‘Reborn Rich’ Episodes 12, 13, 14: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Do Jun Sell His Shares In The Company?


It is as this season of “Reborn Rich” draws closer to its finale that we realize something: it is sort of boring. Sure, there is a lot of intrigue and surprising ups and downs in the business world, but they exist for the characters instead of the audience. We already know that Do Jun is going to win because he is using history to his advantage. Sure, there are ups and downs, but they are easily surmountable for this very reason. Which brings us to a very important question: Is Do Jun really the capable guy he would have us believe? In the world of “Reborn Rich,” he is a man with an unparalleled business sense. But to the audience, we haven’t really seen those capabilities of his, objectively. Yes, there is a sense of satisfaction in seeing the underdog turn the tables, but otherwise, is he really capable of achieving the kind of success if he wasn’t from the future? If the rest of the characters have the unfair advantage of being born into generational wealth, doesn’t Do Jun have the same advantage of knowing things that others don’t? We are not saying that both are equal, but how else do we judge whether Do Jun is worth rooting for, outside of his status as the underdog? It would have been nice if the series had tried to answer that by creating situations that he couldn’t escape with his knowledge of the future. Their failure to do so has set a rather monotonous tone for the series that has started catching up to us. Let us go through this week’s episodes of “Reborn Rich” and see for ourselves.

Spoilers Ahead

Does Do Jun Succeed Jin Yang Cheol As The Chairman?

As we saw in the ending of “Reborn Rich,” Episode 11, the Chairman’s delirium is getting worse, which means that there is a new problem for Do Jun. He cannot count on the Chairman to make an appearance at the board meeting and successfully choose him as the CEO of the financial holding company. Therefore, as an alternative, he lays a trap for Seong Jun. He tells him that their grandfather is doing well and is hiding to find out who caused their accident. The person who would be against the establishment of the company and the appointment of Do Jun as its CEO would be the culprit. Confident that he has taken care of everything, Do Jun shows up at the meeting the next day, prepared to win. It looks like he just might, as Seong Jun casts a positive vote for the passing of the financial company. However, he rejects Do Jun as the CEO and recommends his own father for the role. Therefore, he has stood by one of his grandfather’s wishes while rejecting the other, putting himself outside of the purview of suspicion while still getting his way. But to save the day, the Chairman shows up at the last minute. He has asked his doctor to give him enough medication to keep him sane for two hours. This has potentially endangered his life, but he wants to complete this task. At the meeting, he announces that he wants Do Jun to be the CEO, and the rest of the members agree. It almost feels like a victory when Seong Jun, very slyly, tries to bring out the truth of his grandfather’s delirium in front of everyone. But Do Jun saves the situation and steers his grandfather away from there. The Chairman’s health takes a turn for the worse, and he is confined to his wheelchair.

Meanwhile, further investigation of the painting, as seen in “Reborn Rich” Episode 11, reveals that the person who staged that accident was Lee Pil Ok, the Chairman’s wife. He is made aware of this, as are Do Jun and his parents. When the Chairman confronts her, she confesses that she did that because she couldn’t stand the fact that Do Jun, the son of the Chairman’s illegitimate son, would get the inheritance over her own children. As she asks for his forgiveness, his delirium kicks in, and he is transported back in time. Pil Ok uses this opportunity to check him out of the hospital. She plans to announce to the family that he is not mentally sound, therefore effectively overturning his judgment in the board meeting. But before she can do that, Do Jun arrives on the scene. He shows the evidence of her involvement in the accident and tells her to take care of her husband and not let anybody know of his condition if she wants to keep her secret. Having no other choice, she agrees.

In the meantime, a fresh crisis emerges. People hate the Soonyang Motors car, Apollo. A more accurate term would be “not interested.” But Do Jun promises to turn things around. He uses the football world cup to his advantage and devises a marketing strategy where, with every win of the Korean team, they would give away a certain number of cars. It turns out to be a roaring success as Korea reaches the semifinals. Around the same time, Hyeon Min discovers the Chairman’s delirium and figures out why his wife is protecting him. But before more can be done about it, the Chairman passes away. When the will is read out, to everyone’s surprise, Do Jun is left with nothing. None of them can figure out the reasoning behind this last act of the Chairman. This creates a fresh war of succession, and Pil Ok announces that she has 17% of the shares, which she would give to the person who would protect the family. But Do Jun is not one to accept defeat. He is protecting Seo Min Young from his grandmother, but he has not forgotten his fight. Finding the prosecutor hot on her heels, Pil Ok turns to Do Jun, who demands her shares for her safety. Having no choice, she agrees. As her children wonder what might have caused her change of heart, they figure out that she is the one behind the accident. Before she can be officially arrested, Do Jun arranges for her to move overseas. Min Young is furious, as she understands that this is all Do Jun’s game to own Soonyang. She wants nothing to do with it because she realizes that this will change him as a person.

In the meantime, Hyeon Min tells Seong Jun that she is pregnant and asks him not to get in the way of her son becoming the owner of Soonyang Group. With a new reason to start fighting, a fresh chapter of the war begins. At the shareholder meeting where Do Jun must be voted CEO, at the very last minute, everyone receives the news that Do Jun had behaved rudely and inappropriately with his grandfather in his final moments, which is what caused his death. Do Jun has no proof of his innocence, as he had the room footage deleted to protect his grandfather’s dignity in his final moments. Since he now looks like an immoral person, the post of CEO goes to Lee Hang Jae. He had been in cahoots with Seong Jun so that he could comfortably retire with some shares in Soonyang. But when the time comes to deliver, Seong Jun tells him that he is aware of the slush fund he had created and asks him to retire with just that.

Lee Hang Jae might be defeated, but not Do Jun. He changes his strategy. Upon his instigation, Mayor Chang Je announced that the bill to merge the industrial and financial capital would not be passed as it is just a way of avoiding inheritance taxes. This drags the Chairman’s name through the mud a bit, but that gives Do Jun a clue. He receives a video of his grandfather, sent by Lee Hang Jae. In that, he has left his plan for his grandson. While we do not get to see that, what we do see is the love that he had for Do Jun. Jin Yang Cheol was a mean, competitive man, and in his final moments, he acknowledged, in a very subtle way, that he was proud of his youngest grandson and loved him as well. That was Do Jun’s peace, even if only for a bit. The video and the meeting with Lee Hang Jae led him to his next clue: a massive and untraceable slush fund, which was also the reason Do Jun had died in his previous life. He seems to have found his clue and is now making moves.

‘Reborn Rich’ Episode 14: Ending Explained – Does Do Jun Sell His Shares In The Company?

Jin-Dong Ki wants to separate Soonyang Financials but needs a cash cow in the meantime. He comes up with the idea of buying Soonyang Card, an affiliate acquired by Do Ju, not knowing that his nephew already has plans in place. Do Jun agrees to sell the company for a massive price of 1.6 trillion Won. He increases the price by setting Dong Ki’s feet on fire with his elder brother’s involvement (it’s a metaphor). Dong Ki agrees to pay in installments and uses his shares as collateral. However, the nation faces a crisis with credit cards soon enough, and Dong Ki finds himself close to bankruptcy. Young Ki steps in to help him and offers to buy the bond from Do Jun. But Do Jun plays it hot and cold. He tells Young Ki that he is not just buying the bond from him but also the shares that would ensure that he becomes the Chairman of Soonyang. He quotes his price as being worth 1.6 trillion Won. Young Ki agrees when Do Jun tells him that such an amount of money could have easily circumvented the crisis, but he has used it to become the Chairman instead. When Do Jun is leaving, he remembers snippets of his old life, when he had been angry at his father for his poor financial decisions, not understanding that poverty leaves you with no other choice. Your only options are between bad and worse. He had been working two jobs, and the frustration of it had been getting to him. In that life, he had inherited poverty, and in this one, he had been born into wealth. But the scars of that life had never left his soul.

What To Expect From The Coming Episodes Of ‘Reborn Rich’?

Honestly, we want to see Do Jun realize the cost of the power and wealth that he is so ruthlessly chasing. There has always been a mystery to his motives, and we want to see them revealed. It would also be great if we could see him propose to Min Young since he has a ring ready, but we doubt she will accept. As for Seong Jun and Hyeon Min, we have a feeling that we can see some genuine feelings of love there. Hope they appear soon. Of course, we will finally see what the Chairman had in mind for Do Jun, as well as the mystery behind his death in his previous life. It is going to be one heck of a finale, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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