Real-Life Kevin Tapia In ‘Baby Bandito’: Where Is He Now?


Kevin Tapia, whose real name is Kevin Holguín Sepúlveda, aka Baby Bandito, always had an itch for fame and luxury. The young lad from the streets of Santiago, Chile, always aimed for something big and flashy, and that’s how he got mixed up in the “robbery of the century.” As shown in the series, a bunch of armed robbers broke into Pudahuel Airport, where they intimidated the airline staff and security and escaped with the looted money without firing a single shot. As per the police reports, the robbers were well-versed in the airport routes, therefore convincing the authorities that the robbery was meticulously planned. The police could never really figure out how the robbers planned the heist, but whatever the case might be, Kevin was never the mastermind of the heist, nor did he steal the plan from “The Butchers.” It was a fictional gang that was created for dramatic purposes. In real life, Kevin had a brother named Fabián, who was arrested by the authorities but was later acquitted of all charges.

The official police report doesn’t suggest that real-life Kevin had a knack for skating or wanted to make his future in tourism. Even so, the series portrayed Kevin as someone with aspirations for lavish tourist locations and luxury. He did have a partner in life, but her name was definitely not Genesis Roca. But soon after the robbery on August 12, 2014, Kevin and his girlfriend fled the country and have been on the run ever since. Kevin used his share of money to forge fake documents and travel through the Caribbean and Europe. It was true that Kevin and his partner had been quite active on the social media websites, which was even presented in the Baby Bandito series.

After Kevin’s escape from Chile, the Interpol was informed by the Carabineros, which worked closely with the elite Italian police force, the Guardia di Finanza, to apprehend Kevin Holguín. Some reports also suggest that the police had found Kevin’s fingerprint on a tool that they had left behind at the airport, the same one that was shown in the series. The fingerprint was crucial evidence in the case, as Kevin and his partner frequently changed their IDs and their physical appearance to evade the prying eyes.

However, no one can stay in hiding forever. They eventually pay the price for their crimes, which is exactly what happened with Kevin Holguín. On June 16, 2016, the local police were investigating a series of robberies in the neighborhood of Gracia when they came across Kevin Holguín, who thought he could get away by showing forged documents and IDs to the authorities. Earlier, Interpol had issued a red notice to the fugitive and had also released his fingerprints, which made it possible for the police to confirm his true identity and alert the concerned agencies about his arrest. An Italian newspaper covered Kevin Holguín’s story and gave him the title Baby Bandito.

The Chilean justice system later made an official request to the Spanish government to extradite Kevin as quickly as possible so he could serve his sentence in the country. A few months later, he was brought back to Chile, where he received four years of imprisonment but soon received parole and a temporary residence. He was required to check in with the authorities every two weeks, but Kevin, being true to his nature, fled the scene.

In August 2017, a popular Chilean TV personality shared his traumatic experience when he was robbed by a gang led by Kevin Holguín. The horrifying incident affected his son, Vicente, and daughter, Florencia, but Kevin most likely wasn’t arrested and got away. However, a year later, the police did find his whereabouts and arrested the culprit at his house in Maipú in July 2018. Even though the police had seized some incriminating evidence against Kevin from his house, he easily got parole once again and was able to trick the authorities. The police had found guns, magazines, and a bulletproof vest in Kevin’s house, suggesting he was involved in violent crimes, but for some reason, the Chilean authorities had always been lenient with the Baby Bandito. Most likely, Kevin, with his innocent face, was able to manipulate the law enforcement officials. But even though Kevin had been able to fool the authorities, it was quite evident through the pattern that Kevin couldn’t get a handle on his criminal proclivities. Years later, he formed yet another gang and planned a robbery on a truck transporting cigarettes. However, this time around, the police were one step ahead of him and arrested Kevin.

At the time of his arrest, he was required to finish his sentencing for the Santiago International Airport robbery under his name. During his years on the run, Kevin learned the art of document forgery, which made it easy for him to flee his home country and start a whole new life somewhere else. The same was depicted in the Baby Bandito series, where we found Kevin committing petty crimes on the streets of Rome. Or maybe he returned to the foreign country so that he could find the perpetrators who had stolen from the thief. Whatever the case might be, in real life, the police never found the 6 billion pesos that were stolen from the airport. Only 10 percent of the bulk cash has been recovered so far, and the remainder remains a mystery.

There is no news report to suggest what exactly happened to Kevin’s partner and their baby, but while Kevin delved into a life of crime, his partner chose to stay away from the criminal world. The Netflix series ended on an open note, thereby suggesting that the creators could use Kevin’s character to stretch the story further and give the character a poetic end, as in real life, he didn’t get any.

While some sources suggest that he still might be in jail somewhere, I believe that he is still on the run from the cops or probably planning his next grand heist. But sooner or later, Kevin is going to be arrested for his crimes and I only hope that this time around, he doesn’t get a supervised release and finishes his sentence behind bars so that the lad can pay the consequences of his actions and never repeat the mistakes again.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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