‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Recap: Everything Know Before Season 2 


I suppose this is a safe space for me to admit that I was a part of the PLL army as a teenager. Well, there are many qualities of the show that led to this outcome. One was that there were four main female leads, all different from each other, especially in style and vibes, and I had a friend group of four. It automatically makes you feel like you’re part of some elite fan following when you can relate even minutely to what’s happening on screen, no? Obviously, we didn’t have a group of crazed people plotting against us, and the relatability went as far as, “Oh, they’ve got the same hairstyles as us” or “She’s a swimmer like me!” Despite its many problems, PLL was quite entertaining while it was airing live. The mix of teen angst with mystery thrillers has always been massively entertaining because it makes you feel like you, too, can be the heroine if, at some point, something terrifying happens at your own school. Obviously, it’s just a feeling, but that’s what these shows give you. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin tries hard to emulate the vibe of its older sister; however, it’s a case of “try-hard.” I will admit that it’s quite binge-able, but the entirety of the plot really feels like it was written in very poor taste. I mean, I understand what the show is trying to tell us but to center the show around sexual assault feels a bit too 80s, if you ask me. Also, what’s with this obsession with twins? And do the showrunners really think they did something cool by telling us who A is right at the start? Maybe it was for fear of getting canceled (whoops). Anyway, let’s get into everything you may need to remember for Pretty Little Liars season 2.

Spoiler Alert

Why Does the Show Have 13+ Lead Characters? 

For some reason, the Pretty Little Liars universe likes to give us as many plot holes as possible by dint of the many main characters and their individual threads, which always feel a little bit unfinished. Personally, I’m more of a group project kind of girl, so I’m someone who appreciates the bigger picture more, but Original Sin has so much going on that you can’t help but get sucked into the individual stories. So, to keep it simple, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin mainly focuses on Imogen and her friends. Her friends include four fierce girls, all with different interests and vibes. There’s Tabby, the film buff (way on the nose; nobody is quoting Hitchcock in today’s day and age). Mouse is the computer geek who has her own family trauma and two moms. Noa is an athlete with a drug addict for a mom (yikes). And finally, Faran, the ballet dancer. You’d think this was enough, but there’s more. Kelly and Karan were twins who used to be Imogen’s besties. Karan was murdered (don’t worry, I’ll get there), but Kelly becomes friends with the girls again. Then there are the mothers. 

Original Sin‘s great plot twist is that it’s a “sins of the mother” situation. Apparently, the mothers of all these girls were massive bullies back when they were in school (somehow, they still sent all their girls to the same place), and so mystery guy “A” is after the girls for their mother’s bullying (sigh). The show is set in a town called Millwood, whereas the original show was set in Rosewood. Imogen and Tabby do visit Rosewood for some work in this show, and the big link is that Imogen’s baby is adopted by Arya and Ezra (Wow. What a callback. Ew). 

Who is the baby’s father? 

Somewhere through the first season of the show, we learn that Imogen and Tabby were both sexually assaulted and one of them ended up pregnant. The assaulter, we learn later, was Tabby’s best friend Chip, the movie buff with an obsession with “rapey horror movies,” as the show likes to put it. At the end of the first season of Pretty Little Liars, Chip is arrested, but he’s out before the holiday season as his parents posted his bail. But then, Archie (Angela’s brother) escapes the hospital and goes to Chip’s house. This is where the first season ends, so we can imagine Chip’s going to be dead or severely injured, and we know from the trailer that Archie is on death row. 

Who is A? 

So the real question is always: who is A? Why are they on a murder spree? In the plot twist of the year, A is the principal of the school, Principal Clanton, who is shockingly Angela and Archie’s father. He watched his daughter get tortured by the ladies of Millwood High back in the day. So, he decided the best thing he could do was get his son with a face “only a mother can love” to wear a mask Texas Chainsaw Massacre style and go after the young girls who didn’t even know of Angela’s existence. I guess it’s more of a tit-for-tat situation. Honestly, the whole last episode just feels like a fever dream at this point. But the outcome is that Clanton doesn’t want to punish Angela’s assaulter, Tom Beasley, because that’s not what pushed her to commit suicide. It was the fact that Davie, Imogen’s mother and the then high school sweetheart of the hunk Beasley, made the whole school essentially “erase” Angela from existence because she trusted Tom more than she did Angela (ew, disgusting). What’s worse is that, for some reason, none of the other girls were able to convince Davie against this idea, and they went along with it instead. And they feel so guilty about it that they’re unwilling to be held accountable for the situation and never tell their kids the whole truth (ahaha, parents). What’s worse is that at the end of the series, Imogen decides that she’s going to remember her mother for all the good things she did and how she changed, rather than what she did to Angela (a bit too forgiving, no?). So, in conclusion, Davie killed herself from guilt but somehow knew to write A on her bathroom wall before doing it instead of writing a goodbye note to her daughter, who has nobody else in the world except a growing human in her belly (my gosh). Also, Imogen now lives with Tabby and her mother, as was decided many years prior by Davie. 

Where is Rose Waters? 

The only reason there can be a second season of this series is because Rose Waters, Angela’s mother, is still around. Now, Rose and Clanton’s affair was clandestine, so nobody knew he was Angela’s father, but everyone called her crazy Rose, which was another reason Angela was bullied (stop it). So now, season 2 is definitely going to be focused on Rose’s revenge, considering there’s no Archie or Clanton to do her bidding (if they did, that is). The show does make it seem that it was all Clanton’s idea alone, but what if they were in cahoots the whole time? We’ll find out in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

In conclusion, Summer School has many open wounds to tend to. I can’t even theorize right now because, for some reason, the show is great at divulging random plots, only for them to be unrelated to anything that’s really important. At the end of the day, the girls are together and fine, and the moms are also tight as ever, not just with each other but with the girls, so maybe things will be better?

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