‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Blood Rose’s Next Target? 


Why is it that I have only just realized that in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the girls dealt with the sins of their mothers, but in Summer School, they’re facing off against someone who is assumed to be a mother? What I didn’t like about the first season was the fact that the girls didn’t do anything at all and had to face the consequences of something that happened even before they were born, making it all feel rather futile. With season 2, it could be a revenge tale; maybe “Blood Rose” is Angela, who never actually died all those years ago. I don’t know; I’m just weaving illogical theories because sometimes that’s what teen shows are like. Episode 4 gave us one important conclusion: Rose Waters is not Bloody Rose, because while Faran was being attacked by Bloody Rose, the girls were with Rose Waters. With that said, let’s quickly dive into everything that happened in episode 5.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Faran go to Rose? 

Despite the girls’ pact of not picking up their phones, Faran ended up going to see Bloody Rose because she assumed she could fight her off and win for them all. I suppose Faran is desperate to show her strength because of everything she’s been through with ballet and the boys on the team. Faran’s always been looked at as someone weak; she felt the need to prove otherwise. The girls tell her the details of their late-night shenanigans after fixing up her hand and not going to the hospital (whoops). Faran admits she made a mistake, but the girls remind her that she isn’t a failure; she’s a survivor. The girls decide they’re going to stay away from Dr. Sullivan, but Imogen can’t help but defend her. In her stress, Noa sleeps with Jen and then immediately regrets it after going on a run together with  Shawn (P.S. It’s like she’s preparing for what Blood Rose has lined up for her). 

Faran also tells the girls that she and Henry aren’t doing well and about the Redemption House sessions, where he told everyone at the church about them. The girls tell Faran that they’re on her side, whatever she chooses, but also remind her that Henry is technically one of the good guys, and maybe she should see what this whole church thing is about. Imogen tries to do her own digging with the psychiatrist and concludes that she’s hiding something from the girls. Of course, it’s only fair that the doctor tells Imogen that she can’t really give her any information because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Imogen and Tabby sneak into her clinic at night and find all of their files with exact transcripts of what the girls said to her, along with a recording device. So it seems the good doctor’s been recording them illegally. 

Greg offers to help Faran, seeing the condition of her arm in the most taunting way, and she isn’t ready to take his crap any longer. They arm wrestle with her hurt arm, and she beats the guy, arm bleeding and all. (Was this really necessary? I mean, the girl is obviously ripped.) On the other hand, Tabby’s manager gets mad at her for shooting a film at the Orpheum without saying a word to him. However, later, we learn that he’s simply jealous, as a white guy because he claims Tabby’s been invited to the film festival because they were previously called out for diversity issues (tsk tsk). Noa gets a visit from Shawn’s mother, asking her why she needed 2000 dollars and then throwing some horrifying insults at her. Jen watches it all and decides to arrange the 2000 dollars so that Shawn’s mother leaves her alone. She does ask Noa to break up with Shawn, but Noa doesn’t want to do that. Imogen’s father shows up at the ice cream parlor unannounced and tells her that he has a fiancée. He also invites her over to dinner the next day so they can officially meet. 

Why Does Imogen Go Crazy At The Dinner? 

Wes, the manager, throws a fit and tells Tabby and Christian that they’ll have to manage their “Friday the 13th” marathons on their own and doesn’t show up to work at all the next day (rude). In the meantime, Henry asks Faran to come to Redemption House, and Kelly, Greg, and Henry apologize to her for how they’ve been acting towards her. Greg and Faran are a disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me. Noa tells Shawn about his mother’s intervention, and he tells his mom off, promising Noa that she won’t bother her again. On a completely unrelated note, Mouse’s grandmother makes a cut on her forehead with a knife after watching a “Bloody Rose” video on Spooky Spaghetti. Lola needs some child protection, bros. 

The girls confront Dr. Sullivan, and she tells them that she’s working on a book about survivors, and she’ll eventually let them read her book. It’s really funny because the girls act like they’re the bad cops in some unhinged detective film and tell the doctor that they’re done with her. Imogen tells her to stay away from her and her friends. Mouse then tells the girls what Lola’s done and also tells them that there are people slashing their foreheads for something called “The Reckoning.” Nobody knows what this is, but I suppose it’s some sort of big event planned by the Bloody Rose cult. But hey, that’s not the only cult in the picture here. 

Imogen brings Johnny to the dinner for emotional support and immediately doesn’t like Rebecca. Johnny makes the situation really comfortable, but when Rebecca gives Imogen her hand, she notices that she’s wearing her mom’s ring. This triggers a violent reaction in Imogen, who then suggests that if she doesn’t give the ring to her, she’ll cut her finger off. Apparently, it was her dad’s mother’s ring, but Imogen knew it as her own mother’s. She then calls her dad a coward for not showing up to her mother’s funeral and tells him never to come looking for her again. Johnny’s quite nice about the whole thing (too green flag-y, if you know what I mean—is he meant to be like Toby or something?). 

Why does Faran break up with Henry? 

Faran learns from Greg that there are secret meetings that Kelly and Henry are a part of. She goes to the church during one of these meetings and notices the whole gang acting really weird. Faran gets the fright of her life and runs out of the church, followed by Henry. She tells him that they can only be together if he’s willing to walk away from the church for her. She thinks he and Kelly were basically trying to recruit her (which I suppose they were). 

Noa gets a note from Bloody Rose telling her to go to a closed trail in the middle of the night, or one of her two loves will die. So, while the other girls are enjoying a “Friday the 13th” marathon in “Camp Millwood,” because the air conditioning in the cinema broke down, Noa tells Jen that she chose Shawn over her and throws her out of the house. She then goes to the woods alone, as asked by Rose, and finds a trail of rose petals there. There’s another note that tells her she has to walk the trail barefoot for her final girl test. 

As the final girl in “Friday the 13th” makes a run from Jason in the forest, it parallels Noa’s running away from Bloody Rose’s dog. Noa has to run over thorns so that the dog doesn’t get to her. It is Jen who shows up with a car to save Noa just before the dog gets her, and they drive off as Bloody Rose and her dog watch them drive into the dark horizon. Okay, the fact that Jen knew where to go and exactly when makes her a suspect in my PLL books, and Rebecca isn’t giving nice stepmother vibes either. 

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