Real-Life Rocco Siffredi In Netflix’s ‘Supersex’: Is Rosa Caracciolo His Real Wife?


Supersex, the Netflix series, is loosely based on the life of the famous adult film star Rocco Siffredi, aka Rocco Tano. The makers have taken certain creative liberties, which is probably why they have mentioned the term “loosely based” in the disclaimer, though a chunk of incidents have been directly taken from the life of the famous personality. Netflix’s Supersex series shows us the inner conflict that every individual has to face when they are working in the adult film industry. Firstly, it is considered to be a taboo by society, and the character of the performers is questioned on an everyday basis. One has to be very strong-willed from within to withstand such humiliation, and it is not easy to accept one’s reality, even if they are doing superbly well for themselves. Another issue with the adult film industry was that it was not organized back in the day as it is today. A lot of people made films illegally (which still happens in almost all countries), and it became a way to launder black money for the underworld, too. There are countries where the sale of adult films is legal, but its production is not. Back in the day, when Rocco wanted to be a part of the industry, it was very difficult for his churchgoing family to understand that what he was doing was not morally right. Things were even worse for female performers, and the patriarchal society didn’t cut any slack whatsoever and treated them as characterless people who didn’t deserve to be treated as humans.

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How did Gabriel Pontello meet Rocco? 

Rocco was born in Ortona, Italy, in 1964, and he didn’t come from a very privileged background. We saw in the series that Rocco idolized his brother, Tomasso, and one day, he dreamed of becoming like him. Netflix’s Supersex series shows us that Rocco’s mother loved Tomasso, but the fact that he was her husband’s son from another woman always created conflicts for her. Rocco was always told by Tomaso that one day, they would both rule the world, and it was not in their destiny to live in such deplorable circumstances all their lives. Life changed for Rocco when he moved to Paris to work in his brother’s cafe, and that’s when he discovered an entire industry, which fascinated him as there was a lot of money there. Additionally, Rocco knew that he would be quite good at it, so at least he should try his luck there. Rocco started going to a swinger’s club, and that was where Gabriel Pontello noticed him for the first time. This incident did happen in real life, and it was one of those instances that the series accurately represented. 

Pontello was looking for a performer at that time, and when he met Rocco, he was very sure that he would become an asset for his production house, and in the years to come, he would also become a huge star. Gabriel Pontello introduced Rocco to many other producers and filmmakers, and that’s when his career in the adult film industry kicked off. We don’t know if what the makers have shown in the film regarding the conflict between Gabriel Pontello and Siffredi happened in real life or not. In Netflix’s Supersex series, it is shown that there came a time when Gabriel Pontello became very insecure about Siffredi’s rising popularity, and he tried to sabotage his career. But the fact remains that Pontello was the one who launched Siffredi and gave him an opportunity to showcase his talent. 

Why did Rocco revoke his retirement? 

It is true that in 2004, Rocco decided to retire because he wanted to spend time with his kids and wife. But in 2009, he once again came back to acting in films, primarily because he realized that not performing in the films made him restless and made his sex addiction even worse. Siffredi also said that he was not happy with the state of things in the industry; he wanted to make certain kinds of films, and he didn’t want the performances to look mechanical. We saw in the series how he stressed the importance of making eye contact with the actor opposite him, as, according to him, it made the chemistry between the actors look more real and intense. According to Siffredi, his real-life wife, Rosa Caracciolo, had said that it has always been his call whether he wanted to be in the industry or he wanted to leave it. In the series, we saw that Rocco had a lot of inner conflicts, and he was not able to decide for the longest time if he was even worthy of staying with a woman. There came a point in his life when he almost made the decision that it was better for him if he stayed single his entire life, but things changed when, in 1993, he met his wife Rosa, who worked as a Hungarian model, at Cannes.

Hot d’Or awards were a big occasion for the entire adult film industry, and Rocco was getting an award there. In Netflix’s Supersex series, they referred to it as the Oscar, as it was the most coveted award given to the adult industry. According to the series, this was the first time he gave an offer to his future wife to act with him in an adult film. She didn’t agree to it instantly, but a couple of years later, they did act in a film together. One allegation that was put on Rocco by his co-stars was that he treated them very roughly, and it was very traumatizing for them as he didn’t understand where to stop. The female performers said that they were physically hurt during the shooting, and the entire experience was very uncomfortable and disturbing for them. Obviously, Rocco denied these claims, but there are many videos on YouTube where you can find performers calling him a predator. 

Where are Rocco and Rosa now? 

Rocco’s cousin brother, Gabriel Galetta, aka Gabriell Zero, whom we also saw in the Netflix’s Supersex series, passed away in the year 2020 due to a heart attack. Gabriel did collaborate with Rocco on a lot of films, and both of them shared quite a close bond. Gabriel was the happiest when Rocco decided to make a comeback in 2009. Rocco is still pretty active on social media, where he keeps updating his fans about his day-to-day life. Rocco Siffredi has launched a wine, and he also runs a website called the Siffredi Academy, where he teaches people who aspire to make a name for themselves in the adult film industry how to go about it. Rocco is happily married to his wife Rosa and has two sons named Lorenzo and Leonardo. Rocco still remains one of the most iconic figures in the adult film industry, and he lived a life that had many ups and downs. Sometimes, when you look at the lives of such personalities, you wonder why they took that route when they could have done something that much less controversial. But then sometimes it so happens that an individual does not realize where they are treading, and they leave everything up to their destiny. Rocco, probably at that point in time, felt that this was the only way through which he could live that aspirational life. Maybe there would have been moments where he would have felt that he had taken a wrong step, but his circumstances were such that being financially sound had become his priority, no matter at what cost it came. 

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