‘Ready, Set, Love’ Season 2 Theories: Will Son And Day’s Happiness Last Much Longer? 


The Thai romance drama Ready, Set, Love was a perfect no-brainer show for those who needed something silly for Valentine’s weekend. The show follows a young woman who lives in a dystopian Thailand where only 1% of the population is male. They’re all protected by the government in a special area called “The Farm”, and when the men come of age, they’re set to be married off in a survival-like reality show that gets broadcast to the whole country.

Spoiler Alert

Day is a young woman who is working a dozen jobs to give her sister the care she needs for her deadly cancer. Her sister is obsessed with the survival show “Ready, Set, Love” and enters her into the lottery. Day gets chosen to be part of Ready, Set, Love and meets the love of her life, Son, there. It turns out they knew each other in their childhood and had always been on the lookout for each other. Somehow everything worked out for them in season 1, and at the end of the show, we get to glimpse a happy ending for them where they have a child four years into the future of the events of season 1. Although Ready, Set, Love season 2 hasn’t officially been announced by Netflix, the show seems to have had a promising reception and has an open ending hinting at a new season to grace our screens very soon. There’s no denying that fans will be looking forward to seeing what’s next for “#Sonday” and for the rest of the crew.

What Could Chanel’s Mother Be Up Yo? 

The main antagonist of Ready, Set, Love is the mother of the girl everyone is envious of. Chanel is the “It” girl of the series, because she’s born in a family with an actual father. Chanel is meant to be the Regina George of the show, but as it goes with anything Gen Z, she isn’t really mean; she’s just got her own problems to deal with. It’s not like there aren’t any bullies anymore, but anyway, since Chanel isn’t really the bad guy, that role’s been given to an adult, her mother. Chanel’s mother is the biggest sponsor of the show, and she’s determined to have Chanel marry Son; the reason is undetermined at this point. I’m still wondering why it had to be Son specifically, since all the men were eligible bachelors. Anyway, since the Farm stops these boys from being free and steals them from their families, Day and Son decide to rebel by the end of the show, along with another one of the guys named Paper, and escape. They make it to City Ground, the rebel base, where they spend the next four years together, presumably living a wonderful life. 

At the end of season 1, we see Chanel’s mother has found Son and Day in City Ground, which means she’s probably going to go after them for messing things up for her. I suppose she’s got a lot invested in the Farm, which is why she was so angry when things got messed up at the end of the show. What we can imagine is that in season 2 there would be no more “Ready, Set, Love” (the game) because of the public outcry after they learned that the show was rigged. On the other hand, she’s also shown pictures of a man in a hood; this is possibly because he’s trying to conceal his identity. In Ready, Set, Love season 2, we may go deeper into the crisis that led to the dwindling male population. Earlier, we learned that Chanel’s mother is harsh on her because she ended up being married off to someone she wasn’t in love with. She also always wanted a son (such a shame). This man could be the one she was in love with all those years ago, and he must have something to do with the Farm.

What Will Happen With Almond and Valentine? 

While the plan works out for Day and Son, Almond stays back at the Farm, claiming that it’s his home. Valentine tells him at that moment that she’s his sister, but he’s too afraid to leave the Farm. I suppose he’s also staying back to protect his friends and keep them safe. We know that Valentine isn’t one to give up easily. She’s also disappointed her mother by not bringing Almond back to her, so, in Ready, Set, Love season 2, she will probably be looking to win him over to the good side again for sure. At the same time, he could end up being a mole for them at the Farm. 

For the longest time, Almond has been under the impression that his mother abandoned him. That’s what they taught him at the Farm, but learning that his mother had no intention of abandoning him and that she was forced to give him up might change his mind. He’s been a stickler for rules, but he’s probably going to change in the second season. We can imagine Day and Son will take a back seat as the leads. 

What Will Happen to Jenny? 

If Jenny returns for the second season, she’ll have a son too. It was already a known fact that she was having a male child, which is why she chose freedom over her work at the end. She wanted to have a happy family with her partner, and she probably got that at City Ground. In season 2, Jenny will probably get a big role in the operations of City Ground’s big missions. On the other hand, Chun and Paper will probably be together. We don’t know what happened to Bovy in the end, as she got split up from the rest of the crew. Did she find her way out of the Farm? or did she get stuck there too? How will she escape? We’ll probably get all these answers in Ready, Set, Love season 2.

We don’t know if Ready, Set, Love will have a season 2, but seeing as there are endless possibilities with the ending of season 1, we can surely expect one as soon as early 2025. We’ll be looking forward to the announcement for season 2, but in the meantime, you can watch the first season streaming on Netflix now. 

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