‘Reborn Rich’ Episodes 4,5 & 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Chairman Know Who Is Behind Miracle Investment?


After watching Jin Do Jun score victory after victory in last week’s episodes of “Reborn Rich,” we speculated that it was possible because of his knowledge of the future. But what would he do about the facts he did not know? We wanted to see what his analytical skills would be like in the face of uncertainty. And whether he would try to change his past now that he had the power. “Reborn Rich” answered those questions for us this week. This is how Do Jun navigated the intertwining of his business and professional lives.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Do Jun Make His Space In Soonyang?

“Reborn Rich” Episode 3 ended with Mason Oh announcing his intention to buy Hando Steel. This week saw Soonyang trying to navigate this new development. Jin Yang Cheol is passionate about Soonyang Motors, the automotive division of his company, which is somehow regarded as the worst in Korea. After a mishap with his car that leaves him humiliated in front of his archrival Ju Yeong II of the Daeyong Group, Yang Cheol is furious. His ire only increases when his eldest son tells him that this matter won’t be publicized. He is disappointed that the heir to his empire cannot think beyond this. To vent his frustrations, he disappears to an unknown place, and nobody except Do Jun knows where he is, as he remembers the place from his autobiography. It falls upon him to bring him back for an important event, which he does successfully by telling him that he believes in his vision. Encouraged, the old man comes back and announces that he is ready to take his company to the next level.

Elsewhere, Daeyong Group has joined the bidding war over Hando Steel. Upon a little investigation, Yang Cheol comes to know of the association between Do Jun and Oh Se Hyeon. He suspects his youngest grandson of trying to take Hando away from him and summons the latter to talk. However, it is revealed that Do Jun is just trying to invest in an online company called Codabra, later named Amazon. The clash between him and Oh Se Hyeon was due to their differing views on that. The person who had joined hands with the Daeyong Group was Yang Cheol’s other son, Jin Dong Ki. Knowing this surprises, the Chairman. But he decides to let the war of succession take its own course, citing the fact that everything is fair in love and war. As Young Ki struggles to come up with the money to acquire Hando, help comes unexpectedly in the form of his sister, in return for which she demands that he help her husband in his political career. Young Ki agrees, and Hando Steel is acquired by Soonyang. But the Chairman looks less than happy as the coffers of the company have turned empty. Which is exactly what Do Jun was aiming for. His investment in Amazon has paid off, and he is now richer than before. He just wanted to increase the bids on the Hando so that he could push Soonyang into a corner, which he has successfully done. It’s time for the next step now, which is Ahjin Motors. This is a more personal venture for Do Jun. Back when he was Hwa Yeon, his father used to work in this company. When it shut down, he protested against it with the other workers, but to no avail. Seeing him hurt on the TV screen caused his mother to have a heart attack and lose her life. Do Jun want to protect his family by acquiring Ahjin Motors? But Soonyang also has its sights set on it in order to protect its own position in the market. The issue is that the entire country has gone bankrupt, which means that nobody has the money to do the right thing.

“Reborn Rich” has done an excellent job of incorporating the complex socio-economic landscape of the nation into its story of revenge. When it becomes clear that Do Jun will not be able to acquire Ahjin Motors due to the meddling of the “Hyunsung Daily,” he changes tracks. The real goal of Do Jun is the protection of the employees. He convinces his grandfather that since the President is on a mission for conglomerate restructuring, if he portrays as if he has the employees’ best interests at heart, he would be able to get the political favor he needs to get Ahjin. The Chairman takes heed of this, and Ahjin’s staff is protected. That night, Do Jun goes to his old home in hopes of seeing whether he has managed to change the past. But that was not meant to be, as he just sees a house in mourning because his mother has died. Do Jun was not able to change anything about his past life after all. But the surprise is that he comes to know that his mother has taken her own life. Her previous cause of death had been a heart attack. As an angry and dejected Do Jun investigates, he finds that she had invested money in Soonyang Life Sciences, which was liquidated, leaving small shareholders like her completely penniless. And that is his next investigation. He finds that Soonyang Life Sciences was nothing, but a slush fund created to keep the succession within the family. The callousness of his grandfather becomes more and more apparent to Do Jun, and he re-evaluates his respect for the man he had once considered his hero.

In the meantime, Jin Seong Jun, the eldest grandson of Jin Yang Cheol, has returned to Korea. He meets Mo Hyun Min immediately for a marriage proposal, but she baits him well enough that he starts to have some genuine interest in her. However, despite her initial intentions to go along with the alliance, she is somewhat taken in by Do Jun when she meets him. Therefore, when Seong Jun tries to get close to her, she rebuffs him, as she has not sealed her fate with him. There is also not much to be said about Seo Min Young’s character, except that we respect that at least the makers did not try to pretend to give her relevance as they did with Hong Cha Young in Vincenzo. But the umbrella scene was quite cute.

‘Reborn Rich’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Does Jin Yang Cheol Know Who Is Beyond Miracle Investment?

Do Jun’s next planned investment is the Samyangdong land, which he knows will be the center of Korea when it becomes a cultural hotspot years later. But Yang Cheol has also advised Seong Jun to try to acquire the land for a development project. However, the land would only go to the one who had the favor of the mayor of the city. The elections are coming up, and Choi Chang Je, the Chairman’s son-in-law, has political ambition. But they have constantly been rebuffed by the family. For these elections, Do Jun makes his move quickly. He promises to fund Chang Je’s campaign, which is favorable for him as it means that he does not have to be as subservient to the Soonyang Group as before. He becomes the mayor, and Miracle Investment acquires the land. It is going to be redeveloped with the help of a construction company named Jaea. But Jin Yang Cheol has had more than enough. There is an obstacle every step of the way, and he decides that it is time to take the bull by the horns. He gets a search and seizure warrant issued against Miracle Investment, following which Mason Oh is taken into custody. He is only told to do one thing: call the majority shareholder of his firm. As Jin Yang Cheol waits, Do Jun steps into the room, revealing himself as the one behind it all. The cat is out of the bag, and the war is going to get messier.

What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

This is a Song Joong-ki show through and through. We are not complaining except that we want to see a more human side to him than this man who is so perfect that he is getting boring. We can’t believe we are saying this, but Jin yang Cheol might just be our favorite character for the sass and energy he brings to the screen, something Do Jun’s perfection is withholding him from. As for the coming episodes, it will be interesting to see what excuse Do Jun comes up with for his actions or whether he just declares an all-out war. The reintroduction of Seong Jun is going to spice things up, and we also detect an unwanted love triangle between the cousins and Mo Hyun Min. Can we also see who the Hwa Yeon of the Thai timeline is? It’s just the right time for that kind of a mess. “Reborn Rich” has us sufficiently hooked, and we cannot wait for next week.

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