‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Lewis Ready To Move On From Jax?


You know those shows that nobody can pay you enough to watch? “Reasonable Doubt” is very close to that category but not quite, which means that if we weren’t getting paid, we wouldn’t watch it. We understand the relevance of a soapy show made up of an entirely black cast with token white representation. There is something exhilarating about turning the tables and bringing the much-needed optics to the forefront. But our point of contention is not with the soapy quality itself, but the datedness of it. “Gossip Girl” has started to make more sense than “Reasonable Doubt,” and we can bet that whenever the murderer is revealed, it is going to be a greater disappointment than Dan Humphrey’s character ending. Let us all just go through the episode.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens To The Brayden Miller Case?

“Reasonable Doubt” Episode 7 had very little to do with the Brayden Miller case. In fact, it was only there for the sake of it. After last week’s episode left off with Brayden asking Sarah what she was up to, this week, he asks her again in the car when they are going to the courtroom and lets her know that he is aware of her “friend” being Ryan. She retorts, saying that she was protecting their family from Ryan wanting to take Brayden down. She further questioned him whether he ever loved Kaleesha. Brayden replies that Sarah is his “center.” Of course, in the court, Fallon reads out an email by Kaleesha where she mentions how she was confused by Brayden’s behavior after he had called her his ‘center.’ We are not going to question the sub-standard recycling that Brayden has done, but needless to say, Jax disproves everything Fallon says by bringing up how she herself was violent with Kaleesha at one point. With that, the case for the prosecution ends, and the defense starts. Jax discovers a non-uniformity in the report of the evidence and conducts a little investigation of her own. She showed in court how there was a third person present at the crime scene, whose fingerprints were on the murder weapon. However, this wasn’t investigated, which casts the entire case in a dubious light. Jax’s next step is to find out who that fingerprint belonged to, and we will see that in the coming episodes.

Jax And Lewis’ Personal Life

“Reasonable Doubt” Episode 7 gave us a clearer picture of Lewis’ perspective on wanting to get back together with Jax. He stands right behind her and supports her decision to ground their son after he forges his signature on a report card. Later that night, as they spend time together, he gets annoyed when Jax attends a work call. Other than this little tiff, Lewis gets the phone number of another single parent and meets her again during a party at Jamerion’s house. While he doesn’t flirt with her, she does, and it is pretty obvious that he feels something but is just unsure how to act on it. When he and Jamerion are talking, it is a display of utter toxic masculinity and an example of how even “nice men” view misogyny in transactional terms. He obviously never communicated his wants and needs with Jax because he “assumed” things to be his right. It would be unfair to say that Jax was very communicative or not even a little bit selfish. But it would have been better if they had not assumed for each other. These feelings lead to a fight between them, and Jax makes it clear that she needs more time.

Meanwhile, she tells Damon that she cannot invest emotionally in their relationship but would like to continue with things the way they are if he is okay with it. Damon is game, and they spend another night together. But when Jax goes into the shower, he deletes a message from Will asking her to call him back for something important. Where do men get the audacity? Anyway, Lewis soon finds out that Jax is seeing someone else. He follows her to the address she leaves with the babysitter and discovers her affair, though he doesn’t see Damon. That fixes a few things for him immediately.

‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Is Lewis Ready To Move On From Jax?

The first thing Lewis does when he discovers Jax’s affair is to go on to have one of his own—with the single mother from school. He immediately calls his friend and lets him know that he is done with Jax. “Reasonable Doubt” Episode 7 ends at this point. But our confusion is no better than it was before. Lewis has security cameras installed in Jax’s house, and he has spied on her being with Will. He was alright with that, indicating that they might have some sort of an “open marriage” agreement, at least for the time they were apart. But he was suddenly not okay with Damon? There is an inconsistency here. Also, what made Jax accept having cameras spying on her in the first place? We feel like the makers are conveniently omitting to address that. But we remember, and that makes us think that Lewis’s saying he is done with Jax could have another meaning- that he plans on harming her in some way. We hope we are wrong, or maybe not, because at least that will make it interesting.

Final Thoughts: What To Expect In The Coming Episodes Of “Reasonable Doubt”?

Jax’s mother informs her that her stepfather, Paul, is in the hospital. This could mean that we finally come to know what the story is between them. We also sense some major trouble for Damon. Daniel needs to have some more screen time. Also, what is the deal with Lewis? We are on the verge of losing interest in him. As far as Brayden Miller himself is concerned, he may or may not be innocent, but he is definitely unlikeable. The only good part about the whole episode was the “center” moment. We don’t have any hope, but at least if the real killer of Kaleesha Moore is an actual surprise, we would consider it the saving grace of the lost cause that is “Reasonable Doubt.”

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