‘Queenie’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Queenie Forgive Her Mother?


Starring Dionne Brown as the twenty-five-year-old British Jamaican protagonist, Queenie is based on Candice Carty-Williams’ novel that goes by the same name. Queenie struggled to navigate through her mid-twenties—she tended to bottle her emotions, and that affected her present relationship, and she had too many unresolved issues that she had to deal with but chose to ignore. Queenie was somewhat happy in her relationship with Tom, but she could not ignore the fact that they had their own set of differences. Queenie was working as a social media assistant at a newspaper company, but she was not happy with her job. Every day she pitched a topic she was passionate about to her editor, and she always rejected her ideas. She wanted to speak about issues related to her community, but the newspaper was clearly not ready for a strong voice. Queenie’s life spiraled out of control when she found out about her miscarriage. Even though she had not planned to get pregnant, the miscarriage affected her in more ways than one.

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How did Queenie deal with the breakup?

Queenie had an outburst at Tom’s mother’s birthday dinner. She had just returned from the hospital, and she could not tolerate his grandmother’s racial remarks, so she ended up speaking her mind. Queenie tried to discuss the miscarriage with Tom, but he was not ready to listen. He wanted a break, and Queenie did not know how to deal with the sudden distance. She moved to a cheaper apartment, but she was hopeful that she and Tom would get back together soon. She drunk-texted him one night, but he made it very clear that he wanted a complete break from her. Queenie struggled to cope with being temporarily single, and she ended up having several meaningless hookups. She could not bear to live with her thoughts alone, and the strangers were a good distraction.

Queenie often doubted if she was not worthy of being loved. She had deep-seated abandonment issues after her mother left her when she was young. She was afraid that Tom would never come back to her, but at the same time, she did not wish to be the nagging girlfriend. She enjoyed spending time with Guy, but she soon realized he brought nothing but toxicity into her life. She initially agreed to indulge in rough sex, but she soon figured out she did not enjoy it. She wondered if she was low on self-worth, just like her mother, who had settled for an abusive relationship as well. Queenie decided to draw the line, but it was too late. She had no idea that her friend, Cassandra, was dating Guy, and when she found Guy at Queenie’s apartment, she blamed her for destroying her life.

Queenie could not help but question if she was the damaged one. She was tired of attracting trouble, and even though she could not have helped the situation, she momentarily blamed herself for everything that had gone wrong with her life. Queenie ended up at Tom’s place. She hoped he would comfort her, but he did not seem to care. Tom had already moved on, and he was with someone else. Queenie walked out of his house feeling completely helpless. She had lost her friend, her potential partner, and to make matters worse, she had to deal with a false allegation made against her by her co-worker, Ted. Queenie and Ted got sexually involved on Christmas; it was not a memorable experience, but Queenie did not wish to make things awkward between them, and that was why she continued to interact with him. She was shocked to find out that Ted had complained to HR about her. He accused her of having a crush on him, and he demanded action for her inappropriate behavior. Instead of finding out her side of the story, she was asked to take an indefinite leave and attend therapy before they reached a verdict.

Why did Queenie feel betrayed by her mother?

Queenie episode 6 traced the generational agony that the women in her family carried within themselves. Queenie’s grandmother, Veronica, had moved from Jamaica to London, and the shift was not easy on her. She dated a man named Albert back in Jamaica (perhaps it was an extramarital affair), and he continued to write her letters, which often reminded her of home. Her husband, Wilfred, was there for her through thick and thin, but adjusting to her new life and dealing with racist remarks were all too sudden for her. She gave birth to her youngest daughter, Sylvie, after moving to London. She grew up in a loving family, but she ended up choosing the wrong man for herself. She started dating a married man at seventeen, and a year later she was pregnant with his child. As soon as Sylvie gave birth to Queenie, her boyfriend left her. She had no choice but to raise Queenie on her own. She had the support of her family, and they helped her look after her little girl.

Sylvie met Roy eleven years after Queenie was born. Her family did not approve of him, but she was confident that she would be happy with him. Sylvie decided to move in with Roy, but he never liked Queenie. Roy’s constant remarks broke Queenie’s confidence, and she begged her mother to take her back to her grandparents’ house. But Sylvie refused to do so. Maybe deep down, she did not wish for her parents to handle the aftermath of another bad decision that she made. She wanted to take responsibility, and she was desperate to build the happy family that she had always envisioned. 

Roy continued to abuse Sylvie, and one day he left. Instead of being there for her daughter, Sylvie prioritized sorting things out with Roy. She left Sylvie alone in the flat for months and dropped by now and then to stock food for her. Queenie never recovered from the trauma that was inflicted on her at the time. She could not forgive her mother for leaving her. When her aunt Maggie found out that Queenie was living all alone in the flat, she brought her to her house. In an attempt to save her marriage, Sylvie chose to ignore Queenie, and she was always made to feel like a problem. While discussing the history of her family, Queenie realized that she had been programmed to remain silent, no matter how intolerable the pain was. Queenie had learned that a strong woman was supposed to bury all her pain, and that was what she had been doing all along, but the panic attacks indicated that it had become impossible for her to keep her feelings bottled any longer. Queenie started to attend therapy, and while coming to terms with her deep-seated issues was not easy, she was ready to take a step and deal with her mental health.

Did Queenie and Frank end up together?

Frank had a crush on Queenie, but he was afraid of messing it up. Queenie and his cousin, Kyazike, were best friends, and she had warned him to stay away from her. Queenie was in a fragile state, and Kyazike was not ready to have another man break her heart, especially her cousin. Frank has always been a caring friend, and Queenie appreciated the little things that he did for her. On her birthday, Queenie dreamt about making love to Frank, and she realized that she perhaps wanted to be more than just friends. Frank was worried about breaking Queenie’s heart, and he intentionally mentioned that he was going out on dates. Queenie was visibly uncomfortable, and she lied about having a very active dating life.

Therapy helped Queenie heal, and she was finally in control of her life. She had invited Frank to her housewarming party and was a little disheartened to find out that he would not make it. Queenie was surprised to see Frank walk up to her new apartment after the party was over. He explained that he got caught up in work. Queenie wanted to find out if Frank was single, and it was obvious that she was looking forward to dating him. Frank admitted that he was not dating anyone; he had been on a couple of dates, but they were not what he was looking for. He realized that it was better to be honest about his concerns than to lie. He was worried about letting her down. Frank knew Queenie had trust issues, but he promised to never let her down. After all that Queenie had been through, she wanted to take things slow. Frank was not in a hurry, and he was glad that Queenie had learned to prioritize her wellbeing over everything else. Queenie and Frank broke into an impromptu dance at the end of Queenie, thanks to her dance break alarm. Just when Queenie and Frank shared their first kiss, Tom intervened. With a bunch of flowers in his hands, he returned to apologize and make his way back to Queenie’s life. But our girl had learned her lessons, and she was not ready to take him back, and the flowers ultimately ended up in the trash.

Did Queenie forgive her mother?

On Queenie’s 26th birthday, Sylvie gifted her daughter a check in the hopes that it would help her start her life afresh. Queenie could never forgive her mother, and even though Sylvie’s actions were well-intentioned, Queenie warned her mother that no amount of money could ever compensate for the damage she had caused. Queenie used the money to move to a better apartment, but she had decided that she would pay back the amount to Sylvie. Her aunt Maggie helped her realize her mother’s perspective. Sylvie chose to fight her case in court because she believed it was the least she could have done for her daughter. She won her case against Roy, and she handed the money she had received to Queenie. Maggie hoped that Queenie would understand that her mother had made some terrible mistakes in her life, but she was trying to confront them.

Sylvie made it to Queenie’s house after the party was over. In the final scene of Queenie, Sylvie finally apologized to her daughter for abandoning her. She believed she should have prioritized Queenie, but she tried the best she could, which she admitted was not good enough. Sylvie hoped that Queenie would realize how special she was; after all, she was the first one in their family to seek help instead of burying her trauma. Her mother was only human, and Queenie decided it was time that she forgave her and moved on. All she wanted was for her mother to acknowledge her mistake, and after all these years, they were finally at the point where they could start afresh.

In Queenie‘s ending, the titular character had successfully managed to be in control of her life. She was offered her job back after the video evidence proved that the allegation was false. But Queenie decided to quit because she had figured out that the newspaper had no intention of ever publishing the work of a Black woman. She instead chose to be associated with those who valued her point of view and were ready to give her equal space. In the last episode, Queenie came across Cassandra, and she was not surprised to find out that she and Guy had broken up. While she sympathized with her situation, she realized that she could not be friends with someone who accused and abused her for a man she barely knew. Queenie was confident, and she was not ready to compromise for the bare minimum anymore.

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