‘Reacher’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Has Shane Langston Finally Captured Jack Reacher?


At the cost of sounding like a broken record, Reacher Season 2 has been a slam dunk, a homerun, or whatever sports metaphor that’s synonymous with victory, in terms of its storytelling and action. Last week’s episode had a slow burn buildup as Reacher and his team tracked down Marlo Burns. But as soon as he decided to lure out Shane Langston to a bus yard by using Marlo, and directed Guy Russo to take care of Jane Burns, things went off the chain. The 110th initially engaged in a shootout with Shane and his men. However, as soon as they learned that Russo and Jane were being chased by another team of Shane’s men, who were sent their way by Marsh, Reacher sent Neagley, O’Donnell, Dixon, and Marlo to help out Russo and Jane. Meanwhile, Reacher remained at the bus yard and nearly killed Shane. By the time the 110th got to Russo, they found out that he had sacrificed himself to save Jane.

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The 110th Goes After Marsh While Taking The Burns To A Secure Place

Episode 7 of Reacher Season 2 opens with the 110th regrouping at a motel and figuring out where they should send the Burns and what their next step should be in terms of stopping the distribution of the 650 missiles that are out there in the open. Dixon came up with a place in Buffalo where she lived temporarily. She says that the landlord is old-school enough to allow Marlo and Jane to lay low at his place until Shane Langston has been dealt with. There are two back-to-back hilarious moments in this scene. The first one is when Reacher nonchalantly says that they’ve to kill a few more people before the Burns are safe, right in front of Jane, who is a kid.

The second one is when O’Donnell brings a bunch of candies and chocolates for sustenance, and Reacher expresses some mild disappointment when Jane eats the Clark bar because he only likes to eat Clark bars. It’s these little moments that not only make Reacher look like a hilarious, gentle giant, but they also allow Ritchson to flex his comedic chops. Anyway, after getting back some of their lost energy, Reacher and Neagley head over to Marsh’s home since he is the reason why Russo is dead. BTW, yes, it’s explicitly confirmed that Guy Russo is dead. May his character rest in peace, and Domenick Lombardozzi gets all the praise for his acting.

Reacher confronts Marsh and gives him an earful about getting Russo killed, and then tells him to give him the information that he needs and then surrender to the police for his criminal activities. Marsh tries to reach for his gun to shoot down Reacher, but Reacher pushes the desk in front of Marsh and traps him. There’s a brief shot of Reacher pressing the desk so that it crushes Marsh’s thigh, and you can see Reacher’s leg shaking, thereby indicating how much pressure he is using. In an earlier episode, we saw him emulate a car crash with a kick to deploy the airbags in Russo’s car. So, you get an idea of the kind of pain he is inflicting in this case.

Marsh claims that he knows nothing about Shane’s plans for domestic terrorism, but he thinks that Grant, the guy who was run over by Neagley at the end of last week’s episode, knows more than him because he is an employee of Shane’s. Since Marsh is of no use anymore, Reacher shoots him in the head. Then, he proceeds to take a roll of money from the stash that Marsh was planning to run away with and clear his debts with Neagley. Back at the motel, O’Donnell and Dixon send off the Burns, and it’s sweet to see O’Donnell be a girl-dad to Jane because he knows how disturbing all this must be for a teenager. Dixon sees what’s going on and asks O’Donnell if he wants to go back to his family because he has more to lose in comparison to Reacher, Neagley, and herself. Of course, O’Donnell refuses to back out, and the episode draws a parallel with the moment when Reacher gave the 110th a similar option to walk out before doing the drug bust against Hughes, a high-ranking officer who was supposed to get a promotion, despite strict orders from Hortense to not do anything drastic. Obviously, nobody from the 110th walked out, and it gave Reacher the confidence that he had picked his team well.

Why Was The 110th Officially Disbanded?

The second act of this episode of Reacher Season 2 is a flashback sequence where the 110th tries to nab Hughes and his team for doing a drug deal. According to the intel, Hughes was supposed to transfer the drugs to the buyers via the army humvees. Hughes gave Reacher and his team the usual threat about how they were making a grave mistake and whatnot. But the 110th still went ahead with the search. They tore apart all the humvees, and, surprisingly, they found nothing inside them. I am going to be honest here, folks. At this instance, I thought that the show was going to reveal that the reason why the 110th was disbanded was because of a botched drug bust. However, when Hughes became cocky, Reacher looked closer and noticed that the spare tires of all the Humvees had a rubber plug in them to cover up a hole. When he pulled that out and tore up the tire with O’Donnell’s switchblade, he found out that all the spare tires were filled with drugs.

Reacher proceeded with the arrest of Hughes and his crew, but that was when the buyers arrived on the scene, thereby leading to a full-fledged shootout. This whole sequence was excellent. The shot choices, the editing, the lighting, the economy of the altercations between the 110th and the drug dealers—it was all fantastic. The stunt experts and the actors should be applauded for their dedication and conviction. The moment when Reacher got into one of the humvees to catch Hughes, who was running on foot, was like the cherry atop an action-packed cake. However, once everything was said and done and the 110th was enjoying their tryst with justice, Hortense walked in to reprimand the team and tell them that they were done. All of them were unfazed by this piece of information and continued to party because they knew they were in the right. And that’s how the 110th officially came to an end.

In the present day, we see Reacher and Neagley entering the hospital, where Grant is admitted, as two of the most noticeable nurses in the building. Before Grant can even talk, Reacher grabs his neck and tells him what’s eventually going to happen and why he needs to be of use to Reacher. Based on what we’ve seen before, it’s only a matter of time before Langston sends someone and gets Grant killed because he is a loose end. That leaves Grant with two options: he can protect Shane while getting tortured via a very complex method involving a catheter, or he can give some information about Shane while being tortured via the complex method involving a catheter. Grant chooses the latter and gives some vague information about the exchange between A.M. and Shane.

Reacher kills him after he has served his purpose, and then he starts making his way out of the hospital along with Neagley. That’s when they come across Shane’s man, who is there to kill Grant. Neagley and Reacher go after him, which leads to another fantastic fight sequence between the three of them. I love the fact that the showrunners understand that Alan Ritchson ragdolling dudes who are no match for him is artful as hell, and they milk it to its maximum. Now, while that’s pretty cool, it leads into a terrifying conversation between Shane and Reacher as the former reveals that he has kidnapped O’Donnell and Dixon, and he’ll kill them if Reacher and Neagley don’t surrender themselves to Shane. Reacher lies, saying that Neagley is dead and that he’s the only one who is going to come and meet him.

Has Shane Langston finally captured Jack Reacher?

Reacher calls up Senator Lavoy and tells him that he needs the reinforcements that he was promised by him in order to take down Shane Langston and his army. Lavoy agrees to help him and then starts to make some kind of political speech about how he is innocent and that every decision of his has been taken while keeping the country’s best interests in mind. The expression exchanged between Reacher and Neagley says everything that needs to be said about the hypocrisy coursing through Lavoy’s veins. Reacher says that if Lavoy is looking for redemption, he should go to the church. But since he has a job to do, he should start following Reacher’s orders. We don’t get to hear what Reacher wants Lavoy to do because, well, where’s the fun in knowing the details of the finale?

At the end of Reacher Season 2, episode 7, we see Reacher and Neagley scouting the area around the warehouse where Langston is torturing O’Donnell and Dixon. Neagley says that it’s impossible to get in there without getting killed. So, Reacher says that he is going to surrender himself and do something to surprise Shane and his soldiers. He looks at a pin that holds a binder and says that he has an “idea,” but it’s very unclear what he is planning to do. We briefly see A.M. meeting his driver and inspecting the missiles, and O’Donnell and Dixon getting tortured by Shane’s men. Then, the focus shifts back to Neagley and Reacher. Neagley is having a sort of existential crisis because she thinks that this is going to be the end of the 110th. Reacher tells her that death is inevitable. What matters is what one does before the Grim Reaper comes for them. With that bit of doubt out of the way, Reacher walks into Shane’s den while Neagley looks from afar.

If you think I have an inkling of an idea regarding what Reacher is going to do, you’re overestimating my analytical skills. I have seen the trailers, and I have seen Reacher and his team using the missiles to take out a helicopter and then taking the 110th to the diner for some food. However, I have no clue what’s going to happen before that. I hope that Lavoy sends the reinforcements on time and doesn’t double-cross Reacher, in the hopes that the 110th will get killed while trying to shut down Shane’s operation, thereby tying off all loose ends. I mean, if he does that, Reacher is going to teach him a lesson. Reacher has a pin in his possession. So, maybe he is going to use that to free himself if he is cuffed by Shane. Neagley is going to be instrumental in the attack on Langston, too. Nevertheless, next week’s episode, which is the finale of Reacher Season 2, is going to be a blast, that’s for sure!

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