‘Reacher’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Sanchez And Orozco Dead?


The first episode of Reacher Season 2 was centered around the formation of the Special Investigators (also known as the 110th) by Jack Reacher during his army days and the assassination of each of the members in the present day. Shane Langston seemed to be the guy who was behind all of this, as he was using a British guy and a guy with a scar on his face to go after the 110th. Reacher and his colleague, Frances Neagley, were on the backfoot because they were just catching up with the death of Franz and the disappearance of Swan. They were joined by another member of the Special Investigators, David O’Donnell, and they managed to extract some cryptic information from a pen drive that Franz had. So, they decided to dig deeper into it and learn what they were up against.

Spoiler Alert

Jack, Neagley, O’Donnell, and Dixon Reach Sanchez and Orozco’s Office

In the previous episode, Reacher had noticed that they were being followed by a black sedan. In episode 2 of Reacher, when he notices the same black sedan parked outside Swan’s house, he decides to confront the mysterious dude. It’s a pretty hilarious and brutal moment because Reacher manages to activate the sedan’s airbag system by kicking the grill and then beats the living hell out of the dude. I don’t know if it’s possible in real life, but the show wants us to think that Reacher can replicate a car crash with his kick, and based on Alan Ritchson’s towering physique, I totally buy it. Langston expresses disbelief when the guy with the scar explains what he has witnessed, which makes the altercation so much more amusing. By the way, in the previous episode, I observed a significant shift in the writing around Reacher. In the first season, he didn’t have a lot of flaws, and that got boring very quickly. In this season, he is constantly being bullied (in a fun way) by his friends, and after the beatdown, when it’s revealed that the guy following them is a cop, it establishes the fact that Reacher’s instincts aren’t always right. They run away from there before the cop regains consciousness. While driving to Atlantic City, which is where Sanchez and Orozco’s office is, Neagley remembers that the cop is actually the investigating officer of Franz’s case, i.e., Gaitano ‘Guy’ Russo. Reacher refuses to understand how much trouble he is in for not just meddling with an ongoing investigation but sucker punching the investigating officer. And if Reacher is refusing to budge, then Neagley and O’Donnell have to follow him. Thankfully and coincidentally, this leads them to Dixon, and Reacher requests that she book a car and join the investigation into the murders that are happening.

Although Dixon is on a case of her own, she drops it to help her friends. By the way, Neagley wasn’t wrong for teasing Reacher regarding Dixon because the two have a very palpable sense of chemistry. Seeing Reacher blush is kind of heartwarming, and watching him reject Dixon’s advances in the past, as if he’s too afraid of love, is funny. While going through the documents, O’Donnell speculates that James Barr (a character from Lee Child’s books who appeared in the Tom Cruise-led Jack Reacher film) can be behind everything that’s happening to the 110th. Reacher says that he ran into Barr in Indiana, and now Barr is in Reacher’s debt. I don’t think this is a confirmation that Cruise and Ritchson’s Reachers are one and the same or that Jack Reacher is just a mantle that can be taken up by anybody like James Bond or Jason Bourne is rumored to be. It just shows that the stories that this Prime Video show isn’t adapting have happened off-screen. While Reacher gets depressed thinking about his friends’ deaths, and because the radio in the car is playing country rock only, the scar-faced guy calls Langston to let him know that Reacher, Dixon, O’Donnell, and Neagley are heading to Atlantic City, and Langston tells him to finish all of them at once. When Reacher and his team enter Sanchez and Orozco’s office, they find it in a state that’s similar to Franz’s office and Neagley’s hotel room. Before heading out to a bar where Sanchez’s girlfriend probably works, Reacher makes a really sad observation. Everyone in the 110th has the campfire picture, and Reacher doesn’t. That serves as yet another reminder that Reacher’s nomadic lifestyle contradicts his love for his family and friends. Without a permanent place to go back to and no digital footprint, Reacher doesn’t have any physical or digital things to reminisce over. It’s all in his head, and since he is so detached from everyone, that is making him lonely.

Reacher and Dixon Fight Off Some Goons

Assuming that Reacher and Neagley are there to hurt Milena, the girl in Sanchez’s photo album, the bartender tries to neutralize them, thereby giving Milena the chance to run away. Of course, that doesn’t work out because Reacher and Neagley are trained soldiers, and O’Donnell and Dixon are waiting near the bar to catch Milena. After cooling down, Milena says that they were on the edge because the guy with the scar had questioned them earlier about Sanchez and a pen drive. Milena brings up another important point: Sanchez, Orozco, and Franz were working together. She also mentions some numbers: 650 and $100k each. Armed with this information, the team goes to a casino because casinos are the only place where that kind of money can be moved without showing up on the radars of the authorities. All of them try to connect the deaths and the money to their past as special investigators, but they fail to arrive at something concrete. So, they decide to consult the security in-charge, David Wright, at the casino because that’s where Sanchez and Orozco used to work, doing background checks on every person of interest. When Wright fails to point out anything out of the ordinary regarding Sanchez and Orozco’s time at the casino, they bring up the money and the names. Wright says that he’ll look into it and cross-check with all the other casinos in the area, too. But since it’ll take a lot of time, Wright graciously offers them the suite where they can spend the night, free of charge. Reacher begins to ramble about staying at a motel because that is what he is used to, and his friends tell him to pipe down because they’re getting an expensive suite for free. The way Ritchson portrays Reacher’s decision to accept his friends’ suggestions is too good. He is stoic, but he is also a punching bag to keep things lively.

While sharing stories about their personal lives, Reacher is hit with another wave of realization that the people he has trained are living somewhat steady and comfortable lives. He compares corporate jobs to the army, as both of these fields feel like cages, which is undoubtedly an interesting observation. Usually, movies and shows centered around the army cherish the “good old days” and rarely critique it for being an oppressive job. However, here is Reacher requesting audiences not to see the army as something aspirational. Dixon does ask him if he gets lonely during his nomadic lifestyle, and, going by Ritchson’s expressions, it looks like Reacher, even though he doesn’t want to admit it, is a little depressed. We see him scarfing down an unrealistic amount of food, probably to digest the feeling of being called out so directly. After he is done, he notices that Dixon can’t sleep as well and is at the casino using her expertise with numbers to earn a lot of money. Dixon is accused of counting cards and is politely thrown out of the casino. While taking a walk down the memory lane (which is apparently done in a single, long take), Reacher and Dixon are attacked by the scar-faced guy and a couple of goons that he has hired. As expected, Reacher and Dixon beat them up quite badly. The editing isn’t very good. The action is visible, especially the impact of Reacher and Dixon’s hits. So, it kind of works.

Are Sanchez and Orozco dead?

While going through the scar-faced guy’s car, Dixon finds a file filled with the details of all the members of the 110th. Reacher finds the guy’s burner phone, and he calls up the most-called number, which happens to be Langston’s. Reacher warns him about the consequences of coming after the 110th, and Langston warns him too about messing around with him. Reacher realizes that he should’ve kept the scar-faced guy alive so that they could coax some information out of him because they’ve hit a dead end yet again. Dixon notices a parking lot pass and says that they should look into that and see where it takes them. After burying the bodies in the wet concrete, Dixon and Reacher go back to their hotel rooms to tend to their wounds. That’s when they get intimate with each other. It’s not PG-13 intimacy, but it’s cute. As mentioned before, the chemistry is palpable, and Reacher bringing down his walls for Dixon feels organic. Yes, Dixon has a fiancé, but that’s another matter for another day, I suppose. A.M. is seen going to Denver to do some kind of arms deal. There’s no way to say what he is up to. He is obviously connected to Langston. But it’s not clear if he’s doing all this to kill the 110th or if he is on his own mission of murder and mayhem. We’ll have to wait and watch how A.M.’s story unfolds.

At the end of Reacher Season 2, episode 2, David Wright meets Reacher and his team and reveals that Sanchez and Orozco are dead. There are photos of their dead bodies, and they are recognizable in those photos. Wright says that the names from the pen drive didn’t show up in any database, which means A.M. hasn’t entered any of the hotels that Wright knows. Wright also says that there’s nothing concrete when it comes to the gambling scam allegations. Seeing that this isn’t exactly going anywhere, Reacher walks out of the hotel in search of guns. By the looks of it, Reacher doesn’t have any more patience left in him. It’s understandable because four of his friends are dead, and a fifth one is missing. This is enough to make anyone lash out. But this is Jack Reacher we are talking about, and his lashing out is probably going to look a lot different than how you or I lash out.

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