‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Faran?


Episode 4 of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is set to test Faran’s strength. The episode that gives us a little more insight into Rose Waters, specifically her connection to THAT one person in the show, is creepy and exciting all the same. Though the girls are meant to be more vigilant after the situation with Mouse, it seems coincidentally they have some curve balls thrown at them, testing each of them in terms of bravery. As it goes with any teenage drama, the series has its fair share of high school romance, and what better time than the summer for American teen television to get steamy? In all honesty, at first, I felt like the series was a bit too dramatic and grotesque for a teen drama, but I suppose it’s a new-age reinvention of the original show, which had global fans rooting for the leading ladies for years. With all that said, let’s quickly get into episode 4.

Are The Girls Okay? 

Episode 4 of Summer School begins with the girls hanging out at the pizza place to discuss what happened to Mouse. For some reason, she’s quite unphased by the whole situation and instead is more determined to catch the perpetrator than run away and hide (brave girl). Now the girls all know that they’re the final girls, and so they have no choice but to face the killers one by one. They decide they should not pick up calls from unknown numbers at the moment; however, we’ll soon realize that’s not working for any of the girls. In the meantime, they also decide to set up a meeting with Dr. Sullivan urgently because she’s the only one they can really talk to about this whole situation. However, nobody answers at the hospital for the time being. Mouse learns from her Lola that the call she got was from a person named Rose, and it sounded like she was actually dead. I’m really not sure I like the direction Mouse’s plot is taking, but we’ll see where it goes. 

The girls learn that Dr. Sullivan got into an accident the night they called her, and Imogen rushes to find her in the hospital to figure out what’s happened. She learns that Dr. Sullivan was pushed down the stairs in her clinic. Dr. Sullivan also believes it’s an ex-patient who might’ve done it. In the meantime, Kelly’s yelled at by the head priest of the church and her mom for changing the script of Redemption House. They claim it’s the devil that’s making her question the event, and her mom blames her for going out roller skating with her friends. She’s then asked to come to confession; however, there, she learns that her mother and the priest are doing the devil’s samba while she has to “re-organize.” To take revenge, Kelly decides to go skinny-dipping with Greg. 

Tabby gets a call from the Pittsburg International Festival of Terror and learns that she has to deliver a new short within the next two days for a chance to show at the festival. Despite everything that’s going on, the girls are certain about one thing- living their dreams.  And so Tabby gets them to help her make the short, which is a story that she brainstormed with Chip. The film is called “The Projectionist,” and Christian, the girls, and Ash help Tabby bring it to life. However, when Tabby’s done making the film, she feels a bit guilty, or rather triggered towards it, because of the connection with Chip. She confesses to Christian that she doesn’t feel so great about the film thanks to the Chip connection, but he reminds her that she doesn’t owe him anything and that she should send in the short anyway! They finally kiss and make it official. In the meantime, a paranoid Noa ends up having a breakdown at work, and Jen suggests they get out of work together. They then head to Jen’s rich father’s abode because he’s not around. Finally, Noa wonders why Jen’s father wouldn’t help with her mum’s rehab. It turns out he thinks she doesn’t deserve it. The man works in pharma, which is why he’s so rich, and Noa suggests they steal one of his Rolexes to sell for cash. At the pool, Henry comes to apologize to Faran and tells her that he shouldn’t have overreacted and she didn’t owe him. 

On the other hand, Imogen gets a call from the Winters to babysit Estelle (her baby) because there’s an emergency. Imogen has to spend the night alone with her baby, but she’s paranoid about Rose as well and ends up calling Johnny over when a window from Estelle’s room is open. Johnny helps Imogen calm down and even puts Estelle to sleep when Imogen gets a call from the Winters asking who the young man who walked into their house is. Imogen tells them that he’s a friend and he’s about to leave. He waits outside the house all night in his car in case Imogen freaks out again, and then when she comes out looking fresh and jolly, they end up kissing, too. It’s an episode of love, it seems. 

What Is Wrong With Kelly’s Mother? 

When Kelly returns home from swimming with Faran, Henry, and Greg (it turned out that way), she gets severely punished by her mother, who calls her impure. When she wakes up the next morning, it’s as if she’s been reborn from a ritual with candles and photos of their family in the room. When she walks out, she has no choice but to tell her mom that she is back to being pure (what is this cult business now?). On the other hand, Noa learns that Jen’s been arrested for stealing her father’s watch, and to help her, she goes to Sean. Sean agrees, and they end up making the $2,000 bail money for Jen. But when Jen tells Noa she feels all alone, Noa tells her that she’s not, and they end up kissing, too, so what’s poor Sean supposed to do now? 

Who is Rose’s next target? 

Faran is Rose’s next target, and she’s ready to put up a fight. While Mouse and Ash head off to find information about Rose after putting up a post on Spooky Spaghetti, Faran heads out alone to face her final girl act. Faran has to lift a girder and hold it up until a timer goes off; if she drops it, someone she loves will die (a dirty trick). Faran manages to hold it up for 2 hours (this is madness, but sure). 

Is Rose Waters a copycat killer? 

According to Mouse, at the beginning of this episode, she created “Bloody Rose Waters” because she posted details about Archie’s masks online that only the girls knew about, making it easy for a raindrop to become a waterfall. Somebody must’ve used the idea that Archie skinned his mother’s face to make his mask, so she walks around with a bloody face and decides to spook the girls. But who must it be? We just can’t tell yet. 

At the end of episode 4, the girls find out where the real Rose Waters lives and decide to ask her about her son. She runs away and jumps off a bridge when she learns her son is still alive, but the girls, instead of calling 911, go to find proof that she’s actually Rose Waters. They find pictures of Angela and a psychiatric ward document that gives all the details about Rose. It turns out Dr. Sullivan was Rose’s doctor, too (a big whoops there). On the other hand, Faran narrowly escapes the fake Bloody Rose, who chases her with a knife despite her winning the challenge. 

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