‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens On Mouse’s Birthday?


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is definitely more high-stakes than its predecessors. Not only is it more horrifying than PLL, but it also manages to offer more “slasher” drama than its own first season, Original Sin. The series has slowly been introducing its new villainess, “Bloody Rose,” in little splatters, and in episode 3, when the girls have their guard down, things get much more heated than they could’ve imagined. Summer School definitely has its occasional scary moments, and for those of you who scare easily, it’s quite an exciting show to watch. Additionally, since the sexual assault story is finally out of the way, I’m hoping this time around, it’ll be less thought-provoking and more just horror. I’m sure I might be the only one looking forward to such a plot. Episode 3 doesn’t really offer any new information, but it does reinforce the idea that all the new kids in town, who have the girls reeling, might be involved in the A game.

Spoiler Alert

Who Leaked the Girls’ Numbers on Spooky Spaghetti? 

Well, we don’t actually know, but at this point, it could be anybody that the girls know. Especially all the new guys in their lives. If we learned anything from the original show, you can’t trust anyone in this game! At the beginning of episode 3, Mouse tells the girls that their numbers have been leaked on the spooky website, and so they’ve been receiving odd missed calls. It’s not yet time for them to shut the A chapter. Additionally, it’s Mouse’s sweet 16th weekend, but the girls all pretend to be worried about what might happen if they plan a gathering, leaving Mouse dejected, but they’re obviously planning a super exciting themed party for her at the roller rink. On the other hand, Mouse is struggling with the fact that her mothers are out holidaying it up, while her grandmother is struggling with hallucinations, and it seems like her friends are uninterested in giving her a birthday bash. 

In the meantime, at the church, Kelly offers to play Sandy’s role in the play because Sandy’s apparently joined her family in Cape Cod (she was slashed up by Bloody Rose for no reason at all, but why lie?). At Tabby’s house, her mother seems to be more protective than expected after everything went down in the first season, and she’s apprehensive about her new friendship with Christian. At the creamery, Johnny, the guy occupying Imogen’s mind, apologizes to her for being callous, and Imogen realizes he’s looked her up online. Additionally, Kelly drops by to share some flyers for “Redemption House,” an interactive event hosted by the church. This is when Imogen invites Kelly to Mouse’s surprise party. It seems everyone’s invited to this special party, and as we go further, more guests are included. 

While Faran has to deal with the immature behavior of her fellow lifeguards, Tabby is invited to Christian’s house and his basement studio (oh no). On the other hand, Jen steals money from the restaurant, but Noa puts in her own 20 to save them from trouble. She cannot afford to go to juvie again. In the meantime, the studio basement that Tabby struggles to go into reveals that Christian’s not just the new guy but also interested in the Millwood serial killers. To her shock, she discovers masks that look like A’s masks, and while Christian tries to explain himself, she yeets herself out of there, her biggest fears coming to life. 

What Happens On The Night Of Mouse’s Party? 

Despite the situation, instead of hiding her thoughts, Tabby tells Christian about Chip and how her movie was autobiographical. He feels terrible and talks about how the masks were simply inspiring to him (red flag alert). Tabby then asks him if he posted her number on the site, and he denies it. To make him feel better about himself and give him another chance, Tabby invites him to Mouse’s party. At the creamery, Imogen needs a break because she hasn’t been sleeping, and she dreams of getting attacked by Bloody Rose while taking out the trash at the store. It’s Johnny who tells her about the bed in the back room, and I can’t help but think he reeks of blood. 

With Faran, she tries to join the guys and prank one of them to teach them a lesson. However, after the prank, the guys get away, and when a girl is drowning in the pool, it’s lucky that Faran is around to save her. This is when she realizes that she was trying too hard to fit in with the boys and forgot what they were really there for. She reminds the guys that it is a life-and-death matter and also fires the one who was meant to be in the chair at the time of the accident. She then also tells Henry the truth about her back being okay, but as she suspected, he doesn’t appreciate that she doesn’t want to dance anymore. At the pizzeria, when Noa notices some misfit guys not giving Jen her tips, she harshly gets Jen’s money for her. Though she was mad at her, they’re now fine because Noa understands Jen’s desperation, but she just hopes she won’t do it again. Noa then invites Jen to the party as well. 

Finally, it’s time for the party, and Mouse knows about it because Ash couldn’t keep his secret, seeing how sad she was. Mouse’s grandmother drives Mouse to the location, but it happens to be a different spot. After all, it was supposed to be Ash who took her. Mouse’s grandmother takes her to “Rose E. Ricotta,” another skating rink that’s meant to have been closed down years ago. When Ash learns from Mouse’s grandmother that she’s already taken her but doesn’t remember the location, he immediately calls the girls. On the other hand, Mouse gets a gift from Bloody Rose: the game of hide and seek, where Mouse hides until she’s killed by Bloody Rose. Fortunately, Noa knows of a Rose E. Ricotta that’s still running, and the girls and Ash rush there. 

At the end of Summer School episode 3, Bloody Rose lights up the Rose E. Ricotta and leaves Mouse to die in there. Mouse manages to escape through a vent just in time before she can be melted off like the Freddy-type robots in the store. When she gets out, both Ash and the girls are there, and she tells them that Rose is behind this whole ordeal. I’m just confused about how Mouse’s Lola is able to be a part of Bloody Rose’s plans. Is it her confusion that allows her to be an easy target? How does Rose get to her? We will find out soon enough. In the meantime, the girls have to buckle up because of the way things are going, and soon, one of them will be under Bloody Rose’s knife. 

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