‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Does Sarah Say To Ryan?


 “Reasonable Doubt” seems to have rather unreasonable trouble with its pacing. After a hiccupy first two episodes and a fast-paced third one, the fourth episode was somewhat… boring. It is all just an extension of the events of the previous episode. Of course, the writers must have believed that it was necessary to set the premise for the future weeks, but was there really no way to make it somewhat more interesting, especially when there was no dearth of material? The courtroom scene had amazing potential, but it just did not hit. We think the reason is a certain informational and intellectual disconnect with the profession of the characters in the series. Let us see what all happens this week.

 Spoilers Ahead

Jax’s Efforts Towards Brayden Miller’s Trial

Last week, Jax remarked that in criminal justice, “you play inside the court and outside as well.” That is what she continues to do. Jax repeats again and again that Brayden needs to continue his former life as if he was innocent. This is in response to his offering to step down while Theo handles things in his stead. Jax repeats that this would be interpreted as a sign of his guilt. Taking the opportunity, Theo once again tries to turn Rich against his colleague. We wonder whether Theo is a misogynist or whether he is using the racism and misogyny that he knows exists within the average man for his own ulterior motives. Whatever it be, it is working. At one point, Rich, who is clearly feeling undermined by Jax, points this out to her, and she promptly apologizes, but his annoyance refuses to subside. Jax asks him what else she can do, and he replies that he doesn’t know. Rich clearly has some soul-searching to do as he might be coming to terms with the fact that he is not as good a man as he might have previously thought himself to be.

Jax strategizes that Sarah must be steadfastly by Brayden’s side for now while they attend an anti-violence event where she wants him to address the crowd. She asks her friend Shanelle for her help, and it is evident that all is not good between them yet. At the event, however, after Brayden’s speech is a huge success with the public sentiment turning in his favor, Shanelle reveals that everything is not okay between her and her husband, and she is sleeping in Sally’s guest room. This comes as a surprise to Jax, following which the friends bury their hatchet. But that’s not all that happens at the event. Sarah is approached by Kaleesha’s husband, Ryan, and he tells her that he knows about the emails she had sent his late wife. He seems to think that she is the real murderer. Sarah looks pretty unfazed by his accusation and tells him to just stay away from her. Meanwhile, Jax and Mike Ortiz busy themselves in court with picking the perfect jury for the case. There are disagreements, politics, putting people in boxes, and wanting to give them a chance to get out of them. Either way, it is a process that tried to be hard-hitting but just wasn’t. The jury has been finalized, and the case will begin, hopefully, next week.

Jax’s Messy Personal Life

This woman really can’t catch a break. One of the major pitfalls of this show is that it tries to do too much. It tries to cover every single topic under the umbrella of intersectionality and forces away what could have been a crisp narrative that could have effectively started a very important conversation. We believe that the writers were aware that the education of the audience was one of the primary objectives. But the syllabus is just too vast. Anyway, Jax is contacted by her father who wishes to see her, and she eagerly looks forward to it. But on the day of the meeting itself, he does not show up. Jax is in near tears when her mother comes to see her. She informs her that she was the one who told her father not to see Jax if he could not maintain a consistent relationship with her. Jax is furious at her mother’s meddling in her affairs and lets her know that she is just as disappointed in Paul as she is in her father. When she tries to talk to Lewis about it, he ends up making it about himself.

Elsewhere, Will tries to talk to Jax again, but she lets him know that they cannot have a relationship. He doesn’t pursue it then, but we know he is going to come back. Another man making her life difficult is Damon. He grudgingly accepts that his cousin is dealing drugs and agrees to turn a blind eye. But when he meets Jax for dinner, he is unable to handle the fact that he wasn’t able to pay for it. He complains to his cousin how everything has just become more expensive and is offered to join the business should he want it. While he is making up his mind, he goes to meet Jax to return the money he “owes” her and flirts a little while he is at it. We would have liked this love story more if only he had the strength of the woman he liked.

‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Does Sarah Say To Ryan?

Toward the end of “Reasonable Doubt” Episode 4, Sarah calls Ryan and tells him that she wants to discuss the emails she had sent to Kaleesha. Previously, she hadn’t missed a beat when denying any and every knowledge about them, but now, she is just as cool when admitting to her lies. Ryan is surprised that she got his number. Sarah mentioned that her father works for the largest data company in the country, and it wasn’t a difficult task for her to get anybody’s number. Ryan echoes our sentiment when he points out how she reeks of privilege. But Sarah couldn’t be bothered. She tells him that there is more to the story about the emails and that they need to meet for her to tell him that. What happens remains to be seen next week.

Final Thoughts: What Can We Expect From ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode 5?

Jax is getting her hands on Kaleesha’s laptop through Hannah, so there is a chance she will come to know about these mysterious emails. We also want a clear answer about what the deal is with Damon and Jax’s stepfather. Also, can Damon please choose not to be stupid? He got out of prison for a life, which he is willing to risk again. Rich needs to get over himself. And Jax herself needs to put the lock back on her son’s door. We truly hope the coming week compensates for the lackluster nature of “Reasonable Doubt” Episode 4. We want to like this show, so hopefully, we won’t be disappointed.

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