‘Reacher’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is New Age Technologies Planning To Do?


Last week, Jack Reacher made his emphatic return to the small screen with three episodes in order to investigate the murder of his colleagues from the 110th. He was joined by Dixon, O’Donnell, and Neagley. Reacher was antagonized by NYPD officer Guy Russo, but when they realized that both of them were trying to solve Franz’s murder, they decided to work with each other. Shane Langston was established as the big bad of Reacher Season 2. He sent Saropian and a bunch of other men to get rid of what was left of the 110th, but that backfired as Reacher and his friends managed to kill them all pretty easily. A.M. emerged as the secondary villain of the series, as he mercilessly murdered people for the sake of a huge arms deal. At the end of the third episode, Reacher was hit with the revelation that maybe Swan, one of his colleagues from the 110th, was on the villains’ side and was integral to the deaths of his friends.

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Reacher Remembers Catching Swan, Apparently Stealing Heroin

The fourth episode of Reacher opens with Jack, Dixon, O’Donnell, and Neagley sifting through all the information they have on New Age Technologies. They have a minor disagreement over Tony Swan’s allegiances. O’Donnell is the first person to suspect Swan’s role in all this, but Reacher refuses to believe that Swan is dirty. When all the evidence points to the fact that the entirety of New Age Technologies is working hand-in-hand to murder the 110th, Reacher’s stance sounds a little shaky. The narrative briefly shifts to Gus, who is being reprimanded by his boss for allowing the 110th to barge into New Age Technologies and wreak havoc. When the focus comes back to the 110th, they seem to be having a conversation about the music playing at the diner they are sitting in. It’s not random because it flows directly into the revelation that Swan and Marlo Burns used to talk about music numbers in their emails. Reacher deciphers that Swan’s comment about Jimi Hendrix is actually a reference to a program that New Age Technologies is working on for the Department of Defense called Little Wing.

Reacher observes that there’s a senator called Malcolm Lavoy who wants to greenlight Little Wing. Dixon tries to draw a direct line between the corrupt officials in New Age Technologies, including Swan, and the Little Wing-related bill that Malcolm is pushing for, and arrives at the conclusion that they need to get to the senator and get some answers. O’Donnell says that getting to a senator will be impossible, but getting to the legislative director will be easier and more fruitful because they are the ones who know the nitty-gritty of the laws being passed. Reacher tells O’Donnell that he is free to use his borderline illegal methods to get the name of Senator Malcolm’s legislative director, while Reacher, Dixon, and Neagley argue about Swan’s role in all of this. Even though Reacher refuses to admit that Swan can be a little bit dirty, he remembers a moment from the past where the 110th seized a massive amount of heroin during a drug bust.

Stanley Lowrey was of the opinion that he had loaded 48 packets in Swan’s car, but there were 47 on the table in their office. Reacher, Swan, and Neagley went over to Swan’s car and found that missing packet in there. Swan claimed that it must have fallen over while driving, but given the current circumstances, it does seem like Swan had a penchant for making some money on the side, and that could’ve snowballed into his partnership with New Age Technologies. Neagley points out that Reacher probably wants to prove that Swan is innocent because his corrupt activities will cast doubt on Reacher’s analytical abilities. This sentiment actually adds to the sense of guilt that Reacher is likely feeling for creating the 110th in the first place and making them susceptible to all kinds of attacks. By the way, during this conversation, Neagley does call Reacher a “kaiju” as a dig at his size. Given how it’s kaiju season, thanks to Godzilla Minus One and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, this friendly attack feels oddly fitting.

Reacher Realizes What the Numbers From Franz’s Pen Drive Mean

A.M. goes to Dr. Elzogby to take his identity by killing Elzogby. By the way, if you are wondering whether A.M. and Elzogby are being played by the same actor and this whole scene has been pulled off with some seamless VFX, it’s not. A.M. is being played by Ferdinand Kingsley, and Elzogby is being played by Kamiran Aldeo. They just happen to look a lot like each other. I have seen the concept of doppelgangers being used so frivolously this year in stuff like Animal and The Freelancer that I was expecting to be disappointed. But the fact that the casting director picked out a genuine doppelganger, with the two actors having no relation to one another, has genuinely impressed me. The 110th zeroes in on Daniel Boyd, who is Senator Malcolm Lavoy’s legislative director. O’Donnell reveals that Boyd will be attending a charity fundraiser in Boston, thereby making it the perfect opportunity to corner him and then question him about the Little Wing project. With that plan in place, Reacher finally attends Gus’ call, who has been trying to get his attention after his heated conversation with his boss. Although Gus tries to reprimand Reacher for his unauthorized hit on New Age Technologies, Reacher ignores it and gives him a task: running background checks on all the people working with Shane Langston.

Before heading over to Boston, Neagley suggests that she and Dixon should check on Marlo Burns, i.e., the woman who sent them to Saropian’s house and nearly got them killed. In the meantime, Reacher and O’Donnell attack a drug dealer—yes, the same one from whom Reacher got the gun in an earlier episode—and take the drugs that he is carrying because they are going to use that to frame Boyd, given his questionable history. Dixon and Neagley find out that Marlo Burns has gone on the run with her daughter, leaving behind a huge bag of cash. A.M. is spotted renting a car and giving a comic book to a kid while apparently repeating his reason for reading them: good winning over evil. I don’t know why he does this. Is this some kind of calling card? Does he think he is the hero who is doing the good work? Is that how he justifies his cold-blooded murders? That said, I do think he is going to stop traveling by plane and use cars from now on. He knows that all his old identities have been exposed, and he won’t be able to use them at airports. Renting a car is easier than that. What is he up to? Well, that’s still a big mystery. The 110th gets formal dresses to attend the opera, and everyone looks really sharp, but they don’t miss out on the opportunity to tease Reacher about his stature and the undeniable fact that he is in love with Dixon.

At the theater, Dixon woos Boyd like she’s taking a walk in the park. While waiting for Dixon to corner Boyd, Reacher and O’Donnell go through the data they pulled out of Franz’s pen drive. A nonchalant remark about “tallying” allows Reacher to figure out that the numbers in those documents are actually a tally of some mystery material. So, if the ratio is 13 out of 14, then that means that 13 out of 14 units of a certain object have been acquired; if it is 8 out of 11, then that means 8 out of 11 units of a certain object have been acquired; you get the gist. Reacher says that the number of “missing” units or unsuccessful attempts at acquiring something actually adds up to 650. Sanchez’s last words to his girlfriend were, “650, $100k each.” That means Sanchez was pointing at 650 items, each of which was worth $100k. Since the 110th has to cross a lot of bridges before learning about this mystery item, Reacher and O’Donnell decide to focus on the task at hand, i.e., nabbing Boyd. But not before talking about O’Donnell’s family life and Reacher’s apparently flawed concept of a family life. I’m on Reacher’s side, by the way. Living with four dogs on a farm sounds awesome.

What Are New Age Technologies Planning to Do?

Oscar Finlay is back! He was the one good thing about the first season of Reacher, and that was largely due to Malcolm Goodwin’s incredibly committed performance. So, it’s nice to see him again in Season 2, helping out the 110th nab Boyd. Pretending to be “special agents,” Reacher and O’Donnell begin questioning the legislative director about Little Wing. Of course, he refuses to comply initially, but when O’Donnell says that the public will love to see a public servant with a drug-infused past being arrested for snorting cocaine with a woman—that’s not his wife—in a car parked in a dark alley, that causes Boyd to break, and he blurts out that Little Wing is a codename for an anti-missile software. It was originally meant to protect commercial aircraft from attacks, but then New Age Technologies swooped in and made some modifications to it, thereby making it portable and allowing anyone to become a surface-to-air missile launcher.

The device is supposed to have some kind of stealth mechanism where it fools the pilot, who is trying to avoid the missile, into thinking that they have successfully averted the danger, and then circles back to go for the kill when the pilot’s guard is down. It’s unclear if Lavoy has approved this project because he wants to progress military technology, if he has been bribed, or if Boyd has been bribed and he is the one who is using Lavoy to get Little Wing greenlit. Boyd does assure them that this technology is in safe hands because New Age is a reputable company. When Boyd mentions New Age’s two offices, one in New York and the other in Denver, Reacher and O’Donnell realize that the rabbit hole is far deeper than they think it is. Reacher and Finlay part ways with the promise to help each other in the future. Reacher tells Dixon and Neagley to go to Denver and look into New Age Technologies’ “other” office, while he and O’Donnell knock on Homeland Security’s door and use the deceased Joe Reacher’s connections to find some more intel on the Department of Defense’s connection to New Age Technologies.

At the end of Reacher Season 2, episode 4, the 110th makes a pit stop at the local diner to change and have some food. They are attacked by a biker gang, and the 110th delivers a brutal beatdown. The overall editing of the sequence isn’t really good, but the moments where Reacher literally contorts a goon’s body with his bare hands are amazing. He retrieves a phone from one of the bikers’ bodies and calls up Shane to let him know that he is coming for him, and when he catches him, he is going to throw him out of a helicopter. “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads plays over the credits as a payoff to the conversation between Reacher and O’Donnell about songs. And it is evident that Shane is really desperate to shut down the 110th, and he’ll invent new lows to ensure that the truth about whatever he has done doesn’t come out in the open. Additionally, it seems like Shane is operating from the branch of New Age Technologies that makes all the hardware. So, it’s possible that Dixon and Neagley will face off with Shane in the next episode since that’s where they are planning to go, and maybe that’ll force Reacher and O’Donnell to abort their Homeland mission and provide the girls with some backup. The trailers have teased a violent altercation between the 110th and what seems to be Shane’s army, and I will be looking forward to it eagerly.

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