Raymond In ‘A Man In Full’ Explained: Is He Dead Or Alive?


The character of Raymond Peepgrass in A Man in Full was rather interesting, primarily because of the kind of enmity he shared with the business tycoon Charlie Croker. Raymond was the representative of the bank that had provided 800 million dollars to the Croker industries, and he worked closely with Charlie Croker ever since the very beginning. Raymond didn’t like the way Charlie treated him, but he never addressed the issue, and that probably became his biggest fault. Had Raymond talked to anybody about it, probably that feeling of enmity and revenge wouldn’t have grown so much inside him. That vengeance made him reach his threshold, and all he could think about was how to orchestrate the downfall of the business tycoon. Just at the opportune moment, Raymond learned that Harry Zale, his superior, was planning to hold Croker Industries responsible for the failure to pay the loan amount. It was a clear case of corporate mismanagement, and the real estate and asset department was not ready to let that go at that time.

Raymond came on board, and he got very excited at the prospect of getting the better of arrogant Charlie Croker. Charlie, at that point in time, had no clue about the fact that the bank was planning such a thing, and on that day, during the board meeting, he got to know the kind of hatred Raymond had for him. Raymond very openly displayed his feelings, which I believe was another mistake he made. Feeling something for such a powerful man was not the wrong thing, but making him aware of it, and that too at a stage where the odds could favor anybody, was probably not a very judicious move. But anyway, Raymond did that, and after that, together with Harry Zale, he started finding ways to bring down the Croker empire. Harry tried to negotiate with them on multiple occasions. First, he tried to reach some sort of settlement, and when that didn’t work, he tried to threaten both Harry and Raymond. But the two bank employees had made up their minds, and they were having a great time seeing Charlie suffer like that. 

Raymond didn’t like the way Charlie treated him, but he wanted to become like him one day. It was a very conflicting feeling to have: on the one hand, you want to take revenge on the man, but on the other side, you also want him to acknowledge your presence and worth. Had anybody told Raymond that he would become successful but Charlie wouldn’t know about it, then, in all certainty, he would have denied that offer. It could be said that Raymond somewhere idolized him in a way, and though he didn’t like being disrespected, I believe he would have done the same thing if he had been placed in Charlie’s position. Raymond met Martha Croker at a party, and he tried to flirt with her. Martha also had a very different mindset at that point in time, and she entertained him. Raymond went on a couple of dates with Martha after that, and a time came when he started hanging out at her place pretty frequently.

Raymond might have liked Martha, but his intentions behind getting close to her were manifold. The most fascinating one was that Charlie had been with that woman, and so it was a prestigious thing for him to be with her in that capacity. Secondly, he wanted to give it back to Charlie by showing him that he owned a piece of his past life and that he also enjoyed a similar status. The third and most important agenda was that Raymond wanted Martha to sell off her shares she held in the private estate venture called the Concourse that was jointly owned by Wally, Charlie, and her. Martha had 28 percent of the shares, and the Concourse was probably Charlie’s passion project, and that’s why Raymond knew that it would hurt him the most. Raymond, together with Herb and other big players, had created an LLC named Big Red Dog, and they were trying to sabotage Charlie’s plans. The latter came to know about it in the end and he played his cards so well that Raymond’s superior asked him to back off and not go against Charlie. 

Raymond intuitively realized that Martha was going to get intimate with him, and that’s when he gave another piece of evidence of how he saw Charlie Crocker and how much he envied him. There was a lot of admiration inside Raymond for Charlie, and the former felt frustrated at times because they were arch-nemeses. Raymond was fighting the battle with him because he wanted validation from the man he aspired to be. For me, this was the most fascinating thing about his personality by far. 

At the end of A Man in Full, something unforeseen happened that even Charlie had not expected. Charlie went to Martha’s house after he learned about the LLC development, and he found the latter involved in an intimate act with Raymond. Charlie had a one-on-one conversation with Raymond, and he held his neck, not with the intention of killing the banker. But unfortunately, Charlie’s muscles got stiff, and he couldn’t loosen his hold. Raymond died there and then, and even Charlie suffered a heart attack and took his last breaths. Even in those last moments, Raymond just wanted to tell Charlie that he was no longer an insignificant player in the scheme of things and that he had climbed the ladder. Raymond went way too far, even for his liking, and in the end, he had to bear the consequences of his actions. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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