

Yemi was hopeful when he received the call from the Indian production house asking him to join the dance crew. He had been waiting for his first break, and this seemed to be it. Yemi had no plans of returning to Nigeria; he believed Mumbai could offer him the opportunity that he was looking for, and after the project, he intended to stay back and find more work. On his first day on the set, Yemi realized that not all Indians were welcoming and friendly. One of the lead dancers, Ronny, constantly bullied him, but Yemi refused to give up. He continued to focus on his performance, and the crew members started to appreciate him. Yemi enjoyed spending time with Aarti, and that infuriated Ronny all the more. Aarti too had taken a liking for Yemi, and she made it clear to Ronny that she would not entertain his tantrums anymore. Ronny felt insecure watching Yemi get the limelight and also Aarti’s attention, and he decided to humiliate Yemi all the more. Yemi lost his cool when Ronny threw his half-eaten apple at him, asking him to feed on his leftovers. Yemi was trying to be polite, but he could not tolerate the bullying anymore. He stood up for himself and ended up punching Ronny.

Yemi assumed that he would be fired after the incident, but the producer assessed the entire situation and blamed Ronny for bullying Yemi. Ronny was fired, and Yemi finally felt a sense of relief. Not only did Yemi manage to save his current job, but he was also promised a substantial role in the next production. Even though Yemi at times doubted himself and his decision to build a career in India, at the end of Postcards, he was pleased with the choices he made. He believed that if all went well, he would eventually become a Bollywood star.

Why did Zainab decide against abortion?

Zainab and Siddharth had fallen in love while studying in the United States. At the very beginning of their relationship, they had decided to never have kids. They believed they would always be more than happy in each other’s company. Moreover, starting a family meant an added expense, and in the current economy, they did not think it made any sense. While Zainab’s beliefs did not change, Siddharth’s opinion about kids had evolved. After years of working at the hospital, Siddharth realized the importance of family, and he wondered if he and Zainab were making a mistake by not considering having a baby. People around him with children were happy, and they had something to look forward to. Siddharth started to think that maybe someday they would regret their decision, and by then it would be too late. He tried to discuss the issue with Zainab, but he ended up upsetting her.

Zainab was shocked by the sudden shift in Siddharth, and in a way, she felt cheated because this was not what they had agreed upon. Not having kids was an important condition for Zainab, and all of a sudden she felt pressured to consider something she never wanted. It was not just Siddharth who repeatedly discussed how badly he wanted to have kids, but his mother and sister also pestered Zainab with the same questions. She was always made to feel that she would be an incomplete woman if she did not experience motherhood. The situation got all the more messy when Zainab discovered that she was pregnant. She wanted to stick to her decision to never have children, but she struggled to gather the courage to enter the abortion room. After getting pregnant, Zainab’s opinion changed, and she ultimately decided not to abort the baby.

What changed Olumide?

Olumide was a stern businessman, and because of his attitude, people around him were pretty afraid of him. Aunt Bunmi was Olumide’s sister, but even then, he chose not to meet her and simply carried out his responsibility as a brother by covering her medical expenses. Olumide was afraid of expressing his emotions, and over the years, he built a tough exterior to keep people away from him. Thirty years ago, Olumide fell in love with Rekha, and he decided to marry her, but unfortunately, Rekha’s parents rejected him. Olumide had no choice but to distance himself from her, but he never really got over her. He was so heartbroken that he decided to never prioritize his emotions, and he focused on building his business. Olumide’s outlook on life changed when he suddenly came across Rekha. He was surprised to find out from Rekha’s daughter, Leila, that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and he figured that was why she could not recognize him. At that moment, Olumide realized that life could be extremely unfair, and before that inauspicious day arrives, he must live his life to the best of his ability. He had spent all his life grieving his lost love, and after all these years, he was devastated to find out that Rekha had no memory of him or the love they once shared. He had been so obsessed with the loss that he never took into account the many people who had offered him nothing but love.

Olumide’s best friend, Kabir, helped him realize that he must soften up and treat everyone around him with kindness; after all, people would not remember the wealth he owned but the way he treated others. Kabir proposed that Olumide celebrate his 60th birthday and invite his loved ones. Olumide’s behavior towards his staff and neighbors changed. He also spoke cordially with Bunmi, who was surprised to see a completely new side of her brother. For a second, she wondered if he was on his deathbed, but she figured out that her brother had finally realized the importance of keeping his loved ones close. Olumide admitted that there was no joy in being rich and lonely, and in a strange way, meeting Rekha changed his perspective on life.

What was Olumide’s advice to Yemi?

In Postcards‘ final episode, Olumide invited his sister and her son to his birthday dinner. Aunt Bunmi decided to also invite Doctor Siddharth, whose constant support helped her feel confident before the surgery. She had always been quite hesitant about going into surgery, but Siddharth helped her understand the procedure, and she started to trust him with all her heart. Zainab too was invited to the dinner, and while she initially felt a little awkward upon reaching the venue, she discovered that the Nigerian patient her husband kept talking about was her Aunty B, and she was glad that she decided to join Siddharth for dinner.

Aunt Bunmi was over the moon when she saw her son right in front of her. She had been waiting for this day for a long time, and Yemi was finally by her side. When Siddharth mentioned that Bunmi used to miss her son at the hospital, Yemi tried to come up with excuses, but he realized that no one was believing his lies. He confessed that he gave up on school to pursue dance, and he was cast in a Bollywood film. He admitted that he had been in India long before he met his mother, and he would continue living there because of the contract he had signed. Olumide appreciated Yemi’s honesty and his will to find his own path, but he also believed that it was important for Yemi to continue his education. He suggested that Yemi take up courses in college along with the job that he had.

During Postcards‘ ending, Olumide announced that he intended to hand over some responsibilities in his business to Yemi in the hopes that he would keep his uncle’s legacy alive. Yemi was grateful to his uncle and mother for accepting him, even though he had made some terrible choices. In the end, the family was back together, and from what it seems, they were all going to stay in India.

Will Siddharth and Zainab become parents?

During Olumide’s birthday speech, Zainab broke down. She felt emotional when Olumide discussed the importance of second chances in life. Even on days when Zainab and Siddharth’s relationship was not at its best, Siddharth did not stop being the person Zainab fell in love with. She was particularly taken aback when he defended her choice to not have kids in front of his mother and sister, who ridiculed her stance. Even though his opinion had changed, he continued to support her, and Zainab eventually felt guilty for doubting him. After their countless arguments, Zainab wondered if Siddharth would find her decision to keep the baby a little strange. She realized that she was wrong to force her choice on him instead of listening to his argument; after all, it was a decision that they both needed to make together as a couple. After getting pregnant, she too had a change of heart, and she hoped that Siddharth would understand what she was going through. When Siddharth found out that they were about to have a baby, he was overjoyed, but at the same time, he was a little upset that Zainab chose to hide the truth from him.

In Postcards‘ ending, Siddharth and Zainab together decide to keep the baby. Olumide, Bunmi, Yemi, Siddharth, and Zainab celebrated the news. The birthday dinner turned out to be quite dramatic, with heartfelt confessions and apologies, but in the end, it brought everyone at the table closer together.

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