‘Reacher’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Swan Connected To Shane Langston?


In the second episode of Reacher, the titular character, Neagley and O’Donnell, came across another living member of their old team of Special Investigators, Dixon. As soon as Dixon heard that Franz was dead, Swan was missing, and they had no clue about Sanchez and Orozco’s status, she dropped everything and went with them to Atlantic City. The lead about a huge amount of cash led the team to a casino where Sanchez and Orozco worked as background checkers. Apparently, Franz had worked with the two of them on a job. While waiting for further information on the money trail that was associated with Sanchez and Orozco and the names that were linked to a mysterious British assassin, Reacher and Dixon got attacked by Saropian (Shane Langston’s man) and two other goons. After killing them off, Reacher had a brief conversation with Langston, and both of them meant business. When the team found out that Sanchez and Orozco were dead, Reacher decided to up their game and get some firepower.

Spoiler Alert

Jack Reacher is arrested by Guy Russo

Episode 3 of Reacher opens with Franz being tortured for a vague reason by Shane and his men. I am assuming that Franz, Sanchez, and Orozco were investigating some massive scam that Shane and his company were involved in. That was why Shane got all three of them killed first. Then they saw the photo and figured out that these three were part of a bigger investigation team, and then they started going after them. But it’s a little weird that, despite being so ruthless, they haven’t harmed the loved ones of the members of the Special Investigators. I mean, we know that Franz, Sanchez, Orozco, and the rest of their team didn’t involve their friends and family when it came to their professional stuff. Why did Shane respect that sentiment? Well, for now, I don’t have a clue. That said, given how tight the writing of the second season of the series is, I am sure they’ll cover that aspect later on. By the way, Franz got a cool scene before his death where he referred to Reacher as the big guy, and when Shane wondered who Franz was talking about, the title of the show came up (you know, just like they do in Invincible and Barry).

In the present day, and as promised in the second episode, Reacher shows up at a gun shop and bypasses a lot of laws in order to acquire the stuff he needs. At one point, he refers to himself as Joe Gordon. Given how the show is replete with baseball references, I am guessing this is a reference to Joe Gordon, the baseball player who played for the NY Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. Another fun fact is that Joe Gordon was named the Flash, which was a reference to the DC character of the same name. Guess who starred in the DC show, Smallville? That’s right. Alan Ritchson played the role of Aquaman! By the way, I think this gun-buying scene pairs well with the gun-buying scene in the final season of Barry. So, the scene where Berkman bought a bunch of firearms was meant to be a critique of how easy it is to buy weapons in the United States of America, thereby causing mass shootings every other month. The internet took it a little too literally and started citing all the laws that are necessary to legally obtain a firearm. This scene contradicts all those defensive statements regarding the sale of guns and automatic rifles. Again, I don’t think this is supposed to be taken literally, but a country that’s poisoned with capitalism isn’t going to care about laws as long as they can make a lot of money. Anyway, coming back to the plot, while analyzing the guns that Reacher has procured and the details they’ve got at their disposal, the team’s car is pulled over by the police. As expected, it happened on Russo’s orders, and as soon as he saw Reacher, he arrested him. By the way, Russo doesn’t read him his Miranda warning, and that makes the arrest feel suspicious. O’Donnell accompanies him to the police station because he is the only one who has some legal knowledge. Here’s another cool Easter egg. O’Donnell finds a Daredevil toy in the back of Russo’s car. Domenick Lombardozzi, who is playing Russo in Reacher, played Bill Fisk in Netflix’s Daredevil.

Jack Reacher and His Team Infiltrate Saropian’s House

Neagley and Dixon trace the origins of the parking lot ticket that they found in Saropian’s car, which leads them to a company called New Age Technologies. They are greeted by the director of operations, Marlo Burns. Neagley and Dixon don’t waste any time and request that she give them some information on the parking ticket. Burns tries to avoid the task, but as soon as Neagley and Dixon tell her that the matter is a little personal because two people have lost their lives, Burns agrees to run a trace on the ticket. That’s how Neagley and Dixon get Saropian’s address (by the way, this is where we actually learn that that’s the name of the guy with the scar on his face). At the police station, Russo begins to question Reacher and O’Donnell, and it turns into a verbal battle very soon. Surprisingly enough, Russo highlights the fact that both of them want to get to the bottom of the situation that’s unraveling in real time around the 110th, and if they don’t unite to face the greater evil, they’ll only end up wasting each other’s time. They make some headway until Russo alleges that Orozco and Sanchez might’ve been “involved” in some illegal activities. Reacher accuses Russo of being a dirty cop and says that he has illegally detained Reacher because he is actually helping the enemy. After a little standoff between the two big dudes, Russo reveals that Franz was looking into A.M. (who is some kind of weapons dealer or broker) for Orozco and Sanchez. Reacher gives Russo the list of aliases that A.M. is using and tells him to inform Homeland Security to look out for the use of any of those names.

While waiting for more information on A.M., Reacher reminisces about a time when he was working on a case with Swan, Dixon, and O’Donnell, and they found out that someone in the army was dealing drugs. Reacher referred to a previous find by Dixon and tried to connect a case of theft in Afghanistan to the dead body in front of them. It’s tough to figure out how this drug deal is linked to the current assassination of the 110th. According to Reacher, assumptions kill. Therefore, it’s safe to wait for the answers instead of jumping to conclusions. Dixon and Neagley continue to go over the numbers, and they realize that those are actually dates. Dixon goes on a tangent in order to understand what those numbers signify. As someone who doesn’t understand basic math, Dixon’s words flew right over my head. If you get it, good for you. Swinging back to Reacher, O’Donnell, and Russo, the latter does get a hit on one of the aliases that A.M. is using. Russo does jump the gun by ordering Homeland Security to alert the most noticeable officers to take A.M. down at the next airport he enters. A.M. instantly realizes that something is wrong and bails out of there. He updates Shane about this change in plans, and Shane gets pretty nervous. A.M. condescendingly assures that even though this might be the first time that Shane is partaking in such a big deal, A.M. has done it several times. It’s a roundabout way of saying that A.M. knows what he is doing, and Shane doesn’t need to sweat it. Since A.M. needs a new alias, he comes across the advertisement for a cosmetic surgeon called Dr. M. Elzogby. Given how this doctor, conveniently enough, looks exactly like A.M., the problem regarding the lack of aliases is solved almost instantly. Reacher decides to infiltrate Saropian’s house and see if they can find any goons in there and kill them before they get trigger happy. After a verbal confirmation from Saropian’s neighbor, the Special Investigators go in and annihilate everyone that’s residing inside Saropian’s house.

Is Swan connected to Shane Langston?

While exiting Saropian’s house, Reacher notices someone driving away hastily, thereby making it clear that he was observing the altercation between the 110th and the hired goons. Reacher chases the man down and corners him. But before he can question this stranger about his intentions, he suffers from a cardiac arrest and dies on the spot. Reacher does find out that the man was an employee of New Age Technologies, i.e., the company whose parking lot ticket was in Saropian’s possession. Reacher deduces that this whole thing was a setup, and the person (or people) who is trying to get the 110th killed knew that the team would come searching for Saropian. They didn’t expect Reacher to come in with a pipe bomb, I guess, and they underestimated the 110th’s expertise. Anyway, that’s why the healthy-looking guy was sitting outside Saropian’s house. If things had gone well, he would’ve informed his boss that the 110th was done. However, things didn’t go the way he expected. Hence, he died, and the 110th is still standing and ready for more. When Russo learns about all this, he is understandably flabbergasted, but he sees the logic in Reacher’s methods instead of clouding his vision with his ego. He requests Reacher and the 110th to keep him in the loop so that he can keep them out of jail, and he asks them not to do “cowboy stuff.” So, Reacher gives Russo the number of Saropian’s burner phone so that they can stay in touch and then takes the 110th to New Age Technologies to break in there because he has a hunch that the company is behind everything that’s going on.

At the end of Reacher Season 2, episode 3, Reacher takes the dead New Age Technologies employee’s SUV and barges into the institution. Dixon, O’Donnell, Neagley, and Reacher steal a bunch of drives, potentially full of damning information. Reacher even takes an office staff photo. After the heist, they analyze the photo before going through their loot and notice that Swan is an employee at New Age. He is standing right beside Shane, which means that he is a high-value employee. I don’t think Reacher recognizes Shane because he has never seen the guy. But we, the audience, know that Swan’s presence alongside Shane can mean a couple of things. Swan probably stumbled upon something damning that was going on at New Age and tried to expose it with the help of the 110th. That backfired, thereby causing Shane to go after Swan and his friends. That’s the righteous option. Swan also could’ve been corrupted by Shane. He was probably making a ton of money and was flagged by his friends from the 110th. When Franz, Orozco, and Sanchez tried to expose Swan, he got them killed. Just for safe measure, Swan is likely the one who is trying to erase the rest of the 110th. I think the second option is more plausible, and Swan’s interaction with the Special Investigators will force Reacher and the 110th to destroy the rose-tinted glasses with which they remember their time together. Either way, the truth is going to hurt, and I can’t wait to see how Reacher deals with it.

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