‘Prosper’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Cal Confess His Sins?


Prosper, directed by Jennifer Leacey and Shaun Wilson, tells the tale of an evangelical church/global corporation in Sydney called the U Star and how its corrupt practices plagued society. Richard Roxburgh stands out as Cal Quinn, and he is ably supported by the rest of the cast. The nuanced performances made sure, as viewers, we understood what kind of mindset these people were in and if they actually wanted to do good for the people or if it was just a convenient means to earn profit and live a luxurious life. So, let’s find out what happened in Prosper and how Cal’s career as the face of U-Star met its fateful end.

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Did Rose Adebayo die by suicide?

Cal Quinn often used to have reflection sessions with Rosa. They were quite close to each other, but Cal always denied that he crossed the limits or went beyond the ambit of being a pastor. Abi, Cal’s wife, knew that he met Rose frequently, and she made generous donations to the church, but she didn’t have any clue what else happened other than that. Cal had been a drug addict back in the day, and after he married Abi and found out his mission in life, he decided to go to rehab and leave behind all those habits that made him weak. Abi always felt that since Rose was also a recovering drug addict, she understood that aspect of Cal’s life much better as compared to anybody else. There were times when Abi got really insecure about Rose, but she controlled her emotions, and she discarded those feelings as untrue. But all hell broke loose when, one night, Rose gave a call to Cal. He went to her house, and he saw that she was fighting with her husband. Her husband didn’t want her to pay any money to the church, as they were themselves not very financially stable. Rose had a girl named Juno from her first husband, and she didn’t even care about her.

Rose liked spending time with Cal, and she was ready to donate everything she had to him, as she believed that he was working for a noble cause and was helping people like her. Cal came and took Rose with her, and together, they went to a hotel where Cal often stayed. Rose did drugs there, and when Cal saw a “line” of her stash kept on the table, he couldn’t stop himself. He snorted cocaine and then lost his consciousness. Cal woke up, and he was about to leave when he saw that even Rose had passed out. Cal got anxious as he had no clue what he should do and he called Abi as he realized that he would have to tell her what happened, so that their reputation didn’t get tarnished. A pastor spending a night with a woman alone in a hotel room was scandalous enough to make it to the headlines. Luckily, Rose was saved by the doctors, and Eli made sure that the news didn’t go out. But soon after that, Rose committed suicide, and before taking her life, she made sure that, in that inebriated state, she told Abi that she loved Cal. Cal had always hidden the fact that he had a sexual relationship with Rose, but on that day, Abi got to know the truth. Rose took her own life, as Cal had started ignoring her of late after the incident that happened in the hotel, and she couldn’t make peace with that fact. Abi could have stopped Rose, but for some reason, she didn’t. Maybe she felt that it was good for the cause of the church that she was no longer around. 

Why did Dan betray Cal?

There were loopholes in Australia’s legal system that allowed organizations like U-Star to take advantage of them and earn a huge amount of revenue while showcasing to the general public that they were charitable institutes. Cal had a federal member of Gaffney on his side named Dan Gascoigne, and he was very sure that he wouldn’t let the legislation pass in Parliament. But Dan had other plans. Dan did support Cal as much as he could, but then there came a point where he decided that he would have to favor the prime minister and let the bill pass since his political career would benefit from it. Cal tried to convince him for a very long time in Prosper, but then he realized that his words were not helping his own cause. So, he decided to blackmail the minister and see where it led them. Dan had an extramarital affair with his 23-year-old secretary, and he confessed about it on a video. Cal sent him the same video and threatened him to stop the legislation from becoming an act if he didn’t want her wife to see the video. But it didn’t have the kind of impact that Cal would have wanted, and his entire strategy backfired.

In Prosper, Dan told his wife about his affair, saying he was ready to break his marriage but not ready to sabotage his career. Dan made his wife call the Quinns and let them know that they had cleared all the doubts that existed between them and that they were going to try to build their relationship brick by brick. In reality, that wasn’t the case, and Dan’s wife was extremely mad at her. Cal realized that he couldn’t do anything about the situation, and he would have to cover his tracks so that the authorities didn’t get to him.

Did Cal Confess His Sins?

Abi did her best to make Cal feel better, but the pastor ruined his own cause. Firstly, he had an affair with Rose, and to make matters even worse, Benji had found a video on Rose’s phone where she and Cal were doing drugs together. Abi knew what that video could do to their image and how it had the potential to ruin everything. Cal had made Dion, his eldest son, the senior pastor of Sydney, and together with Abi, he had declared on national television that he had assumed the title of worldwide pastor. Mitch and Kasey Leeway were handling the launch of the Los Angeles branch of the evangelical church, and so everything was in order, but Abi didn’t want Cal at the helm of affairs. She sent that video that Benji had to all their sons and daughters to prove to them that Cal was not fit to lead the mission and that he was putting a lot at stake. Cal had the hardest time accepting that fact, but in the end, he decided to accept the truth, as there was no way out of it. In front of everybody, Cal confessed that he had sexual relationships with Rose, but he didn’t stop there. He went on to say that the allegations that Alice had put on Benji were all true, and even his wife wasn’t as pure as she pretended to be. Everybody had already come to know by then that Moses was not Issy’s sibling but her son. Back in the day, she had a relationship with a man named Ravi, and she decided to keep Moose with her, though Cal made her promise to not let the truth out in the open.

During Prosper‘s ending, Cal finally confessed that he committed sin, and he stepped down from his post, though he refrained from making any official statement. He went missing the next day and was later seen parking his car in the middle of nowhere, where he walked into the wilderness. Cal had surrendered to his fate, and there was a huge possibility that he might not survive. Probably, he didn’t even have an intention of surviving, though the authorities were put on red alert and they had commenced the search. Cal lost his purpose in the end, and he knew that he didn’t have anyone else to blame other than himself.

Why did Jed take charge of things?

Jed was Cal’s favorite son, and even Abi wanted him to get more involved in their U-Star initiative. But Jed knew how corrupt the entire system was and how his parents literally looted the common people in the name of the faith. He wanted to help the poor, but his ways and means were very different. He did show up for important events, but that was just because he loved his father, and at times, he couldn’t say no to him.

Issy had an illegitimate son, which was why Abi and Cal didn’t want her or Benji to take the lead. Dion was given the position of senior pastor in Sydney, but he, too, had his share of complications, and he was not an inherent leader. He stayed under the shadow of his father and often sought validation from him. He was not a very confident man, and when the time came, he realized that he was not suited for the job. He told Jed that he was not cut out for it just moments before he went on stage, and for the sake of his family and to make things better, Jed took the mantle and became the face of the launch in LA. Jed was a selfless man, and he wasn’t greedy at all. More than anything, he actually wanted to do good for the people. If there is a second season of Prosper, we would get to know if Jed was able to manage everything since he was not used to doing things on such a large scale. He would definitely encounter roadblocks, as his siblings were not exactly happy with him being made the face of the launch, and it would be interesting to see how he tackles them.

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