‘Prom Dates’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Jess And Hannah Reconcile?


Prom Dates is the story of two girls who made a pact when they were kids that they would have the best prom night one could ever imagine. Where Jess wanted to be in the limelight on her special day, Hannah wanted to have the man of her dreams holding her hand and walking together with her. But obviously, life didn’t turn out the way they had planned, and just days before her big day, everything got ruined. So, let’s find out what happened with Hannah and Jess and if they were able to find a suitable partner for their special night.

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What happened with Jess and Hannah? 

Greg was in a solid relationship with Hannah, while Luca, the rich and unsympathetic brat, was dating Jess. Luca had a very snobbish and arrogant vibe, and Hannah always questioned why her best friend Jess was with him when she could do so much better. But Jess saw something in Luca, and most importantly, she was quite eagerly looking forward to her prom night. Luca no doubt pampered Jess, but he didn’t leave an opportunity to show how superior he was to others. I believe Luca was a very insecure man, and somewhere, he feared rejection. He feared that people would leave him or that all his fame and glory would one day fizzle out, and that’s why he felt as if there was a need to constantly prove his worth and show the world how better off he was as compared to others. On the exterior, obviously, he had his over-the-top demeanor, where he portrayed that the entire world revolved around him.

Hannah, on the other hand, had found a very sweet guy named Greg, but she too was encountering problems in her relationship. The problem was that Greg had the habit of making grand gestures, and Hannah became very awkward whenever he did that. Hannah had figured out that she was gay, and she didn’t know how to tell the world. Hannah hid that fact from Greg, and she wanted some space in her life to figure out certain things and muster the courage to accept her reality. Hannah was going to Penn State for further studies, and Greg had been admitted to Stanford University. Hannah believed that when they both went their separate ways, she would get some time to think, and she was really banking on that to resolve all the conflicts that were within her. But just before their prom night, Greg told Hannah that he had gotten transferred and that he was going to be at Penn State with Hannah. Hannah freaked out, and she ran away from Greg’s house without telling him anything. Jess, on the other hand, went to Luca’s house unannounced, and she found him hooking up with another girl. Jess broke up with him and stormed out of his house in anger and disappointment. 

What happened between Jess and Jacob in the past? 

We learned at the beginning of Prom Dates that Jess and Jacob had been romantically involved with each other in the past. Their brief relationship came to an end when Jacob probably decided to move out of town, though they still had a lot of unresolved feelings inside them, and both of them believed that had things turned out in some other manner, they would have had a beautiful relationship. Jacob was Hannah’s brother, but the latter didn’t have any clue about what happened between him and Jess. Jacob came back to town, and after meeting Jess, he got to know that she was in a relationship with Luca. He felt a pang in his heart, but he didn’t say anything at that moment. After breaking up with their respective boyfriends, both Hannah and Jess decided that they would have to look out for dates so that they didn’t end up alone on their prom night. Hannah revealed to Jess that she was a lesbian, and the latter told her that she had a hint about it from the very beginning. Even Jacob, as a matter of fact, knew that his sister was interested in girls, but he didn’t say anything to her because he wanted her to accept her reality and then come and tell him about it whenever she was comfortable.

The partner-finding quest didn’t end so nicely for the girls; they both ended up screwing things up. Jess met a guy at a party, and she found him decent enough to ask him out. That guy also agreed to come to prom with her, but a series of comical events ruined everything. Hannah met Angie, her crush, in a club, and she was overwhelmed when she found out that she was interested in her too. Angie and Hannah shared an intimate moment, but Greg came inside their room out of nowhere, and he was shocked to find out that Hannah had made up her mind to break up with him. Angie witnessed the entire thing, and she felt betrayed as Hannah had clearly told her that she had broken up with Greg. Angie felt as if Hannah was cheating on her boyfriend with her, and she felt really bad about being involved in such a situation. Jess told Hannah about what had happened between her and Jacob in the past, and Hannah obviously didn’t take that very well. To make matters worse, Hannah and Jess had a heated argument as the former let her know that her best friend was just using her at her own convenience. Hannah felt that she didn’t mean anything to Jess and that she could throw her under the bus whenever she liked.

Did Jess and Hannah reconcile? 

Jess and Hannah had a fallout, and the former patched up with her boyfriend, Luca. Hannah found that disgusting and desperate, as Luca had blatantly cheated on Jess, yet she went back to him. Jess also said a few mean things to Hannah, and that made her break down and really feel bad about herself. Jess went to Luca’s house before the party, and when she was amidst all the people, she got a realization that she had taken her friend for granted and that without her, life was not as happy as she would have imagined. Jess felt a void inside her, and she decided to mend their broken bond, as she didn’t want to lose that one person who mattered more than anybody else in the world. 

In Prom Dates‘ ending, Hannah and Jess danced together at the party, and they didn’t feel the need to end up with someone immediately as they were satisfied with what they had. Jess told Jacob that he would be the first one whom she would call once she had resolved her inner conflicts and decided what she wanted in life. Hannah asked Angie if she wanted to be her girlfriend, but the latter wanted to take things slow. Angie told Hannah that first she would like to be friends with her, as she had recently told the world about her identity, and there were many things that she still needed to decipher. The entire episode taught the teenagers a lot of things about life, and in the end, they were in a better space and more accepting of their own flaws and reality. 

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