Raquel In ‘Through My Window: Looking At You,’ Explained: Does She Get Back With Ares?


Ah, it’s that time again, and we have yet another Through My Window film. The third part of the franchise finally gives audiences the happy ending they’ve been looking forward to for three years now. Through My Window began the franchise with a young girl named Raquel, who had a massive crush on her rich neighbor, Ares Hidalgo. Okay, that’s an understatement, because she was practically a stalker. Ares soon finds out about this and takes advantage of her feelings. You see, Ares is a rich playboy who likes to mess around with girls, but Raquel wants him to “fall for her.” Although the first film is filled with heartbreak, ultimately, Raquel’s wish comes true, and Ares ends up falling for her. However, just as their relationship has started, Ares has to run off and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, not a businessman. One year apart, they drift away from each other, and when they meet again, Raquel is made to believe that Ares cheated on her with a girl named Vera. Ares didn’t actually cheat, although would sharing your sad thoughts with someone who isn’t your partner be cheating? If so, then he totally cheated (red flag alert). On the other hand, Ares raises the stakes by getting mad at her for not telling a male classmate she has a boyfriend (yeah, this man out here thinks he’s a real Greek god or something). So, when Raquel’s best friend Yoshi dies accidentally, they decide to blame each other and use it as an excuse to leave each other for good. 

For the obvious silly reasoning, this breakup lasts only when they’re not physically around each other. Ironically, they both end up dating the other two people they were jealous of. Ares and Vera are in Stockholm, and Raquel and Gregory are in Barcelona. When Ares returns, though, things immediately get messed up. What’s upsetting is that Raquel chose to be with Gregory despite knowing she never got over Ares. She could’ve asked the guy to wait, at least. I mean, this is after she told him no at the party because she realized she still liked Ares but then ended up hurt by his words of blame. What’s more disappointing is that she completely uses Gregory as a rebound, and when he asks her if she ever loved him, she doesn’t even reply. Of course, Raquel is confused and hurt, maybe very sad. However, this is not the way to treat the walking green flag in her life. Of course, Gregory is everything Ares is not. He’s kindhearted for one, huh? I guess that’s it. Anyway, it’s clear that he’s only there to be compared to Ares, but maybe Ares matches up to him in other aspects. 

When Ares returns, he immediately starts toying with Raquel by apologizing for everything and then showing up to a party at her house without her knowing about it. Raquel melts for her favorite Greek god immediately and breaks up with Gregory. On the other hand, Ares is bound by his family’s business to stay with Vera. Again, what I find strange is that Raquel doesn’t know why Ares is cheating on Vera, so why is she okay with it? I know it’s hard to have a sense of dignity when it comes to your crush you stalked, dated, and then got your heart broken by, but shouldn’t you be at least a little bit curious? They just hang around in secret, and this finally takes a toll on Raquel, so she gives Ares an ultimatum to choose between her and Vera. The stupid man still doesn’t give her an actual reason for why he has to be with Vera. He simply tells her that it’s all a bit complicated. He never tells her that Vera’s been cheating on him, and they’re both together only for the sake of their parents. Raquel just knows in her head, I suppose. 

At least Raquel got a best-selling novel out of this messy relationship. At the same time, she’s also finding it hard to deal with the fact that her mother has found love, all while she’s stuck on one guy. Of course, it’s hard being young and alone, but you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, sweetie; leave her be. She takes out all her Ares anger on her mother and starts to throw tantrums like a five-year-old. It’s hard to adjust to a new life; it’s also hard to grow up out of the blue, but sometimes you simply have to do it. Raquel is too busy being stuck in the past, not only in terms of Ares but even with her mom. In the book, it was Yoshi who helped her get out of her safe space. She dedicates the book to him and then starts to panic when she’s asked to write a second novel. 

Gregory reads a bit of her second novel, which is why he questions their whole relationship. At this time, abandoning the novel made sense because it would hurt her feelings. However, I find it rather sad that she chooses not to revisit it after her life is set. She says at her book signing that she’s done trying to understand love and only wants to experience it now. But can’t she do both simultaneously? Shouldn’t Ares be encouraging her to write more? Sigh. Anyway, I suppose she does continue to live on the success of the novel for the next 5 years, and we can assume she writes some more because, in this economy, you’ve got to keep working. At the end of the film, Raquel and Ares finally move into a home of their own, and it looks cozy and comfy, and the Wi-Fi is fixed (very cute). He says he loves his witch, and one could say she put a spell on him. 

To be honest, although the other characters grew and matured through the three films, I think the main character, Raquel, remains almost stagnant. Despite her achievements, emotionally, she’s stuck through the three films and only becomes completely happy with Ares at the end of the third film. Although they both didn’t really get over each other, I think emotionally, it had a bigger impact on Raquel than Ares. I suppose I should attempt to answer the question if they’re a toxic couple, but I’ll refrain from that for fear of being canceled on the internet. However, I will say they’re quite the hopeful one; despite their flaws and differences, they end up making it through at the end.

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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