‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Redemption House?


With only two episodes remaining in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, the show has seemingly dialed everything up for a shocking season finale, and I’m not complaining. As the show has progressed, I’ve gotten more fond of the characters and also the campiness of the series. Sure, it’s not going to be an award-winning show, but from all the other teen dramas we’ve had recently trying to emulate or expand the universe of successful early to late 2000s shows, this one has got to be my favorite. I do feel the urge to protect these girls. However, with that said, I’m certainly lost as to who the big bad wolf of the second season is. In all honesty, I thought it might’ve been one of the dead girls resurrected, but the cliffhanger in this episode has left me quite shocked, as it did to the girls, so let’s quickly dive into everything that happened in episode 6.

Spoiler Alert

What is “Redemption House?”

Episode 6 plays out in a very similar manner to episode 5, but instead of the girls tending to Faran, they’re tending to Noa after she’s just been chased by Bloody Rose. I still find it shady that Jen was conveniently driving to a Friday the 13th marathon after Noa broke her heart, but sure, we’ll take it for now. However, unlike me, the girls are totally accepting Jen as one of their own already (teenagers, amirite?). The next day at summer school, Kelly shows up, inviting everybody to the church’s “Redemption House.” In the last episode, I thought the weird culty meet-up was a part of “Redemption House,” but it turns out it was simply a top-secret gathering of some of the kids getting completely indoctrinated. The girls are obviously furious to see Kelly at school choosing to side with this church, but what makes things worse is that “Redemption House” is happening in Imogen’s old house, where her mom killed herself! 

Mouse learns from Ash that “Redemption House” is basically a “Hell House,” where kids are made to act out scenes of self-destruction in multiple rooms for people to come and see and feel ashamed. Amongst its many problems, it’s also anti-queer, which makes Ash extremely frustrated, considering the town won’t let him do anything for Pride, but they’re okay with this traumatizing experience. On the other hand, Wes is still missing from the Orpheum, and Tabby’s a little bit worried. It’s unlike him to stay away from work for so long, even when he’s mad. They also learn that there was a dead rat in the AC that chewed up all the wires, but Tabby sees Wes’ body in there, so we can get some special treats, I suppose (or maybe it’s a prediction for the end of the episode). 

I suppose in her desperation, Jen tells Noa that they should be a throuple with Shawn, and Noa feels rather guilty for keeping her hanging when she’s obviously got feelings for her. However, she tells her that at the moment, they’ll have to hit pause on the whole situation, considering everything that’s gone down in the past few days. Killer Mommy after her with a rabid dog and all that. Faran and Imogen try to confront Kelly about “Redemption House,” but it seems the poor girl has been completely mind-controlled into believing that it’s actually a good thing, even if it’s in Imogen’s old house, and things are about to get really nasty. We’ve already seen Imogen losing her mind earlier in the show with her father and his new fiancée, and in this episode, she breaks down in front of Johnny after speaking with Kelly. She obviously needs some help, and there’s nobody who can really give it to her. 

Finally, the girls decide to actually show up and see what the big deal is with Redemption House, but nothing could’ve prepared them for what’s in there. The many rooms of the house have each been used to reflect a different kind of sin; however, all these “sins” are specifically directed at the girls. So, room number 1 is a reenactment of Mouse talking to Steve and agreeing to meet him in person; room 2 is kids doing drugs like Noa’s mom; room 3 is a girl getting so drunk that she’s picked up by one of the boys; and room 4 is Greg and Henry watching pornography with their shirts off with a fire all around them because they’re closeted gay boys, and that’s apparently already hell. Faran’s had enough by the time she reaches that room, and she immediately yells at the two boys. But the worst of the lot is the final room, Imogen’s mom’s bedroom, where Kelly’s lying in bed with her wrists cut and screaming about not wanting to go to hell (yikes, that is darker than dark). 

Who does Imogen see? 

While the girls cool down with some pizza after that nasty business, the man behind “Redemption House,” i.e., the priest, is killed by Bloody Rose, and somehow nobody notices. I suppose dragging him into the basement of the house, which is meant to be a living hell, would do that. The next day, Mouse promises Ash they’ll have a small Pride party hosted by them as a protest against “Redemption House.” In the meantime, Imogen goes to Kelly’s house and traumatizes her with her words as revenge for whatever it is she was trying to do in the house. I understand Imogen’s rage, but surely, both of these girls need a lot of help right now. 

On the other hand, Tabby and Christian head to Wes’ house because he’s been MIA for too long and find fake masks that look like knockoffs of Christian’s masterpieces. Tabby also conveniently opens the guy’s laptop, which doesn’t have a password (what kind of millennial… or is he Gen Z?), and sees that he’s on Spooky Spaghetti (conveniently, it’s the only thing open on the laptop). She then tells Christian that she’s tired of dealing with other people’s psychotic problems and decides to stay away from Wes. 

The Pride party is at the pool, where Faran is the lifeguard, and it actually looks super fun. Somehow, these girls manage to have fun after enduring trauma after trauma. Noa finally tells the girls about Jen, and in a few minutes, we get a Gossip Girl reboot and a Riverdale reference. Wow. Though GG is apparently something the kids in the Pretty Little Liars universe watch, Greg’s cousin is Kevin from the show Riverdale, so… I’m really hoping that doesn’t mean any odd crossovers. However, Noa’s happiness is a little short-lived because Shawn tells her that somebody robbed their house, and his mom blames Noa for the whole 2000-dollar situation. Noa then realizes it was Jen who “bling-ringed” Shawn’s house to return his own money (whoops). Noa somehow still asks Jen to give her one more night to figure out her love life. At least she tells her to stop robbing people. Finally, the girls and their guys (minus Shawn, and it’s Greg because we know that the Faran-Greg situation is materializing in the next episode for sure) sneak up to “Redemption House” together. The girls are going to wear the masks Christian made and scare everybody at “Redemption House,” while the boys shoot the reaction for funsies. 

Pretty Little Liars episode 6 ends with the girls’ plan working until Imogen, who is meant to go for Kelly directly, doesn’t return to their meet-up point. It turns out she was Rose’s next target and wasn’t given a warning call. Imogen faces off against the woman (also Kelly’s nowhere to be seen…hmm, curious) and almost gets choked in the bed, but Imogen removes some of the bloody bandages on the woman’s face to reveal a face. She releases a blood-curdling scream that makes all the girls realize she’s in danger. When they find her, she tells them that she saw her mom’s face under the bloody bandages (yikes). Now, I’m almost certain it’s not Imogen’s mother who’s trying to kill these poor girls because why would she do that? But also, there are so many suspects within the second season, so why open an old wound, and that too in such a manner? I suppose we’ve been seeing Imogen having these psychotic breakdowns, so it’s possibly just one of those, no? Maybe it’s somebody who looks like her mom, or we’ll get a weird call back to the original show with it being a hidden twin. Or has someone decided to go under the knife to specifically look like Imogen’s mum? We’ll find out soon enough I suppose. 

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