‘Queens On The Run’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Lola? Did The Queens Take Down El Gavilan?


The Netflix Mexican release, “Queens on the Run,” is about four forty-something women who decide to take a break from their everyday lives and embark on an adventure that they had planned during their school days. The four friends were quite unlike each other. Marilu had lost herself in her marriage. She had been so busy raising her children that it took her some time to realize that her marriage had lost its spark. Patricia (Paty) always wanted to become a writer, but after marrying Esteban, her focus completely shifted. He was contesting to become governor, and she always wanted to look her best for him. Her obsession with cosmetic procedures troubled her friends, but she mostly did it to get her husband’s attention, who was always busy with his campaign. Famela was a headstrong businesswoman who had lived under the influence of her mother all her life. She was desperate to get pregnant, while her husband, Ramiro, hoped to spend some quality time with her before they started a family. Estrella refuses to behave her age, and she enjoys the thrill of falling in and out of love. She could not imagine her life without dating apps. Maybe it was their differences that brought them closer as friends.

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‘Queens On The Run’ Plot Summary: What Happens In The Film? 

The friends met after a disappointing day, and Paty expressed how she hoped she had met them when they were in high school. While discussing high school, they remembered the trip that they had planned but never went on. They intended to go on the trip without informing their families, and they made a list of things to do. They wanted to go to a beach and do a striptease; they also planned on getting high and even rescuing animals; they hoped to be rebels, and Marilu wished to confess her love to Antonio Posadas. Marilu dated Antonio when they were young; she really liked him, but he suddenly stopped contacting her. If Antonio had never stopped talking to her, she might have not married Jose. Marilu often wondered what had happened to her childhood love, and Paty was excited to find him on social media. He was a handsome man who was involved in the restaurant business and was single with a puppy.

Paty proposed that they go to Cancun to find Antonio Posadas and make it a trip worth remembering. Famela wanted to scatter her mother’s ashes in the Caribbean, and Paty hoped to visit the cosmetic hospital in Merida for her implants. The ladies decided to do it all together and go on the trip without telling their families. Marilu did not initially agree to the plan. She could not think of leaving her family for a girls’ trip, but when Jose did not return home on the night of their wedding anniversary, she decided that she had had enough. Paty realized that Esteban did not have any time to listen to her plan, so she chose to keep the trip a secret. Famela was the only one who confessed the truth to her partner, knowing that he would understand her. He was glad that she was finally planning on parting with the remains of her mother. The next day, Estrella arrived in her red convertible, which she lovingly named “Corcholata,” and the four started on their journey.

Why Did The Trip Go Downhill? Why Was Marianu Upset With Estrella?

While the women imagined the trip to be straight out of a fun film, it did not turn out that way. The moment they left their hometown, they were stuck in traffic and were soon attacked by a truck full of chickens. But on a positive note, Paty lovingly adopted one of the chickens and named it Kentucky. They faced slight trouble with the police when Estrella stripped herself on the road to attract a group of men in a jeep. While the trouble was uncalled for, Estrella did check a box from the list and took a liking to Police Officer Roberto Martinez. When a girl asked for a lift in their car, Marilu convinced the rest that it was a good idea. They assumed that the girl, Lola, was a sex worker, but they did not poke too much into her business and drove her to Veracruz. While driving her to Veracruz, they waited at a gas station, and that was when Marilu discovered Famela’s gun. As Famela tried to stop Marilu from throwing the gun away, two shots were fired. They managed to escape the situation and safely drop Lola at her destination. After spending a night discussing each other’s shortcomings, the girls hit the road once again, but the car’s tire gave up. They stopped a car to find some help, but instead, they called for trouble.

The man they crossed paths with was the notorious arms dealer and human trafficker El Gavilan. While El Gavilan initially planned on using the women to his advantage, he realized they were a little too old for his purpose. So instead, he took away all of their possessions, including the remains of Famela’s mother. Famela could not accept a stranger taking her mother away from her before she could say her final goodbye. She chased El Gavilan’s car, but ultimately he drove them off the road and into a cliff. With careful movements, the ladies managed to get out of the car with their adopted chicken before the car fell into the cliff and burned off. After losing their car, they hopped into the van of a hippie gang, and Estrella was surprised to meet Roberto Martinez once again. While Roberto intended to check the van thoroughly, Estrella distracted him, and he was soon called for emergency duty. The friends spent the night with the hippies and consumed magic mushrooms. The shrooms led to vivid imaginations where Paty dreamed of meeting the Holy Mother and imagined her asking her to leave her husband for a better life.

Meanwhile, Famela imagined her husband dressed as her mother asking her to let go of her, and in a way, the conversation gave her a sense of clarity. While their hallucination episode was going all nice and cute, it soon turned awkward and strange when Estrella confessed that she was the one who deleted every email that Antonio had sent Marilu. The next day when they woke up, Marilu could not forgive Estrella for what she had done years earlier, and to make matters worse, the hippies made a meal out of their pet chicken. After the hippie episode, Famela decided to rescue her mother, and she went to the strip club El Jack to find El Gavilan.

Ending Explained: Who Was Lola? How Did The Queens Take Down El Gavilan?

After reaching El Jack, they found Lola. As it turned out, Commander Lola was a part of the secret operation coordinated with the DEA to bring in El Gavilan. She had appointed a group of dancers to help her distract him, but they had all fallen sick. The ladies stepped in to perform at the club to help Lola get hold of El Gavilan and also to win the $5 million cash prize. During their sensual performance, the women walked up to El Gavilan and held a gun at him. They asked him to walk them to his office, where they tied him up. Famela focused on finding the ashes, while Marilu was irritated by the sight of Estrella. Estrella explained to her that the reason she chose to delete his mail was because he had tried to kiss her while he was in a relationship with Marilu. She could not let her best friend be with a man who was not loyal, and she did what she had to protect her.

After learning the truth, Marilu was glad that she had a friend like Estrella. El Gavilan’s right-hand man got hold of Paty, and the queens were forced to untie El Gavilan. They were surrounded by men with guns pointing at them, but thankfully Estrella had been texting Officer Roberto Martinez on Bumble all along. The police broke into the club and attacked El Gavilan and his men. Tuerto got hold of Famela’s mother’s ashes, and she was furious about it. She threatened him to let go of the ashes, but he refused to do so. As she fired a shot at him, he dropped the urn, and Famela jumped off the stairs to save it. Meanwhile, El Gavilan pointed his gun at Famela; he blamed her for the trouble he was in and wanted to take her down when she was vulnerable. But what he did not know was that Marilu was right behind him. She pulled the trigger, killing El Gavilan. The queens were in the news for their bravery in taking down one of the most notorious criminals in Mexico. While they cheered on television, Paty asked the audience not to vote for her husband.

“Queens on the Run” ends with Marilu finally deciding to confront Antonio in Cancun, but she ultimately decides against it. She realized that it was always about confessing her love for herself and never about a man. Meanwhile, Jose and Ramiro arrive on a boat, singing a love song for their brave wives. While Jose’s gesture impressed Marilu, she wanted him to work hard every day to make their marriage work, and he promised to do so. Famela decided not to focus on getting pregnant but to travel with Romiro. She admitted that she was not romantic, but she had learned to keep her need for control in check. Esteban confronted Paty about what she said on television, and she admitted that all she wanted from him was a divorce. She did not care about the luxuries he provided her; she simply wanted the freedom to follow her dream. She realized she was beautiful just the way she was, and she did not have to change herself for a man. Estrella and Officer Roberto Martinez expressed their love for each other. A year later, Paty launched her book about their trip, which was set to be adapted into a film. But that was not the only good news; Famela was about to give birth as they rushed from the television interview to the hospital. Life turned out great for the ladies, and even though their trip was not ideal, they all learned something from the journey.

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