‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Brayden Know What Sarah Has Done?


“Reasonable Doubt” would have served better as a movie. Seriously, there is too little of a story in each episode, and the distinctly soapy quality it has taken is rather reminiscent of 2016 than the fast-paced template of 2022. It really breaks our hearts because this all started with so much promise. But at this moment, they are just filling in the time, without any real development, till the finale, which is still an agonizing four episodes away. Let’s take a look at the events of “Reasonable Doubt” Episode 6 to see why we feel so and whether there is any scope of salvation for the show.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens With The Brayden Miller Case?

Jax has had a lot of confidence since the beginning that she would be able to win the murder trial of Brayden Miller. However, that seems to be far from the case, as they have very little evidence to go by. During the hearing, she brings up Kaleesha’s cousin, Hannah Moore, who had broken into her property and stolen stuff from her. She casts reasonable doubt over the investigation as to its efficacy. On the other hand, Theo, whom Brayden trusts completely, tries to sell Clout behind his back. He hands the contract over to Rich Reed for him to look it over. Rich lets him know that Brayden has been having second thoughts about selling, so the contract feels like it might be redundant after all. Theo is surprised that Brayden is having such thoughts, but he is insistent that one must strike while the “iron is hot.”

Jax continues her investigation into the case as she asks Daniel to look into the contents of Kaleesha’s laptop. However, it is all written in code. This is not good news for Jax as she is obligated to hand over the laptop to the prosecution soon enough. Therefore, she must know what the text was. She asks Brayden, but he is hesitant to answer. Meanwhile, for the case, she comes up with another angle of the husband being the possible murderer. She finds out that he is going through some mental health struggles, which causes his behavior to be erratic. This casts sufficient doubts, which are soon disproved when his alibi checks out due to a phone recording.

As the case hits another dead end, Brayden comes to find out what Theo has been doing behind his back. When confronted about it, Theo reveals that Kaleesha had been stealing from the company and that she might never have been in love with him after all. Brayden is devastated and is thinking about his next move when he is told by Jax about the laptop. Brayden reveals that Theo had over-valued the company at the time they were thinking of selling, but if Kaleesha was truly stealing from him, his company was priced much lower than his original estimate. This had to be the information that Kaleesha was outsourcing.

Jax And Damon

Toward the end of the previous episode, we wondered who it could be that Jax had called. Turns out, it was Damon, and they ended up spending the night together. Jax is certainly happy with this new development in her life, and as she slowly breaks the news to her friends and her mother without revealing his actual identity, they are supportive as well. At one point, Damon takes some offense as he misunderstands that Jax is embarrassed by him, but that is cleared up soon enough. But he lets her know that he doesn’t just want to be a side piece as she figures things out about her marriage. What happens with them going forward remains to be seen, as Jax has admitted that she has never been happier, and Damon still believes in the connection they shared 16 years ago. 

‘Reasonable Doubt” Episode 6: Ending Explained: Does Brayden Know What Sarah Has Done?

Sarah is under the impression that Ryan has access to Kaleesha’s email and wants him to delete the mails she has sent to her. This is so because they prove that she knew about their affair long before it was assumed she did, and that would put her in a negative light. In return for Ryan’s help, she promises to help him out financially. He doesn’t give her a clear reply on that. Later, she is the one who gives Jax his medical history, which she has obtained through her connections. Ryan understands that this is her doing and confronts her about it when she comes to meet him. But instead of a fight, Sarah tells him that they should get back at their spouses by doing exactly what they have done to them. And that is exactly what they proceeded to do. She goes back home, and Brayden is waiting for her. It is an innocent scene that shows a husband waiting for his wife. But as the camera cuts, we hear her ask exactly what she has been up to. This could mean that he somehow knows that she has been with Ryan, or maybe he has caught on to the emails she sent to Kaleesha. Or is it something else entirely? We will know in the next episode.

Final Thoughts: Can ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Series Get Better?

We will forever bemoan the fact that this series wasted an opportunity to talk about the intersectionalities within oppressed communities. However, can this still be interesting? We are finding it hard to not look at our phones and just let this play out in the background, not to mention how ‘gossip girl’ some of the dialogues and actions of the characters are turning out to be. It looks like the writing team was severely held back for the sake of the absolute commercialization of the series, which has resulted in a mess of a product. We don’t have any new questions for future episodes except the ones we have already asked. But if we had to, we wonder why Theo has not been considered a possible murder suspect so far? We suppose we will only know in the next week.

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