‘Red Dot’ Summary & Ending, Explained – An Outdated Thriller


Sometimes the narrative progresses in a way where most of the details are hidden from the audience. Things are happening on screen but we can’t decipher why or for what. Red Dot incorporates the same technique where a couple is threatened by a sniper red dot in the snow-coated mountain region of Northern Sweden. It tries to trick you with multiple actions that would have led to the outcome, but the real reason is integrated much deeper into the couple’s past.

Directed by Alain Darborg, Red Dot is a Swedish thriller film narrated in the Swedish language. Subtitles would help you to understand the film better. It’s a simple story about a couple, David and Nadja who take a romantic trip to a snow-covered area of Northern Sweden to rekindle their marital relationship.

As they arrive, a series of bad events captures their attention. David, while driving out of the gas pump, dents a hunter’s truck. The couple quickly escapes the place and checks in their hotels. Nadja is a black woman and is met with racism in the northern parts of Sweden. When the next day, they find a racist message written on their car number plate, Nadja gets furious. She thinks it’s done by the hunters whose car they dented accidentally. Nadja takes revenge by scratching their car with a screwdriver.

While enjoying their moment in a tent in the snow, a red dot suddenly appears on their body. They come out of their tent and find the red dot keeping moving to different parts of their body, but the gun or the snipper isn’t visible in thick fog. Here starts bloodshed. They are chased by an unknown predator who threatens David and Nadja by firing on them mercilessly.

The film further explores the identity of this unknown predator and why he is trying to gun down the couple. While they are speculative and suspicious that it’s the racist hunters who are chasing them, the climax is somewhat different.

‘Red Dot’ Ending Explained

If you have noticed, the first time the red dot appears in the film is when Nadja and David are fueling their car, a lot before they meet or interact with the hunters. Thus, it was never the hunters who were chasing them down.

The answer lies in their past, a past mistake that was kept hidden from the viewers. When David proposes to Nadja for the marriage, the couple gets a bit nasty. David is driving back home and Nadja tries to give him an oral, and with their attention swayed, David hits a kid with his car. Instead of calling the police or an ambulance, the couple decides to run away. The father of the kid, Einar or Tomas (fake name), saw the accident in a drone which was being chased by his kid. Furious with the act, Einar didn’t tell the police about David and Nadja and decided to take revenge himself.

Einar plots a plan to bring David and Nadja to the Northern part of Sweden and make them suffer as he did. Nadja is pregnant and Einar wants poetic justice at any cost. Thus, it was Einar who pointed the red dot on the couple and made their life a nightmare. In the end, Einar kills Nadja but leaves David to live a life of remorse and guilt and suffer until he breathes.

In Red Dot, the purpose of revenge is a bit cliche. It doesn’t shock you much. For a thriller film like this, it is nothing extraordinary. A similar Spanish film, The Invisible Guest (2016) which has the same purpose of revenge and exact same incident explores the genre much more brilliantly. It has the shock value which thriller audience craves for. If you haven’t seen it, do check out this mind-blowing Spanish thriller. For Red Dot, it can be missed.

Red Dot (film) is streaming on Netflix.

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