‘Reacher’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Guy Russo Dead Or Alive?


Season 2 of Reacher hasn’t had a single bad episode, and it seems like the show is going to maintain its level of storytelling and action all the way to the finish. Last week, we saw the 110th go in pairs to accomplish two different tasks. Jack and O’Donnell went to Homeland Security to learn about A.M., while Neagley and Dixon went to the Denver branch of New Age Technologies (NAT). Things went from normal to super violent for the ladies as they came face to face with A.M.’s men as they looted a bunch of missiles from NAT’s cargo, which was something that Shane Langston wanted to happen as a part of his deal with A.M. The cloud of doubt around Swan’s character became darker as it was revealed that the shipment was approved by him. In addition to that, one of the two snipers who tried to kill the 110th during Franz’s funeral said that he was paid off by Swan to do the assassination. Today’s episode will make or break Reacher’s belief in Swan.

Spoiler Alert

Jack Reacher Is Reminded Of A Previous Mission That Went Wrong

Episode 6 of Reacher Season 2 opens with the 110th pondering about the explosion set off before their eyes, thereby killing the only person (the sniper) who was somehow linked to Swan. Russo drops by and gives the 110th a general direction in which Marlo Burns is heading; it’s Portland. When Reacher and his team get to the car that was being tracked, they find out that it has been dumped near a convenience store. In addition to getting a change of clothes, Reacher and his team go through the CCTV footage to get an idea of where Burns and her daughter might’ve headed next. Neagley, being the smartest individual on the team, notices Burns’ daughter playing on a Nintendo Switch and comes up with the plan to figure out her gamer tag and then locate her. The episode’s focus briefly shifts to A.M. killing a police officer for trying to do a background check on him and then goes back to the 110th, all settled in Marlo’s actual house. Neagley gets a hold of Jane’s (Marlo’s daughter’s) gamer ID because she didn’t log out of it on the smart TV. So, all Neagley has to do is play the games that Jane plays from her own ID until she comes online. Since the waiting time on this part of the mission is a long one, Reacher decides to get a nap, and Dixon joins him in bed.

Russo confronts Marsh in his house, and he tells his boss that he knows that Marsh is the one who sold out the 110th to Shane Langston because he is working for them. Marsh makes a long speech about how he has known Russo since he was a rookie and how well he knew Russo’s dad and whatnot. Eventually, he is forced to reveal that he is actually working for Langston and New Age because it’s the “smart play.” Marsh tries his best to get Russo to abandon his principles and join his side, but Russo refuses to do that. Additionally, he warns Marsh to never bring up his father, or else he’ll forget that he is talking to his boss. The episode cuts back to Reacher and Dixon in a post-coital status, and we get a split-diopter shot out of nowhere. It’s purposeful, though, because Reacher notices Dixon tucking her hair behind her ear, and it takes him to a time when he was noticing Dixon doing the same thing while going over the details of their latest drug bust. They were about to tie things up in a neat bow, but that was when Hortense Fields dropped by to tell them that they couldn’t file the report on the drug bust because that’d make a high-ranking officer, who was due for a promotion, look bad because said drug bust had happened right underneath his nose. Reacher remembers this moment because the 110th is closing in on something huge with the NAT, and he fears that as soon as they are prepared to put the final touches on their case, it’s going to be sidelined by some kind of bureaucratic nonsense. Reacher is also worried about the fact that if they do find out that Swan is guilty, someone has to pull the trigger, and he isn’t sure if he is up for the task. Dixon assures him that he doesn’t have to do it because if things come down to killing Swan, she’ll do it.

Russo And Reacher Divide Their Duties

Neagley gets a hold of Jane, and apparently, the Burns are an hour away from the location the 110th are at. We see Marlo chilling with a friend named Chad. Reacher lures out Chad by setting off his sprinkler and then takes him into the garage. He tells Chad to call Marlo to the garage without causing any kind of nuisance. Initially, Chad refuses to budge, but as soon as Reacher crafts a makeshift silencer for his gun with a water bottle and some duct tape, he caves in. Reacher hilariously reveals that it’s a hoax, and a water bottle and some duct tape can’t do the work of a suppressor; thereby debunking a myth that’s often promoted on the internet. Anyway, Marlo enters the garage, and Reacher assures her that they’re not going to harm Jane, who is busy playing online with Neagley. Then, they proceed to do a point-by-point takedown of everything they’ve been through because of NAT. Firstly, there’s the ambush in the house. Marlo says that she didn’t know what was waiting for the 110th at that address. She was just told to convey the address to them, and she did that. Secondly, O’Donnell talks about Swan’s involvement in all this. Marlo says that Swan is innocent, thereby causing Reacher to give an “I told you so” look to O’Donnell because O’Donnell kept doubting Swan while Reacher kept saying that he was clean. Marlo doubles down on her praise for Swan and says that he was the one who was trying to take down Shane Langston and NAT by working with Marlo after realizing that a manufacturing defect in a chip-making process wasn’t actually a manufacturing defect.

Much like the stolen missiles, NAT was showing a sort of false negative for several batches of chips so that they could be sent for “repair” and instead fitted into the missiles meant for land-to-air warfare in civilian areas, probably. Apparently, that was when Swan brought in Orozco, Sanchez, and Franz, thereby leading to the whole debacle. Thirdly, Marlo is unaware of Swan’s whereabouts. She is relieved to know that he is probably alive. Marlo also claims that she was forced to take that bag of money stashed in her house to cover up everything that Swan and the 110th had dug up. Since she had that bag of money, she couldn’t report it to anyone because she would be framed as one of the people guilty of doing domestic terrorism. That was why she ran away with her daughter in the first place. Reacher realizes that that means Marlo is a loose thread that Shane will be interested in tying up. So, he tells her to give him a call and tell him to meet somewhere so that the 110th can ambush him and hopefully kill him. Reacher requests that Russo take care of Jane while they take Marlo for the meeting with Shane. Russo cutely updates Reacher about everything that has gone down between him and Marsh. He says that he is skipping town to stay with his cousin on Staten Island, and he is more than okay with taking Jane along with him. Marlo and Jane say their goodbyes, and then they go their separate ways.

Is Guy Russo dead or alive?

The third act of the episode is an out-and-out action masterclass, filled with some of the most tense moments I’ve seen in a TV series recently. On one hand, Russo’s car, which has Jane in it, gets attacked by Shane’s men. On the other hand, Marlo botches the mission to box in Shane and his men by revealing the fact that the 110th is there. Reacher orders the 110th to take Marlo out of there and get to Russo because he needs their help, while he hangs back in the bus-and-truck yard and deals with Shane and his men. Reacher knows that he won’t be able to take them head-on. So, first and foremost, he ensures that nobody is able to escape out of there in the only functional vehicle in there, and he shoots out the tires of Langston’s cars. Then, like setting up a flytrap, he opens the doors of a bus and waits there. One by one, the men gravitate towards the bus, and Reacher takes them down brutally. The last kill is straight out of a horror film, as he drags one of the goons into the wet and muddy underbelly of a truck. He finally emerges from there to confront Langston. Unluckily, a chopper shows up out of nowhere, rescues Shane out of the pickle, and prevents Reacher from killing him once and for all.

At the end of Reacher episode 6, Russo and Jane find themselves cornered in an alley. Russo orders Jane to make a run for it while he draws out the fire. He manages to take out two of the shooters who were following them and drops to the ground because of his wounds. The third shooter gets to Jane but is turned into roadkill by Neagley. They rush to Jane and ensure that she is okay. When they notice Russo lying on the road, they call 911, while Neagley holds onto Russo. It’s actually a pretty sad scene because Marsh had warned him that being a good cop was going to take him to an early grave, and that’s what has happened. It really stings when a villain is right and reminds us that we don’t live in an ideal world, and the characters that we are watching in a TV show exist in an equally unjust world. Well, since the show doesn’t confirm if Russo is dead or not, I hope that the ambulance gets there in time and he makes a speedy recovery. That said, regardless of the outcome, and at the cost of sounding repetitive, I’ll say that this is some top-notch storytelling set in the action genre. I like how it feels like the showrunners haven’t compromised on anything. They understand that action needs to be fueled by emotion and not just loud noises and visuals, and they’ve managed to make every moment count. So, kudos to everyone involved in making this show. I trust them to bring things to a satisfactory close in the last two episodes.

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