‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained – Is John’s Father Alive?


The episodes of “Rabbit Hole” are moving at a fast pace, and as much as we appreciate that, we must also give credit to its background score, which is really adding to the drama on-screen. Hailey is going to be the comic relief for this series, and we like her act so far. But whoever the stylist was, they did her dirty with the bleached hair. As for the series itself, the editing and placement of events have really hooked our interest, and this is how “Rabbit Hole” Episode 2 has played out.

Spoilers Ahead

John’s Childhood

John Weir was an only child, and initially, it looked like he lived quite an idyllic life with his parents. John idolized his father just like any other child at that age, when an easy manner, a few candies, and a sense of humor are the winners in any situation. John was hanging out with his father, Ben, after dinner when his mother asked Ben to take a look at the phone that kept making clicking noises. This clearly infuriated Ben, and he was determined to fix it, even though John’s mother tried to soothe the situation upon seeing how agitated Ben was. He pulled out the phone and its wires and told the family that they would have no more phones in the house.

John has a memory of his father taking him shooting and telling him that he was sorry for things getting out of hand. In a later scene, we see John’s mother taking him and leaving their father. She doesn’t give him a reason except that they have to leave. When they stop at a gas station, John takes the opportunity and runs back to his father, except he finds a bloodied mess in his father’s study. At the funeral, a man tells John that his father did what he did for the country, even though that will never be revealed to the public. We get the picture that Ben died fighting for his country, but the public believed that he was a traitor or defector of sorts. It is at this funeral that John refuses to shovel the dirt onto the grave, and these memories have haunted him since, but it is only towards the end of the episode that we understand that the truth might be something else. 

John’s Mission To Gather Evidence

John is near the building where his office was blown up. Jo Madi comes up to the investigating officer, Rasche, and tells him that she can help identify the bodies they have found. There is clearly some antagonism between the two officers. Rasche doesn’t want Jo there since she is from Financial Crimes, and she isn’t approved for the investigation. As for Jo, she believes that since this was John’s office and he is on the run for killing Edward Homm, who was closely tied to the Financial Crimes Department, her presence is required. As they continue arguing, they find that one person was found alive: Kyle, the intern. When Jo tries asking him whether he saw John in the office, since some people have said that he was definitely on the street, Kyle doesn’t give a clear reply and claims that he doesn’t remember. When Rasche sees her talking to Kyle, he pulls her aside, and from their conversation, we can decipher that something had happened with Jo that caused her to be untrustworthy, and she has been struggling to get back into the good graces of her bosses, and she probably sees this case as a way to do that. But even if that is the reason, she raises some valid points, but Rasche chooses to ignore them and asks her to stay away from the investigation.

Meanwhile, two people, under the guise of officers, try to kidnap Hailey, but John arrives just in time and subverts the situation, rescuing her and driving off. He asks her what she was doing when she met him the other day, and she tells him that she was there for her charity meeting, though John has a hard time believing it. He blindfolds Hailey, places her in the trunk of the car, and takes her to his childhood home. Once there, he resumes his questions, especially since she had the camera in her room. But Hailey tells him that she swiped right on him on an app when he was in the bar. John has no knowledge of the app as he is not on it, but Hailey tells him that his co-workers probably created his profile on it. He brings her a computer, and she logs into the app with it, from where she pulls out his profile, which has his address and the ID of the person who created it.

Turns out, the person who made the profile was Larter, and when John logs into the profile, he realizes that his co-workers indeed made the profile. At that moment, a blindfolded and gagged Edward Homm stumped out of the room. Upon seeing him, Hailey realizes that John might be telling the truth about being innocent. But before she can say more, he places her in the trunk again and takes her out, but this time to release her. He has finally accepted that meeting her was a coincidence, and as long as she promises to forget about him, he will not try to track her down with the information he has on her. But just as he is about to cut her loose, she checks her messages, and we don’t see what she has received, but she decides to stay with John. She claims that since he has already put her in danger, he better protect her till the end.

An exasperated John drives to meet Valence’s partner, who had been in the room when they were discussing the contract. He corners him and demands to know what’s going on. It is then that we come to know that part of John’s contract was to kill Edward, but John hadn’t done that and instead, kidnapped and hid him in his house. John demands to know how to access Valence’s data, but his partner tells him that the only way to do that is through his authenticator, which was in Valence’s pocket when he died. He refuses to tell him anything else since the real client who ordered the operation is “everywhere.” 

‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Is John’s Father Alive?

Since the police believe that Valence was pushed by John, they have his body in custody, and that is where John must receive the authenticator from. He is the master at manipulating situations, and that is exactly how he enters the police station. He calls the investigating officer, Singh, to the lobby, saying that he is a witness and he saw something related to the case. When Singh goes to the lobby, John takes the chance to get the case number from her computer and retrieve the box of evidence by claiming himself to be an officer. He is leaving with the box when Kyle spots him from the lobby. He had been asked to go there by an unknown number, probably the one who was orchestrating the whole thing, and he followed John out of the station, locking the doors so that the police could not come out. But unknown to him, Jo had been following Kyle, though she was not much use as she also got locked inside the station.

Outside, Kyle attacks John with his skateboard, and this is witnessed by the officers. He knocks John down and tries to leave with the authenticator, but John gets back up in time. As their scuffle continues, Hailey takes her chance and knocks him down with the car. John makes use of the time, takes the authenticator, and leaves. They drive back to his childhood home, but this time, there is someone else there as well. It is John’s father, Ben.

“Rabbit Hole” Episode 3 will definitely reveal more of John’s childhood, and we will come to know the source of his trauma. Our guess is that Ben faked his death so that he could detach from his family and better serve his country. But the truth was eventually revealed, and that has been the source of John’s trust issues all his life. In addition to John’s family, we are also going to find out about the other pieces that are being controlled by the mystery person. He would also try to access Valence’s computer, which could give him the clues he is looking for. We can look forward to these developments in the next episode.

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