‘Prey’ Ending, Explained – Why didn’t Eva shoot Roman?


Prey, the 2021 German thriller, is one film that creates a heightened curiosity due to its captivating Netflix bio, but in reality, it has nothing much to offer.

Directed by Thomas Sieben, Prey is devoid of any grooves or detailing. There is nothing you haven’t seen before, and it just fails to build any tension or thrill that it promised. You have to give it to the Netflix content team, who can make even a tasteless cream foam look like an appetizing macaron.

Let’s dive straight into understanding what Prey was trying to do and how investors could get ready to put their money into something so ordinary.

Why was the equation between Roman and Albert?

Roman and Albert were brothers, and they decided to go on this trek/adventure with their friends. Roman is due to get married, and it is his bachelor party. We see that his equation with his elder brother Albert is not that smooth. He feels subdued in his presence. He often cannot put his point of view in front of him and has to agree to whatever his dominating elder brother says. Also, he is looking out for a job and is hoping that Albert could get him one.

Lisa, Romans’s fiancee, works under Albert as a designer. Peter, (one of the friends) and Albert together started a business and made substantial money. On the other hand, Roman feels that he is at the mercy of his elder brother and often feels controlled and overshadowed by him.

Who was hunting the tourists?

The friends hear shots being fired and believe it to be some hunter going about his usual business. But when they finally reach their car, they realize that they are the ones who were being hunted. They don’t understand why all of a sudden, someone would fire shots at them in the middle of a national park for no rhyme or reason.

The friends somehow escape only to find a girl standing on the banks of a lake. They approach her with an expectation that she might help them. Instead, she turns and shoots at them, killing one of them on the spot.

Did Albert have an affair with Roman’s fiance?

Albert did have an affair with Roman’s fiance, Lisa. It was outrageous on the part of Albert that not only was Lisa dating his younger brother, but he was about to get married to her.

The irony of things was that Roman finds out about it on his bachelor trip itself. It says a lot about the kind of man Albert was. He wasn’t a true blue individual. He was selfish and only looked for his own gains and profits. Beyond that, nothing mattered to Albert. The biggest example of his selfishness was when his mobile fell in the line of fire, and he sent Roman to pick it up on the risk of losing his life.

Who were Anne and Eva?

Eva used to live in the national park itself. She had a daughter named Anne. One dreadful day a couple of drunk tourists came and tried to eve tease Anne. They had a gun, and in the scuffle, shots got fired by mistake, which directly hit Anne and killed her. Since that day, Eva lost her sensibilities and the purpose of living. She started hunting any tourist who came to the national park.

‘Prey’ Ending, Explained – Why didn’t Eva shoot Roman?

Roman entered inside one of the cabins in the woods. He found newspaper articles and a video that told him the whole story. Roman realized that Eva is a deranged mother who is not able to accept her loss. He takes the small stuffed toy that his brother had picked up from near a tree. He goes to Eva, and just when she is going to shoot him, he tells her that he knows about Anne and that he is sorry for that.

Eva stops for a moment as soon as she hears the word “Anne” come out from Roman’s mouth. People only tried to strike a deal by asking her to spare their lives in exchange for money. For the first time, someone had said that they felt sorry for her loss.

In the end when Roman grabs the gun but never intends on shooting her. But Eva just jumps down the cliff. Maybe she got her salvation, and maybe she realized that it just lied within her.

Prey is a 2021 German Thriller Film written and directed by Thomas Sieben. Streaming on Netflix, Prey is a breezy ride that has not much to offer.

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