‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Who Was “Mr. A”?


“Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” season 1 came to an end, and answered the various questions that Imogen, Tabby, and their friends had been searching for since the inception of this whole facade. Episodes 8, 9 and 10, titled “Bad Blood,” “Dead and Buried,” and “Final Girls,” respectively, revealed the identity of the masked killer, who was on the loose and was threatening the girls and their mothers. So let’s see why Angela Waters committed suicide and try to ascertain how the mothers were responsible for her death and also how was the dreaded killer, “A”, related to her. 

Spoilers Ahead

Were Imogen And Tabby Molested By The Same Person?

The masked killer, who went by the name of “A,” had killed Tyler Marchand. Imogen, Tabby, Noa, Faran, and Mouse had gotten a message from “A”, and they knew what had happened, but still refrained from informing their mothers or the authorities about it. The girls still couldn’t figure out who was that sixth person who visited Rose Waters, mother of Angela Waters, in Radley Sanitarium. Imogen and Tabby were violated, and they suspected that it was the same guy who did it. There was a blood donation camp being organized by Millwood High, and the girls knew that they could use it to their benefit. They wanted to check the DNA samples of the boys, and then conduct a paternity test. Sidney Hayworthe received a book at her doorstep. The book had been issued by Angela Waters, repeatedly, from  Millwood High library. On the back side of the name card, a message was written for Sidney. It said, “Silence Kills”. It took Sidney back to the year 1999. She remembered how she entered the washroom and found Angela sitting there. She remembered telling the other girls about it, and how they chose to abandon her on purpose. Sidney knew that Angela has actually been raped but she didn’t dare to go against Davie and other girls of her group, who had presumed that Angela was lying.

Imogen and Tabby had gone to meet crazy Joe once again. They thought that if he was the person who told them about Radley Sanitarium, then he would know something about the sixth signature in the visitors book. Joe told them to stop their search immediately. It felt like he wanted to warn them about the dangers of meandering in a territory they knew nothing about.

Tabby had a hunch that the person who molested them was a part of the football team. It was because a lot of footballers attended the bonfire party, where she was molested. So, apart from the blood donation, the girls went inside the football team’s locker room and collected objects and strands of hair, so that the DNA of the footballers could be ascertained. But to their surprise, no one’s DNA from the football team matched that of Imogen’s baby. Tabby’s mother, Sidney Hayworthe, had told her one thing that reverberated in her ears constantly. She said that often the person who is closest to you has the audacity to commit such a dastardly act. When Sidney said that, she was suspecting Wes. But Tabby had this intuition where she felt that maybe Chip was the one who had molested her and Imogen.

Chip was present at Karen’s party. He had tried to make advancements towards Tabby, who had turned him down. Chip felt distraught and left the scene. Imogen had gotten drunk at the same party after she had an argument with Karen over Greg. She had gone to the beach that same night. Later, she realized that somebody had violated her there, but she didn’t remember anything from the night. Tabby asked Greg if Chip was also present at the bonfire party. Greg was not sure about it, but somewhat remembered seeing him at the party. Imogen told Tabby that if Chip was actually the culprit, then he would still have her missing undergarment. When Imogen had woken up on the beach, she found out that her undergarment was not there. It made her cringe to think that the molester could have taken it as a souvenir.

Tabby and Imogen went to Chip’s house when he was not there. They told his mother that they had to collect something from his room, and thereby got an opportunity to search the entire area. To their disappointment, they weren’t able to find anything there. They were left with only one option. They decided to confront Chip and somehow make him confess his crimes. They reached the Orpheum, the theater where Tabby and Chip used to work. Imogen and Tabby told Chip that they had matched the DNA samples and knew that he had raped both of them. They didn’t have any DNA samples in reality and just played a bluff. They told him that they just wanted closure and that if he didn’t tell them the truth, then they would go to the authorities. Chip took the bait and confessed to the crime. When he was turned down by Tabby at Karen’s party, he went to the beach and found that Imogen was sitting there. He took advantage of her and left before she could come to her senses. He did the same with Tabby at the bonfire party. Chip felt guilty that Imogen was now pregnant, and that’s why he volunteered to be her partner in the simulation activity. The girls told him that they were going to report his crime to the authorities. Just then, they saw a terrifying apparition behind Chip. It was the masked killer, “A,” who had come back once again. Chip ran outside the theater premises, and the girls told “A” that he was the one who violated them. “A” went after him, as his vendetta was to hunt the guilty.

Who Molested Angela Waters Before She Committed Suicide?

Kelly Beasley was being all dubious, and it was still not clear whether she was actually Kelly or Karen. She impulsively kissed Henry, and then hooked up with Greg and told him to call her Karen. Imogen had gone to meet Sheriff Beasley because she thought that her mother hadn’t committed suicide but was killed by “A”. She sought permission to exhume the body of her mother. Sheriff Beasley told her that he would help her in her endeavors but before he could do it somebody had dug the grave and taken out the dead body of Davie Adams already. Kelly told Faran that she was being tortured by her father. She told her that if things went the same way, she would very soon become deranged. Her father abused her emotionally. He constantly told her that it would have been better if she had fallen off that rafter instead of Karen.

Faran couldn’t stay quiet after hearing all that. She went to Sheriff Beasley and warned him that if he tried to abuse Kelly in any manner, then he would surely face its consequences. Faran’s father was stopped by some police officers for violating traffic rules. She presumed that it was because she had threatened Sheriff Tom Beasley. She went to his house and told Kelly, as well as Martha Beasley, her mother, about how Tom Beasley sexually abused young boys. That’s when Martha Beasley told her something that she was not expecting to hear. She told her that it was Sheriff Tom Beasley who had raped Angela Waters. Faran told the others the same. The fact left them confused. If Sheriff Beasley had committed the offense, then why was “A” after the mothers of the girls and not him?

Sheriff Beasley had ordered Kelly and her mother to not leave the house until he told them to. It was not an advice or suggestion but a sort of command. He had imprisoned them both in the house. Kelly somehow managed to go out and meet Faran. She told her that her father had come to know that her mother had told Faran about him and Angela Waters. Kelly was done enduring the emotional abuse from her father. Imogen had texted her that she might need her help, and Kelly wanted to go out of the house. Tom Beasley once again stopped her from leaving the house. Martha attacked her husband with a knife. She stabbed him because she had taken the decision that neither she nor her daughter would bear the consequences without any fault of theirs. Kelly went directly to Greg and asked him for his help. She knew that her friends would need some assistance.

What Happened To Angela Waters?

Imogen, Tabby, Noa, Mouse, and Faran sneaked inside Angela Waters’ home. They had assumed that maybe crazy Joe was the masked killer. They thought that he had committed suicide, but with A once again returning to the scene they realised that they missing out on some details. The girls found two different height markings on the walls, which made them suspicious. They found crayons next to the cage, kept in one of the rooms. The girls once again received a message from “A”. They were told to reach Millwood High, as he had kidnapped their mothers. They reached their school and found out that “A” had assigned a specific task for them. He had kidnapped people who had, in some or another way, bullied or harassed the five girls. He had left a note in each room, telling the girls to inflict pain on them. Faran saw Madame Giry in her assigned room. The dance teacher had always been hard on Faran. Mouse saw Steve, the guy who used to play a game called “pretend” with her and act like her father. Noa saw the peddler who exploited her mother, and Tabby found Chip, tied to her chair, in her room.

In Imogen’s room, the dead body of her mother was kept. She realized that it was “A”, and not Sheriff Beasley, as she had expected, who had dug out her mother’s body. The girls showed sympathy and didn’t do as “A” told them to. They were called to the auditorium, where their mothers were trapped. They were shocked to see Principal Clanton arrive at the scene. He revealed that during his college days, he was in a relationship with Rose Waters. Angela Waters was his daughter, and the masked man, who called himself “A”, was actually Angela’s twin brother. His name was Archie, and he wanted to avenge the death of his sister. Rose and Principal Clanton could never marry, as his parents didn’t approve of it. Rose and her family needed some money, so Clanton’s family paid them off and told them to move to a different city.

After many years, when Clanton became the vice principal, Rose came back to the town once again. She wanted Angela to study at Millwood High. But she didn’t know what fate awaited her. Clanton did not blame Sheriff Beasley as much as he blamed Angela’s friends. Davie Adams, who was dating Sheriff Beasley at that time, didn’t believe Angela. She gave the benefit of doubt to her boyfriend instead of  the victim. 

When she came to know that Angela was accusing her boyfriend of molesting her, she got triggered. She took Beasley’s side and told everybody to ignore Angela, so much so that she started questioning her existence. Angela was in a desperate condition when she arrived at the 1999 Y2K party. She wanted to be heard and couldn’t take it anymore. She jumped from the rafter and killed herself. Principal Clanton had planned that he would kill the girls and their mothers and put the blame on Beasley, as he didn’t know till then that he had been stabbed by his wife. Imogen said that she had a kid in her belly, but Clanton told her that he would not spare her, though he would be generous enough to give her a head start. Imogen ran, and Archie followed her. Meanwhile, Kelly arrived at the scene with Greg. The girls managed to overpower principal Clanton and then ran to help Imogen, who was being chased by “A.” Imogen managed to stab “A” and thought that he was dead.

It was a new beginning for the girls as well as their families. They had lost enough and wanted to forget whatever had happened to them. Imogen was giving her baby up for adoption, whereas Marjorie had decided to go to rehab. Cory Bryant had decided to stay in Millwood and make things work with her husband, and Mouse’s parents were going for couples’ therapy. It seemed like a happy ending, but we realized that it was not so easy to get rid of the horrors of the past.

Will There Be A Season 2?

“Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger. Archie, who was Angela’s brother and infamously known as “A,” was still alive. He killed Sheriff Beasley in the hospital and then escaped from the facility. He reached Chip’s house, and probably stabbed him to death. Archie and his father, Principal Clanton, always blamed the mothers of the girls more than Sheriff Beasley. They felt that it was their condescending attitude that had thrown Angela into the pit of depression. They had bullied her, and when she needed them the most, they started ignoring her. Archie’s revenge was still not over.

In “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” season 2, he would definitely want to punish the guilty. Principal Clanton had made it very clear that the acts of the mothers would have grave consequences, and their daughters would also have to bear them. It would be interesting to see how Archie and Principal Clanton plan their next move, as moreover they are under the radar now and their identity is not hidden. Season 2 will tell us if Imogen and her friends are able to evade the threat or if they fall prey to the dreaded masked killer.

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