‘Rebel Moon’ Part 2 Theories: Did Balisarius Kill The King And Princess Issa?


It is no surprise that Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. Kurosawa’s classic film has been an inspiration for numerous adaptations across the globe, and this time around it has been turned into a space opera. And even though Snyder’s vision is quite commendable, the 2023 Netflix film fails to impress. The film presents the same rebellion arc without bringing anything new to our screens. At times, one is compelled to question whether it is really a Snyder film. Nevertheless, the film is being released in two parts, with the first ending on a cliffhanger, paving the way for a grand Part 2 that is going to be released next year. The first part of the film had a pretty straightforward narrative, and judging by its resemblance to Seven Samurai, it isn’t difficult to predict what we can expect next. So, without further ado, let’s have a quick look at the events of Part 1 and what we can expect from the second part of Rebel Moon.

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What Happened in the First Part?

Rebel Moon revolves around a woman named Kora, who has been living an isolated life in a farming colony situated on a moon called Veldt in the Outer Reach. Kora had a history that she didn’t want to share with anyone until one day, an Imperium battleship called King’s Gaze arrived on Veldt, seeking grain surplus from the helpless villagers. It was quite evident that the farmers didn’t have much to spare for the enforcers standing at their door, yet Admiral Atticus Noble gave them 10 weeks of time to prepare for his demand. He even killed the villager’s chief, Father Sindri, in order to make a statement. As soon as the ruthless admiral left the moon, Kora decided to escape before her true identity was revealed to the soldiers. However, the woman failed to ignore the plight of these helpless farmers and, therefore, decided to recruit a team of rebels to fight against the Imperium.

At the end of Rebel Moon Part 1, Kora successfully enlisted the courageous rebels; however, a mole in their team betrayed their trust and informed Admiral Noble about their grand scheme. The admiral, along with his army, arrived at a trade depot on Gondival to arrest the insurgents, where a fierce battle ensued. Kora single-handedly thrashed the sadistic admiral and pushed him off a platform with the intention of killing him, but he somehow survived the fall. It was later revealed that Admiral Noble was a cyborg created by the Imperium and its lord, Balisarius. The Regent threatened Noble to bring back his adoptive daughter, Kora, and kill all the rebels sprouting at the far end of the Motherworld.

Admiral Noble Prepares for Another Battle

At the end of Part 1, Prince Tarak Decimus, a member of Kora’s rebel group, spoke out that if Kora hadn’t killed Noble on Gondival, then he would have loved to fight against his army on Veldt and die on that beautiful piece of land. It is no surprise that his dialogue foreshadows an upcoming battle on Veldt and most likely Tarak’s death in it, just like the samurai(s) died while fighting against the bandits in Seven Samurai.

In the first part, Admiral Noble brought Imperium’s deadliest warship to the backwaters of the galaxy in order to capture the rebel siblings Darrian and Devra Bloodaxe, who were running an insurgent group against the Imperium. However, in the second part, he would most likely bring a larger fleet to deal with the farmers and insurgents, as his mission has become much more personal. Balisarius wants his daughter alive, and it wouldn’t be possible to bring her to the base without losing a considerable number of soldiers. At the end of Part 2, we can expect another face-off between Noble and Kora, where she would destroy the cyborg’s body completely so no one would be able to revive him again.

Devra Will Join the Battle Against the Imperium

The Bloodaxe Clan believed in guerrilla warfare instead of facing the enemies on the battlefield, which was the reason why Devra didn’t support her brother’s decision to join the farmer’s cause. She knew that her group of insurgents were no match against the Imperium’s army; however, after the death of her brother in Part 1, I believe she might join the farmers on Veldt to take revenge. As seen in Seven Samurai, the farmers, with the help of the samurais, had set up numerous hidden traps against the bandits. In Rebel Moon, too, Devra might help Kora and her group resist the Imperium’s attack through those tactics. Additionally, the robots, whose role wasn’t much explored in the first part, might have a role to play in the next installment. They might become a part of the farmer’s rebellion and fight alongside Kora against the Imperium.

Balisarius and a Deeper Conspiracy

Kora (originally named Arthelais or Scargiver) had been quite mysterious about her past life, which makes us suspicious that she might have had a hand in conspiring against the “slain” King. Balisarius had killed Kora’s entire family and brought the young girl to a warship to groom her into a merciless soldier who would serve the King’s command. After Kora proved her loyalty and worth to the Imperium, Balisarius used his influence to get Kora promoted to the Elite Guard of the Royal Family, where she was bestowed the responsibility of looking after the young Princess Issa.

Now, according to the myths and legends, Princess Issa would have brought an end to years of war and conquest and re-established peace and harmony in Motherworld. However, as mentioned previously, Balisarius relished the ecstasy of combat. A peaceful Imperium would have erased Balisarius’ entire existence, and perhaps in order to protect what he cherished the most, Balisarius planned the execution of the King himself. In a brief conversation between the King and Kora, we find out that the King himself wanted these dark ages of colonization to end, but he had lost his compassion in all these years of war. He believed that Issa’s reign would be the dawn of something better, but before he could witness it, an off-worlder killed the King along with Princess Issa, inciting yet another era of war and bloodshed. The first part didn’t explain the assassination of the King quite clearly, but we can speculate that Balisarius asked Kora to weaken the King’s security so that an off-worlder could finish the job. Or maybe this off-worlder is none other than Kora herself, who might have been following her father’s order. Whatever the case might be, Balisarius did have his hands soaked in royal blood, which was the reason why the sadistic general didn’t miss the opportunity to seize power after the King’s fall and become the Regent of the Motherworld.

Additionally, Princess Issa might still be alive, kept somewhere away from the eyes of the Imperium, where she is waiting for the right moment to strike back. And if that’s true, then after destroying Noble, Kora might go after her father, who not only killed her natural family but also turned her into a ruthless soldier. Kora might play an important role in bringing an end to Balisarius’ rule and putting Issa on the throne, as the “slain” King desired. We really hope that Rebel Moon Part 2 is not just about the battle between the Imperium and the farmers. We want closure for all the characters introduced in the film, especially Kora and Balisarius. It would be of no use to introduce Balisarius and his grand scheme of things if Kora didn’t face her worst nemesis at the end of Part 2. Additionally, we want to know who really killed the King and why. What will happen to the Motherworld after Kora has won the battle on Veldt? And how did Kora end up at Veldt? Did she really defy her father’s order and revolt against his wishes? Hopefully, we will get our answers in the upcoming installment of the film.

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