‘Ready, Set, Love’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Does Day Get Her Happy Ending?


The Thai drama Ready, Set, Love takes place in a dystopian world where only 1% of the population is male and the rest are women. So, the men are protected by the government in a place called the “Farm,” where they’re brought up till they come of age and then married off through a reality show that is broadcast to the whole country—picture The Hunger Games, but for romance and love, not survival. The show is pretty entertaining and feels like a blend between colorful Thai commercials, Squid Game, and The Hunger Games. Day is a young woman who lives with her sister outside of the Farm. She’s part of the labor force and does everything in her power to help her sister, who is sick with cancer. Her sister is obsessed with Ready, Set, Love and decides to enter Day into the show. Miraculously, Day gets picked as the “lotto girl” because her sister used the lottery system to enter her. Out of a million people, Day becomes the chosen one.

Spoiler Alert

Who Are The 5 Gentlemen To Compete For? 

There are five men to compete for in this season of the game. Son, the most popular of the lot, is known to be an “Ice Prince” because of his cold demeanor. Almond seems to be the kindest of the lot and a stickler for the rules. Paper, who is the naive one, Jin, who is quite forgettable in all honesty, and Max, the exhibitionist (alright, he’s just obsessed with putting his perfect abs on display). Apart from the lotto girl and some other contestants who have been brought from outside the Farm, there is also the “organic” gang, who are kids born with an actual father and brought up on the Farm. Day isn’t interested in participating at all at first, but her friend Valentine convinces her to join for the sake of her sister. Valentine has also recently secured a job on the show, so she’ll be around Day the whole time. On the other hand, this will be really helpful for Day’s sister, May. Day manages to pass the first round by the skin of her teeth, and then just before the second round, she ends up making a fool of herself in front of Son. In the second round, the men are meant to choose women to save, and Son happens to enter the room Day is in. At first, he’s completely cold to her, as expected; however, when he sees the necklace she’s wearing, his demeanor completely changes, and he ends up saving her for the game. 

How Do Day and Son Know Each Other? 

In flashbacks throughout the show, we see a young Day playing with a little child she calls Meow Meow. Day assumed at the time that the kid was a girl, but on the Farm, she learns that it was Son, and they’ve finally been reunited after he was taken away from her all those years ago. Of course, this cute past makes us all want to root for the #SonDay couple. When Meow Meow had told Day that he was looking for his mother, Day had given him half of her pendant (you know, one of those pendants that has two pieces that fit into each other?) as something to protect him. This is the pendant that helps Son recognize Day on the show. 

Why does Chanel have to marry Son? 

Chanel is one of the organic kids. She’s the most popular of the lot, and everyone wants her to win the game and marry Son. In reality, Chanel is like the “Queen Bee” of the show, simply because her mother has expectations of her. Chanel isn’t actually a bad person, and she actually gets along with all the girls well. It’s because her mother is forcing her to “live up to her name” that she has to marry Son. Later in the show, we learn that Chanel’s mother always wanted a son, which is why she never treated Chanel right. Son and Chanel grew up together, and they’re the perfect couple in her mother’s eyes. 

Why Does Son Hate Day At First? 

After their first date together, Son starts to behave rudely toward Day again. This is after he personally saved her in the previous round, and this confuses her completely. This is because Son asks her about her necklace when she isn’t wearing it, and she says it’s not important. This, added to the fact that she pretended to be a completely different person on the date, just because it would be the right way to behave in front of a “gentleman” turns him off completely. He tells her she is not authentic at all, and she’d do anything to win the show. They both don’t entirely understand each other because of how different their lives have been. Son has grown up privileged and doesn’t understand why Day would be desperate to win such a competition, whereas Day sees him as just a spoilt brat who has had everything in life and doesn’t need anything more. 

Why does Jinny change lanes? 

The show producer, Jinny, is one of those women who has worked really hard to get to the top. She’s finally in a position where she has everything she wants, and so she’s also decided to have a baby with her partner. Her partner, who is a doctor, discovers that the baby is a boy. This puts them in a soup because all the boys are taken to the “Farm” for “protection” and are brought up away from their families. Jinny has worked too hard to be where she is and wouldn’t sacrifice it for a baby; however, her partner hopes that they would move to City Ground and live a quiet life, so they can watch their son grow up. She tells Jinny that she will inform the “Farm” that it’s a boy child, so Jinny doesn’t have to do it herself. She never actually tells them, though, because she knows that eventually Jinny will choose family over money. Ultimately, despite catching Valentine trying to tarnish the Farm multiple times, she decides to join the cause of “City Ground,” a unit of people who live away from the Farm in hiding, where boys grow up with their own families. At the end of Ready, Set, Love, Jenny and her partner move to the “City Ground” base and end up living there in peace. 

What is Valentine Looking For? 

At the midpoint of Ready, Set, Love, we learn that Valentine is only working on the show because she’s looking for some information. She’s part of a secret organization, which I will talk about later. She’s looking for her brother, who was taken away to the “Farm” forcefully from her mother. Valentine learns that her brother is Almond, and Almond believes that his mother abandoned him as a child and that his only family is “The Family” (the collective group living on the Farm) and his brothers. It turns out that the government stole these male children and made the mothers look crazy by giving them medication to keep them from telling people the truth. 

Who are Chun and City Ground? 

City Ground is like the rebel group Ready, Set, Love. It’s a typical story of government corruption—the commodification of human beings mixed with the objectification of men. The show makes the “gentlemen” look like celebrities, and the ladies are all pining after them mostly based on looks and parasocial relationships. City Ground is against all of this, specifically the “Farm,” where these boys are brought up. “Ready, Set, Love,” the reality show, is simply propaganda for the “Farm” and the government to spread false information and keep their terrible system in place. Even the show is rigged, and everyone knows that ultimately Chanel will be the winner and end up choosing Son. 

Why does Chanel choose Max? 

In Ready, Set, Love, Max falls in love with Chanel, while Chanel’s best friend Bovy has been after him from the beginning. Chanel, on the other hand, has to listen to her mother, so she continues to choose Son despite developing feelings for Max too. However, as time progresses, Bovy, who may be bisexual, tells Chanel to listen to her heart for once and promises to support her if she chooses Max. Ultimately, when Chanel wins the final challenge, she chooses Max to be the one she marries, leaving Son for Day. Although Day had other plans, it’s still a sweet gesture from Chanel. 

Is the gang able to escape the Farm?

May is brought to the Farm by Chanel’s mother’s people, but in the last episode, Valentine manages to take her to City Ground, where she gets great doctors and treatment too. Knowing May is safe, Day can go on with the plan without any worries. Although Almond pretends to be on Day and the gang’s side, he snitches on them to Jenny because he wants to keep them protected from the government. It’s more like he doesn’t trust that they can win this battle, so he just wants someone to keep them safe. At the end of the reality show, when Day is meant to choose Son, she takes center stage and makes a speech. She exposes the Farm through evidence collected by Valentine and the gang together. Then Chun, one of the members of City Ground, whom Paper has developed feelings for, sets off some fireworks, which gets the entire audience to start protesting against the “Farm.” Through this protest, Son, Day, Paper, and Almond escape the show to leave the place for good. However, at the last moment, Almond refuses to go with them, saying the “Farm” is his home. I suppose he plans on taking the fall for them, but we never learn what happens to him after. Valentine even tells him that she’s his sister, but it’s already too late. She fears she has failed her mission, but she did her best to reunite her mother with her lost son. The gang escapes without Almond and moves to City Ground, which is like hippie living; there’s old-school technology, and you pick out organic food and play in the fields instead of staring at your screens.

What Happens Four Years Later?

Ready, Set, Love‘s ending takes place four years into the future. Son and Day already have a son who is old enough to speak. At the same time, Chanel’s mother has found them in City Ground. She’s also found a man who seems to be trying to hide his identity. After Chanel realized that she should live by her own rules, her father told her that Chanel’s mother never cared for him. She had been in love with someone else, so we can imagine this man is that guy, and she wants to find him again. For what, though, we won’t know until the second season of Ready, Set, Love.

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