‘Radhe Shyam’ Ending, Explained: Do Vikramaditya And Prerana Change Their Fate?


“Radhe Shyam” is a 2022 romantic period drama set in 1970s Europe. Despite the unfavorable reviews of the film, its high-budget visual effects have been its selling point and created a sensation. In addition to the aesthetic vintage setup, the best visual effects are concentrated on the climax, which becomes a turning point in the plot. The film brings one’s attention to the scientific authenticity of palmistry. Vikramaditya and Prerana’s fate compels them to challenge their destiny. How does it happen? Keep reading to find out.

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Was There Any Love In Vikramaditya And Prerana’s Fate? 

Vikramaditya is a globally acclaimed palm reader known as the “Einstein of Palmistry.” After reading Indira Gandhi’s fate, that she would declare an emergency in India, he was compelled to flee the country and settle in Italy. Knowing that there is no “love line” in his destiny, he keeps away from relationships and only believes in “flirtation.” However, on an unusual train ride, he comes across Prerana and falls in love at first sight. Prerana is a surgeon who also steers clear of commitment and prefers flings. After several attempts to woo her, Vikramaditya finally gets a date with Prerana.

On one of their dates, a stranger recognizes Vikramaditya and asks him to read his daughter’s palm. His daughter Thara is an aspiring archer, and the man wants to know whether she will succeed in her career. Vikramaditya reads her palm and tells her that sports are not in the books for her, but the girl scoffs at his prediction. After they get off the train, Vikramaditya senses that the train is destined to crash. He tries to stop it, but in vain. With instances like these, he is convinced that one’s destiny is beyond their control and cannot be changed. However, Guru Paramahamsa’s confident statement that palmistry is only ninety-nine percent scientific keeps Vikramaditya in doubt.

One day, Prerana asks Vikramaditya to read her palm. He tells Prerana that she will live a long and happy life and marry her true love. To his horror, Prerana’s nose starts bleeding immediately, and he takes her to the hospital. Prerana’s uncle, being a doctor, is infuriated at Vikramaditya’s prediction, as she has been diagnosed with an incurable tumor. Despite her reports, Vikramaditya is hooked on the validity of his prediction. To test the accuracy of his palmistry, Prerana’s uncle presents him with the handprints of corpses from his morgue. To his surprise, Vikramaditya deduces them correctly and wins his trust. Seeing the accuracy of his predictions, Prerana becomes hopeful about her life.

‘Radhe Shyam’ Ending Explained: Does Vikramaditya Survive The Storm? 

One day, Prerana asks Vikramaditya to marry her. However, he rejects her proposal and reveals that he will leave the country soon with his family. Crestfallen, Prerana attempts to commit suicide but suddenly remembers that he accidentally left her diary with her. She reads his diary to find out that, despite his predictions being accurate, he cannot risk losing her, even if there is a slight probability of her death. Hence, Vikramaditya is planning on sacrificing her life to save hers! Just then, Prerana’s uncle informs everyone that a cure for her illness has been found by the William Sydney Cancer Foundation.

Before leaving, Vikramaditya takes Prerana to ballroom dance, as she had always wanted to go to one. The next day, before making his departure, Vikramaditya unexpectedly meets Thara. He finds out that she was the only survivor of the train crash but lost her arm in the accident. She confronts Vikramaditya and asks him if people without arms can have a future or not, which leaves him speechless. On the other hand, Prerana deliberately causes her car to crash in an attempt to sacrifice her life and save Vikramaditya’s. The accident landed her in the hospital. Vikramaditya, who is in London, is devastated to hear the news of her accident. He realizes that if he has to meet Prerana to save her life, he will do so. However, as her condition becomes critical, he must make haste and reach Italy.

Seeing that there are no available flights, Vikramaditya decides to hop on a cargo ship to Italy. Fortunately, the captain of the ship turns out to be his acquaintance and helps him gladly. Little did he know that his fate would follow him no matter where he went. On their journey, the helmsmen of the ship find turbulence and discover that the sea is soon to be hit by a storm. Everybody on board the ship evacuates and gets on their emergency boats. However, trying to help everyone out, Vikramaditya becomes the only person left on the ship. In no time, the storm becomes aggressive and turns the ship upside down. 

Despite his frantic attempts to survive, Vikramaditya finds himself drowning in the middle of the sea. After a close encounter with death, Vikramaditya faces a sudden jerk and manages to come to the surface. He successfully fights against his destiny for love! When Vikramaditya makes his way to the hospital, he is reunited with Prerana, who survived the trauma of her accident. Vikramaditya and Prerana’s ill-fated love, like that of “Radhe Shyam,” triumphs over destiny. In the end, Guru Paramahamsa’s opinion on palmistry turns out to be true.

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