‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Hae-In Agree To Get The Surgery?


While episode 13 of Queen of Tears felt like a filler, episode 14 is like a fully tragic tale that’ll frustrate you by the second. With only 2 episodes left, the show has taken a big risk by giving us Hae-In’s surgery so late. I suppose a happy ending is not inevitable with the way things are going, and the show does a fantastic job of keeping us expectant. Somewhat similar to the highly popular show Twenty-Five Twenty-One. While I don’t think Queen of Tears will give us a sad ending, considering the viewership it’s garnered, there’s a chance it’ll make us as sad as possible until right at the end. Episode 14 begins with a flashback of Hae-In and Hyun-Woo three years earlier. Hae-In sees an old man walking up to a grave and wonders if it’s his wife’s. Hyun-Woo, who doesn’t see the man, promises Hae-In that he won’t be one of those husbands who keep bringing flowers to his wife’s grave if she dies before him. He claims he’ll mourn her death for a day and then follow suit.

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Why Does Hae-In Agree To Get The Surgery? 

Eun-Sung decides to go to Germany because Hae-In’s going to get the surgery and forget all the “bad memories,” i.e., about Hyun-Woo, so he can swoop in at the right moment and claim her for himself. Seul-Hee makes a meager attempt to stop him by talking about the business and everything they’ve worked hard to achieve, but none of it matters to him anymore because he’s fixated on Hae-In and even blames his mother’s abandonment for his obsession. In Germany, Hae-In tries to explain to Hyun-Woo how memories are what make a person. She takes him to a field they had visited long before and tells him that this place is special to her only because they have fond memories together, but after the surgery, it’ll become just a field to her. 

On the other hand, back in Yongdu-ri, Beom-Ja makes excuses to see Yeong-Song by claiming she’s there to meet her nephew. It seems like these two can’t get enough of each other, and I’m sure eventually they’ll become a pairing, possibly Beom-Ja’s last one. When the family learns about Hae’s decision to refuse the surgery, they try to convince her through a video call. In the meantime, vicious Seul-Hee makes her way to Yongdu-ri and tells Da-Hye that she better leave Soo-Cheol before Seul-Hee harms his family. Da-Hye threatens her with a thumb drive that she plans on giving the police if Seul-Hee doesn’t leave them alone. She says they can burn in hell together. Soo-Cheol’s mom overhears the conversation and takes Da-Hye’s side, telling Seul-Hee that it doesn’t matter who she is or where she came from because Soo-Cheol isn’t willing to let her go, basically admitting her acceptance of Da-Hye and her baby into the family. 

It seems crying till your eyes are bloodshot isn’t enough for Hae-In to change her mind, so Hyun-Woo decides to change tactics. He tells Hae-In that he’s going to get under her skin by doing everything she doesn’t like. Importantly, attract other women (as if this is so hard for him). In the meantime, Grace learns from Seul-Hee that she has planned to “deal” with Da-Hye, Hyun-Woo, and Hae-In. Basically, this means she’s got hitmen on them. Fortunately, by the good graces of Grace’s heart, she gives Hyun-Woo a call and tells him to “take care.” It’s a very “read between the lines” kind of message, but Hyun-Woo has a hunch and rushes to find Hae-In in the car. To his utter bewilderment, a truck hits their parked car just as he’s approaching it. Hyun-Woo begins to panic and tries to break open the car that’s already on fire, but to no avail, he breaks the glass window before he hears Hae-In’s voice from behind him. She’s yelling at him for breaking the glass window with his bare hands, but he pulls her into a tight embrace, sobbing and thankful that she’s fine. He learns later that Hae-In stepped out of the car because she saw the “lucky” leaves being sold again and bought another one. Apparently, it really does bring luck. Seeing Hyun-Woo completely break down at the thought of losing Hae-In makes her realize how much he wants her to get the surgery. This is why she chooses to do it (how romantic). 

How does Eun-Sung end up with Hae-In? 

Back in Korea, Da-Hye asks Soo-Cheol to take her and Gun-U to the amusement park. She plans on escaping from there. After a long day of fun and amusement, Da-Hye asks Soo-Cheol to get her some coffee. He’s such a caring husband, because he makes sure she’s warm before leaving her. She leaves with Gun-U immediately. When Soo-Cheol finds them missing, he begins to weep and rushes to the help desk. They make an announcement for Da-Hye, but he uses the opportunity to tell his wife not to leave him yet again. 

In Germany, Hyun-Woo and Hae-In spend their last night together before the surgery. Hae-In gives Hyun-Woo a diary that she wrote about their life together, and she tells him to read it after the surgery while he’s waiting for her recovery. She also asks him how he always had such a good memory, and he tells her that he didn’t remember everything but constantly remembered the things that mattered to him the most. So, instead of counting down from 10, Hae-In chants Hyun-Woo’s name when she’s put under anesthesia. The surgery goes well, and just as Hyun-Woo can relax a little bit, the cops arrive. 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 14, Hyun-Woo gets arrested for the broker’s murder, and Hae-In wakes up with Eun-Sung in front of her. To his irritation, Hae-In does remember the name Hyun-Woo. It’s the first word she says when she wakes up. Eun-Sung picks up Hyun-Woo’s phone when everyone in Korea learns of Hyun-Woo’s arrest and tells them that there’s no reason for them to come find Hae-In. Additionally, he claims that because of the embezzlement that Hae-In’s father has committed, the family won’t be able to fly out because an investigation will start soon. Eun-Sung claims to Hae-In that she asked for him to be the first person she sees when she wakes up from surgery. When it snows, Hae-In looks at her fingernail and feels pain in her heart. Though she might not remember, the partially dyed fingernail symbolizes Hae-In’s first love coming true. She can feel the emotions, but she just can’t remember the reasons for the feelings. This means there’s a chance Hae-In will get all her memories back (this is a K-drama, after all). 

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