‘Recalled’ Ending, Explained – Who was the Real Husband?

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Korean mystery thriller film, Recalled (also marketed as Memories of Tomorrow) became one of Korea’s most loved films of 2021. The gripping drama hooks the viewers. But an intricate plot also sometimes leaves the viewer in doubt. Unfortunately, in theatres, there isn’t a rewind button. And thus, for the convenience of its audience, we have penned some conflicting queries that might be able to bring some certainty.

Was Kim Soo Jin Hallucinating?

Soo Jin’s doctor diagnosed that due to her fatal accident, she might be experiencing temporary delusions, also called “deja vu.” That means hallucinations that Soo-jin perceived as futuristic visions were actually flashes from her past.

The two kids she saw outside the building were her own childhood self, and the small boy was her adopted brother about whom she had totally forgotten. The abusive father, Kim Tae-jun living in flat unit 706 was her own father, who used to beat Soo-jin in her teenage years. In short, as her mental health was recovering, she was recollecting the memories of the past, from which she wanted to run away.

Who was Soo Jin’s Real Husband?

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At the beginning of the film, a man (Kim Sun Woo played by Kim Kang-woo) pretended to be Soo Jin’s husband, under the name, Ji-hoon. But he wasn’t her husband, he was her adoptive elder brother. The two different wedding photographs with different men, found in Soo Jin’s current flat and her original home in Seoul proved the fact.

Soo Jin’s real husband was jealous, aggressive, and abusive. Before the accident, she was planning to leave him and shifting to Canada. But she accidentally killed her husband and jumped off the building, blaming herself for the murder. However, her brother, Kim Sun Woo saved her life. When gained consciousness in the hospital, her memory faded away. Her brother lived with her as her husband, while in the meantime, he was arranging for Soo Jin’s migration to Canada.

Why did Soo Jin want to go to Canada?

Witnessing her father’s murder and living with an abusive husband, Soo Jin was done with her current life. She told her brother that she wanted to start over. She wanted to start over and live near Vermilion Lake (the photograph on her apartment wall). Her brother, Kim Sun Woo promised her a peaceful life and that is why he was so bent on sending Soo Jin to Canada.

‘Recalled’ Ending Explained – Sacrifices of a Brother

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All along, Soo Jin’s brother, Kim Sun Woo was protecting her. The first flash that she got was of a small girl in the middle of the road who was about to get hit. A small boy named Kim Sun Woo saved her from the accident. Later, in her own memories, this small boy introduces himself as Kim Sun Woo.

Similarly, Kim Sun killed their abusive father who wanted to employ Soo Jin in a bar. While Soo Jin blamed herself for this murder, Kim Sun convinced her that it wasn’t her fault. He packed the body in a suitcase, the visuals Soo Jin recalled twice. The body of their father, Kim Tae-jun was found by Namyangju Police with the same suitcase. Evidently, Kim Sun killed his father and buried him in order to protect Soo Jin.

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Later, Soo Jin’s abusive husband Ji-hoon, and his company went bankrupt due to his gambling addiction. Ji-hoon had excessive debts from the underworld who were threatening him. On his official site, he killed one of the gangsters, the murder that was witnessed by Soo Jin. His wife had a huge insurance amount to her name, and Ji-hoon thought of reaping the benefits from her death to pay his own debts. He tried killing Soo Jin but she rammed his head with an iron rod. Here again, her brother protects her and cements the body of her husband, and Soo Jin jumps off the roof in remorse.

The ending depicted that Soo Jin’s husband didn’t die from the hit. He came back to finish the business and kill Soo Jin. However, in the chaos, her brother loses his life but not without fulfilling his promise. He had already arranged immigration for Soo Jin. He gave her a chance to start over.

The title for Recalled was changed to Memories of Tomorrow to illustrate the theme of the film better. The film tricks you into believing that Soo Jin is hallucinating but in reality, she is recalling the events of the past.

The details and evidence, as the film proceeds, support the facts. If you have any other doubts, please feel free to connect with us.

Recalled (also marketed as Memories of Tomorrow) is a Korean mystery thriller film, directed by Seo Yoo-min.

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Hi at the movie recalled kim sun woo as u said pretended to be her husband ( which he was her step brother ) but they clicked the wedding photo ?! At the last scene of the movie when she is wearing bride cloths and doing photo shoot the photographer asks Kim sub woo, who are you and he says im her Husband !!! So its confusing for me ! (Was my subtitles incurrect?)


Hello Karty, thank you for writing to us.

In the last flashback scene, Soo-Jin clicked a picture with her husband and her stepbrother. The first click was with her husband, where she was standing on the right side of the picture, but the second click was with her step-brother. When her brother was standing on the left side of the picture, the photographer asked the brother, who is he?. He said, “I am the brother“, to which the photographer said that only the groom stands on the right side of the bride (left side of the picture).

However, Kim Kang-woo, the actor who played her stepbrother, was in love with her, something he never confessed.

Shikhar Agrawal


Yeah last two word I am confused. Mey be soo ji know about her adopted brothers feelings for her


She expressed her feeling indirectly when she said that she wanted to move to Canada with her brother.


Curious much

Is the meeting of ji hoon and soo jin at the elevator is hallucination/recalled or reality? Bcs he met the gangster while actually the gangster should be died at tht time (killed by ji hoon before soo jin fell and lost her memory)


yes, it was a flashback of her memory.


Did the man in 706 actually strangle her neck in the elevator that day? I just watched the movie and it was so good that I was crying a river.


The night when SooJin saw her adopted brother all in black leaving 706 with a suitcase, was it SooJin’s memory of the time when SunWoo actually killed their father and buried him? It was true that SunWoo wasn’t home at that night, bcs the guard actually gave him the box when he was in his car at the traffic light and the guard saw the suitcase behind him. But what’s in the suitcase? Why did he went to the 706 that night when SooJin saw her? And what was SunWoo actually doing at the site/construction building that night (when the two detectives came and found the body in cement). SooJin saw her brother killing someone and tell the officers but there was no corpse other than the gangster in cement. Im curious,pls help me break all these confusionsI don’t think I can sleep without knowing these.thanks


sorry again, what about the girl SooJin met in the elevator & she saw the girl’s house was about to explode. And then the next scene showed us that she was in the hospital. Was it her memory or what actually happened


No, it was a hallucination.


SooJin actually saw two murderers. One she committed which was of her father, and second she was, which was of the ganster threatening her husband. The bag she saw in her dreams was stuffed with her father’s Body packed in by her brother. Her brother went to the site to delte the CCTV footage, and remove the gangster’s body from there because the building was soon going to be demolished and then the police would have found the body.


The girl next door, was none other than Soojin’s younger self. She wasn’t able to recognise. Another young girl and boy she saw, were herself and her brother. Another chunk of her past memory she couldn’t recognise.


I don’t get one thing:
why did he fake being her husband? At first, he said its because he wanted to kill her and take her insurance payout, but that was a lie. and even if her did want to do that or no, in both situation, lying about being her husband was unnecessary. it could’ve still worked if he told her the truth about being her brother. there’s nothing suspicious or wrong with a brother taking care of his sister. and it would’ve been a heck ton easier for him for everything. moving to Canada, the situation with the police, and explaining things to her. I just don’t get why he went through all that trouble of lying. and at least if he lied to her about being her husband, she shouldn’t have lied to the police, and doctors about that, that again just complicates things for himself. don’t the police and hospital check ID, like I’m confused how he kept on with that act for so long, it’s not simple to steal someone’s identity, you need to get a fake ID, documents and do something about his old identity. the movie would’ve also been a lot shorter without it lol. I’m gonna stop here since it’s getting too long, and I probably don’t make sense anymore. but I hope someone can understand what I’m asking and give me an explanation.

ps. Did the adoptive brother really have a crush on his sister? it never really hit me, because I thought the hospital conversation about him saying that he loved her as part of the “I’m your husband” act.

I can’t find an explanation for both these questions anywhere on the internet.

Adithya Joe

I’m confused when she talked to her (actual) husband about her passport in her house in Seoul without any problem with her husband, is that reality or hallucination ?


It was a past memory (hallucination) because at the beginning of the sequence, Her Real husband was threatened by the gangster who was killed in the past. I hope I made myself clear


If I begin it from the beginnign then Soo Jin tried to kill herself because she was guilty of killing her husband (by attacking him with the iron rod). Specualtive, but I believe, her brother lied about the whole set-up so that Soo Jin doesn’t try to harm herself again. In a way, he avoided a long list of questions and suspicions, as one scene suggested that Soo Jin already filed a complaint against her husband for assualting her. A missing husband would have created further suspicions. In a way, the lie was to protect her from herself and the police. The part of fake ID, it’s a filmmaker’s call or opinion on which I can comment but can’t deliver a judgement.

Secondly, her adoptive brother had a crush on her. He was infatuated but the layer was kept subtle, which is part of art, suggest but don’t confirm. To leave things for speculation makes a film great and open to discussions.

Shikhar Agrawalhttps://dmtalkies.com
I am an Onstage Dramatist and a Screenwriter. I have been working in the Indian Film Industry for the past 6 years, majorly writing dialogues for various films and television shows.


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