‘Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Imogen Okay?


I must admit that watching the girls of Millwood catch their breath in the school washroom makes me miss my own girls, and in my opinion, that’s decent TV. Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is just as convoluted as the first season owing to its huge leading cast. Of course, this season, we don’t have to worry about the mothers just yet, but as it goes with these kinds of things, there are new cast members and more chapters open for all the girls. I obviously can’t deny that I’m quite invested in the overall group dynamic of the girls, but I’m not sure I care enough for each individual person, except for Tabby (because she’s the horror movie queen I wish I was in high school) and Imogen, who I suppose is the real leading lady of the show. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like all the girls, and they all do a fantastic job with whatever they’ve got. With that said, here’s everything important that happened in the second episode of Summer School.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Imogen decide to work so far away? 

Summer School episode 2 begins with Imogen hallucinating. She thinks it’s her mother, but it’s a woman covered in a red hood (duh). Anyway, Hot Girl Summer literally gets rained on and becomes School Girl Summer, and what’s worse is that Imogen is in section B when the rest of the girls are in A (ouch). She’s also become quite unhinged because of everything that’s happened. We also find out that the sexed up couple from episode 1 were also meant to be at summer school. There’s also a bunch of new people in town. First, Jennifer, who is Noa’s juvie buddy and now a transfer student at Millwood. Christian, the new kid hired at the Orpheum to replace the dead rapist, you know? And then there’s Mouse’s adorable little grandmother! 

Dr. Sullivan tells the girl the best way to get over summer school is by doing things you’d normally do as a high school student: getting a part-time job, finding a hobby, or having a summer fling. How innovative! (I kid, she decently represents therapists.) In the meantime, Imogen tells her about her hallucinations and that her mother had depression and was taking medication, so Sullivan asks her to find out about them in order to give her the right mix. Now, the girls all have secret phone numbers, which are only for their circle, but the two new kids ask for their numbers immediately. Also, Faran’s giving Gabriella Montez, hoping she can be a lifeguard at the pool. But in all seriousness, she gives her name to the coach, who also thinks she’s very impressive. 

Maybe I’m so stuck on the original series that I can’t help but think that A’s work is always carried out in teams, so any of these new characters or all of them could be linked to A. Anyway, Imogen heads to her dad’s to get information about her mom’s medication, but she also confesses how she’s been feeling lately. He offers her a place at his home in case she wants to wind down from her regular life. She then proceeds to find a job at a diner near her dad’s place. This confuses all her friends because why is Imogen working so far from home? Imogen also uses her mother’s middle name at the diner, which we understand later is because she just wants to feel like a normal teen for a few hours in the day. 

Why Does Imogen Have a Breakdown? 

See, it’s hard to keep track of everybody when one of the girls is away trying to be a church girl. Anyway, Kelly wants her and Greg to be the leading lovers of the play the church is putting on, but Greg is more keen on real-life lovemaking. Of course, there’s “sinner” Sandy, who is willing to give Greg her all and who also ends up getting the role of the girl with Greg, while Kelly’s made to play the Virgin Mary (ironic). 

Mouse learns that the two kids who didn’t show up to school are missing, according to the very horror-documentary-styled missing posters on Spooky Spaghetti. Also, did I mention all the girls receive hidden roses at some point in this episode? So it’s not an A, but a rose. Nice touch. Christian really grows on Tabby, and when they finally become friends, he offers to put on her movie on the silver screen at the Orpheum. Kind of like a premiere, but not really, because it’s just her and her friends who have already seen the movie. On her way home from Rocky’s, Imogen gets spooked by a woman with a red cloth wrapped around her face, and the same night, Mouse’s grandmother sees the same image of Rose outside their window. However, she can’t remember because she apparently sleepwalks. 

Imogen has a massive breakdown in school, and all the girls remind her that she’s much more than a traumatized and abused teen with a mother who committed suicide (yikes). But things are looking up because Faran becomes the captain of the swim team despite clocking Greg in the nose for being a bellend. On the other hand, it’s rather obvious that new girl Jenn and Noa had something going on at juvie, and she looks a little bit shaken for sure. However, in the love department, Tabby seems to be doing better for herself, finally opening up to Christian after the premiere, and Imogen meets a random guy at the ice cream parlor she’s going to work at soon, because she definitely can’t go back to Rocky’s amirite? 

So, at the end of Summer School episode 2, Sandy is Rose’s next scapegoat (we really don’t understand why random kids get killed), and in true slasher style, Rose, or who we assume is Rose, stabs the heck out of Sandy and leaves her in the shady woods where she was meant to meet Greg for the devil’s samba. Lastly, Mouse ends up getting an audio call from whoever this person is—A, Rose, or the collective of them—who tells them to “hold their breath because they’ll need it.” So much for hot girl summer; it’s more like bloody girl summer, hahaha.

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