‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Episodes 6 & 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To Mouse?


The 6th and 7th episodes of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” titled “Scars” and “Carnival of Souls,” respectively, take us a bit closer towards unraveling the mystery of the masked killer, Mr. A. While Imogen, Tabby, Faran, Noa, and Mouse were trying to find out more about Angela Waters, they were discovering a lot of things about their personal lives too. Their mothers had hidden many secrets and ugly truths from them all this time.

Spoilers Ahead

What Did Imogen And Tabby Find Out?

For the very first time, Tabby told somebody what happened to her exactly on that fateful night. She told Imogen that at that bonfire party, happening in the middle of the forest, Tabby drank something that made her really drowsy. She hadn’t drank much, and she couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She fell to the ground all of a sudden and felt that somebody was on top of her. Tabby was molested that night, and ever since, she was triggered by men who showed signs of toxic masculinity and often couldn’t control her emotions. Something similar had happened when she saw that Tyler was pestering Mouse to have a drink with him. Imogen had gone through something similar. That night, when she found Tyler making a video of Karen, she took a bottle of vodka and decided to go to the beach. She drank and passed out right there. When she woke up in the morning, she knew that something was not right with her. She was in a harried state. That was the night she got pregnant. Both the girls decided that, for now, they would not tell Noa, Faran, and Mouse about it. Imogen and Tabby were also entertaining the possibility that it might be the same guy who had assaulted them both. But till now, they didn’t have any evidence to prove it.

Imogen had gotten in touch with a guy named Joseph England, who said that he knew something about Angela Waters. Together with Tabby, she went to meet him, hoping that she would get to know what role their mothers had to play in the death of Angela Waters. Joseph, a.k.a. Crazy Joe, lived in the trainyard, and told the girls that he loved Angela, but she changed after she came into contact with their mothers. He also said that, post her death, Angela’s mother, Rose, was taken to an asylum named Radley Sanitarium. Rose had once entered the Millwood High premises with a big knife in her hand and tried to attack a bunch of boys. Luckily, a teacher present on the scene caught her, and thereafter she was sent to the asylum. Imogen and Tabby knew that if they had to excavate more facts that linked their mothers to the death of Angela Waters, they would have to visit the Radley Sanitarium. The asylum had been shut down a long time back, and on the same land, a luxury hotel had been built. The girls reached there and got to know from the receptionist that an old employee named Eddie Lamb could give them more information. They stayed in the hotel for the night and met Eddie for breakfast the very next day. Eddie told them that Rose Waters was suffering from trauma-induced psychosis and then later schizophrenia. He also made a huge revelation and told them that Angela Waters was raped before she jumped from the rafter and gave her life. Eddie showed Imogen and Tabby the visitors’ book, and they saw that there were multiple entries by the name of A. Waters. It was only natural that Angela would come to meet her mother. But there was a catch: the handwriting was different in different entries. They recognized that there were six different handwritings. Eddie had confirmed that their mothers used to come to visit Rose Waters, but he didn’t mention anything about the sixth person. Imogen and Tabby suspected that it could be the masked man.

Tabby went to the police station to talk to Deputy Maroon about what had happened to her at the bonfire party. Tabby didn’t know who to talk to. She thought that Deputy Maroon might be able to provide some sort of solution. But instead, she bumped into Sheriff Beasley, who asked her about the whereabouts of Tyler, as he had come to know that just before disappearing, he had entered into a heated argument with Tabby. Tabby gave the suspecting police officer a befitting reply and left the police station without telling anyone what she had gone through.

What Did Corey Bryant Do In 1999?

“Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” once again takes us back to the year 1999. Corey Bryant had taken Angela Waters to a tattoo studio. She told him that all of them would be getting their initials tattooed on their arms. Angela was reluctant at first, but then agreed to get it done. Corey told her that she would get it done after her. Angela got her initials on her arm, but looked around to find that Corey was nowhere to be seen. She felt betrayed.

22 years later, Corey Bryant got a box delivered to her with a tattoo machine. The box also had a note which said that some scars you see, and some you don’t, but it all hurts. It was supposedly from the masked killer, Mr. A, and he wanted to remind her of the instance that had happened way back in 1999. Corey’s daughter, Faran, had gotten surgery in her childhood for scoliosis. Faran had this big scar that she used to hide from the others. Even while wearing her ballet clothes, she used to cover them with mesh, as she felt awkward when others saw it. Every now and then, she suffered from chronic pain because of the surgery. Once, Henry, her dancing partner, and lover, asked her if it was necessary to get the surgery done. She told him that it was, as that was what her mother had told her. 

Corey had made an appointment with a plastic surgeon as she wanted Faran to get rid of the scar on her back. After meeting the doctor, Faran realized that she wouldn’t want to go ahead with the plastic surgery, as the doctor had told her that it would cause a lot of pain. Corey is disappointed, making Faran feel that more than her, she was embarrassed because of her scar. Faran had always been told by her mother that they didn’t have any other alternative and that the doctors had advised them to go ahead with the procedure. But Faran found otherwise. She got an anonymous message, asking her to check her locker. She found the report from her childhood there. The report clearly said that the doctors don’t feel the need for surgery, but they are giving it the go-ahead because the parents wanted to do so. Faran feels betrayed. She decides to tell the world that she has a scar and that she is not embarrassed because of it. The information about the cast of the ballet was to be put on the notice board. She gave a picture where the whole scar was clearly visible. Beneath that, she wrote a note where she accused her parents of forcing her to be a part of this unrelenting quest for perfection. She wrote that, against the wish of the doctors, they had gotten her scoliosis surgery done. Corey read that note and had a nervous breakdown. She didn’t attend the performance and went directly back home. She met with an accident on her way back. Corey knew that there were a lot of unresolved issues that she needed to deal with. She confronted Faran later, and told her that she still stood by her decision to get the surgery done. Faran had just told her that she accepted her body the way it was, and it was about time that she did too.

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Happened To Mouse At The Carnival?

Imogen was entertaining the thought of giving up her baby for adoption. She felt that she was not ready for the responsibility, even more so after the baby simulation activity. The students were given an infant simulator, and they had to tag with a partner and take care of it. Imogen partnered with Chip, but decided that she would keep it for the night. The next day, she came to her school, and kept the baby at the front desk, and asked Mrs. Bell to just look after it, as she had to go to the washroom. She came back and found out that the baby wasn’t there. Imogen got paranoid and started searching for the baby. Chip joined her, and they found the baby in the storeroom. There was a note stuck on it, saying that Imogen was the worst mother. Chip told her to not mind it as probably somebody had just played a prank on her. Chip and Imogen were clearly attracted to each other. They decided to go to the carnival together and shared an intimate moment. Imogen later told Tabby everything about it. She really liked Chip and was excited to see what the future had in store for them. Noa, on the other hand, was still trying to help her mother get over her addiction. But it felt like Marjorie Olivar didn’t want to help herself. Because of her, Noa was not joining the track team, as she wanted to be there for her mother. But Marjorie was secretly using drugs again. Noa felt lost and couldn’t understand how to cope with the issue and make her mother understand.

Kelly was talking to Greg and told him that what happened at Imogen’s party was just because she was missing her sister, Karen. Greg said that maybe he didn’t miss Karen, and always wanted to be with Kelly. He tried to force himself upon her, but she pushed him back. Kelly had gotten a message from an anonymous source asking her if she was really Kelly, as she was pretending to be, or Karen. Later, when she was alone in the auditorium, a man wearing a costume and a mask attacked her. She thought that it was maybe Henry, Faran’s boyfriend, who had attacked her. She started shouting that she was Kelly for real. The masked man left. Kelly met Faran and scorned her for this behavior. But Faran had no clue what she was talking about. She understood that maybe Mr. A was behind all this. But did that mean that Kelly was not lying about her identity and that it was actually Karen who had died? The masked man was very particular about killing only the ones whom he thought to be guilty. So if she didn’t kill Kelly, then maybe she could have been telling the truth. 

Mouse was constantly being followed by Steve, the guy who had lost his daughter named Rachel, and who had been talking to Mouse online before meeting her on the day of Halloween. He was acting like this creepy stalker who came wherever she went. She had planned to go on a bowling date with her love interest and colleague Ash. Steve followed them there and even introduced himself as Mouse’s father. The next day, Mouse went to his workplace and told him that if he didn’t stop following her, she would tell everybody that he was molesting her. She told him once and for all that she was not his daughter, and she had consented to the whole role play only for that one time. But Steve told her that he also knew a lot of secrets about her. Her mother used to visit this support group, which was attended by parents who had lost their kids. She always used to tell Mouse that she was going to a book club, but instead, she was going there. Mouse had almost been snatched by a stranger when she was a kid, while she was attending the Carnival. Since that time, every time the Carnival happened, Mouse and her mothers used to leave the city and go for a vacation. Steve had met her mother in the support group. Mouse, later, got a message saying that the person who tried to snatch her was not a complete stranger. Her mother had kept a lot of secrets from her, and she wanted to know them all. So she messaged her with a burner phone, saying that if she was not honest with Mouse, then her worst fears would come true.

Elodie Honrada, her mother, had also received a parcel, just like Corey. It contained a pamphlet of the Carnival and a message written on the other side, saying, “Meet me in the hall of mirrors.” In 1999, Elodie went to the Carnival with Angela Waters. Elodie started getting intimate with Angela. Davie, Imogen’s mother, came to the scene and saw them kissing. Elodie pushed Angela back and accused her of getting intimate with her without her consent. Angela was once again left astounded. She knew that she didn’t initiate anything, and it was Elodie who wanted to get intimate but didn’t have the courage to accept it in front of her friends.

Mouse decided to break the family tradition and go to the Carnival with Ash. She entered the House of Mirrors but, to her horror, saw Mr. A inside. She started running frantically, trying to find a way to exit the area. Her mother also came to the Carnival after she got a message asking to tell her daughter the truth. Elodie met Mouse and told her everything. She told her that it was true that the person who tried to snatch her was not a complete stranger but actually her father. Elodie, during that time, was in desperate need of money. She had consented to be a surrogate mother for a couple. She gave birth to Mouse, but something snapped inside her, and she decided to keep her. She had entered into the arrangement privately and not through the agency. So the father couldn’t do anything about it because their contract was not registered in any books. Ever since, Elodie has lived in paranoia. She always felt that Mouse would be taken away from her. That is why she didn’t let her hang out with her friends till late and had all those restrictions in place. 

At the end of episode 7 of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” the girls got a message on their phone. It was a picture of Tyler lying in the bathtub. They knew that Mr. A had killed him. Imogen and Tabby decided to tell the other girls about whatever they had got to know from Eddie and also about their own unfortunate incidents. Both of them felt that it could be the same guy who had molested them both. One thing they knew for sure was that not everybody held their mothers in high regards. Crazy Joe, had blamed the mothers for the death of Angela Waters. Though he didn’t signal towards a direct involvement, he did say that they were responsible for creating such a situation that the poor girl was not left with much of an option. According to him Angela couldn’t cope up with the peer pressure and that’s why she took that step. 

They knew they were very close to unraveling the mystery and knowing the truth about Angela Waters. There was a blood drive being organized at Millwood High, and Tabby had a bleak hope that she might get to know who the father of Imogen’s baby was. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know more about Mr. A’s motives and also if the molester of Imogen and Tabby had anything to do with the dreaded masked killer.

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