‘Red Right Hand’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happens To Cash And Savannah?


The 2024 action thriller film Red Right Hand is as typical and straightforward as a film in its genre can be, with the main theme being that of revenge and family. The plot follows Cash, a man who has left behind a life of crime to look after his family members, even though his criminal acquaintances are not happy with this departure. Cash has to once again get involved in extreme violence and murders, but this time only to protect his family from imminent danger. Although Red Right Hand has nothing unique at all, the overall execution makes it a fairly fun watch, especially for those looking for action.

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Plot Summary: What is the film about?

Red Right Hand begins with scenes of nature and wildlife that abound in the place of our setting, Odim County, somewhere in Kentucky, USA. Soon, we are introduced to the protagonist, Cash, a man living by himself, still seemingly reeling from a life of extreme crime and violence. In fact, Odim County houses a vicious criminal gang that runs a drug production and trade business, led by a woman known as Queenpin Big Cat. Cash was once a henchman in this very gang but has now changed, having left the gang and trying to stay away from violence and drugs. At the moment, he is more invested in his family, which only includes the husband and the daughter of his recently deceased sister, Rachel. The brother-in-law, Finney, is in absolute shambles, as he is still unable to process the loss of his lover completely and spends his days drinking and lazing about in the house. Cash’s niece, Savannah, is suffering the most because of this situation, for the teenager has lost her mother recently, and her father is emotionally absent as well.

Cash ensures that he visits his sister’s house every day to look after his remaining family members and also to tend to all the chores on the farm. On this particular day, he makes a similar visit and helps Savannah and Finney give birth to a foal in the stable. As part of his newly reformed life, Cash regularly attends mass at church, as the priest, Wilder, is also a very good friend of the man. A major reason for this is also that Wilder too was involved in a lot of violence earlier in life, as he was a hunter by profession, and he too had realized the ills of killing and had reformed his life to serve God. Amidst such a setting, Cash suddenly gets to know one day that Finney has borrowed a significant amount of money from Big Cat and has kept the farm as a mortgage. This is a tremendously dangerous arrangement, for even though Big Cat has an official money-lending business run by her son Zeke, she does not follow the rules of the law.

With the loan repayment date inching closer and with no sign of Finney paying the money back, Big Cat sends her men to terrorize him and his young daughter. But her real plan is to make use of this situation and force one of her best henchmen to return to the business—Cash. Although initially reluctant, Cash has to accept the lopsided deal to protect his family from harm and agrees to do three jobs for Big Cat to repay Finney’s debts.

What are the three jobs that Cash has to do for Big Cat?

When Cash finally agrees to work for Big Cat once again, she promises that he will only have to run three jobs for her, which is clearly just a lie. Although Cash knows so too, he has no choice but to agree to the arrangement, as repaying the entire loaned amount is also not enough to satisfy Big Cat. This is because the woman had cleverly roped Finney into this whole plan only so that she could have Cash working for her again. At the time, the drug gang had also dealt with two trespassers at their compound, one of whom was immediately killed by a death trap set at the place. The other, Harlen, was captured and tortured to reveal who he was working for and what his exact intention was. Although Harlen says that he and his friend had come to the place only to steal some of the drugs, Big Cat is not really convinced by the claim.

Therefore, she releases Harlen from captivity and then sends Cash and a few of her men to follow him and find out who he was working with. In reality, Harlen seems to have been involved with a small gang of his own, who are immediately angered by Big Cat’s ruthless mistreatment of their friend. Cash sees Harlen plan an attack on the Big Cat gang, together with his friends, and immediately informs his boss about it. The fact that Big Cat unofficially rules over the county also means that she has a lot more firepower and people at her disposal than any other gang. Even before Harlen’s gang can leave their place to launch their attack, Big Cat’s gang breaks into their shelter and shoots the place up. Cash is also a part of the gang, and as he helps take down the enemies, his first job out of the three is complete.

After some time, Cash confronts Finney about the devastating loan he had taken and also about his life’s condition at present, to which the brother-in-law can only apologize. But both also make efforts to help each other, starting with Cash taking Finney back to hunting and encouraging him to spend more time with his daughter. These folks are of that kind who mutter “God, family, survival” before shooting their targeted animal, and magically, these three words instantly improve their aim from horrific to adequate, both in the cases of Finney and Savannah. It is evident that the plot of Red Right Hand could only play out in the southern wildlands. After Finney regains some normalcy in life, he also gets to know of the missions Cash is being given, and he helps the protagonist as well.

Soon, the second job that Cash has to pull for Big Cat is revealed, and this involves killing a man who has been part of the very gang. Lazarus is a drug dealer who works as a middleman between Big Cat’s gang and some other dealers, but he is mostly seen in the Big Cat compound, hanging out with the henchmen as their friend. However, the boss found out about Lazarus himself dealing drugs on the side without informing the gang, and so she wants him dead. Cash and another henchman, Dominic, are given the task of carrying out this murder, but the latter also reveals that Lazarus is about to conduct a deal with a different set of dealers that would greatly help the Big Cat gang’s finances. Therefore, the two men decide to carry out the deal first and then kill Lazarus. But Dominic does not understand the plan well, and in a nervous state, he kills Lazarus first. This ultimately creates major trouble for the two, as the drug dealers suspect something wrong and a gunfight ensues, but Cash and Dominic come out victorious. 

This second mission also brings out the forgiving and helpful side of Cash, especially when he notices that one of the members of the drug dealer gang is a young man who does not understand the full consequences of his actions. Instead of killing him, Cash lets him escape the county with all the money and the drugs so that he can start a new life somewhere else. Perhaps Cash, too, would have liked someone to show similar mercy on him earlier in life, himself doing so now that he gets the chance. As the deal had already gone haywire, and taking the tainted money and the drugs could have brought heat upon the Big Cat gang, it was better to make it seem like the drug dealers had some internal conflict because of which their members were killed. In this way, Cash’s second mission is also over, and for the third, he himself volunteers to help Big Cat get rid of the body of a police officer. 

Does Cash’s plan with the police force work out?

Knowing very well that Big Cat would not let him or his family off the hook so easily, Cash had prepared for a backup plan as well, with the help of the local police force. The sheriff’s office in Odim County had also been trying to arrest Big Cat and stop her illegal operations for a long time, but they were unable to find any solid evidence against them. Thus, Cash approaches the sheriff and his deputy with the plan that he will start working for the gang again and give the authorities tips about possible arrest scenarios. Although the sheriff, Hollister, does not seem very convinced by the idea, the deputy, Duke Parks, is quite interested. Later on, it is Parks who meets with Cash once more to get information from him about drugs being transferred via a car. Parks is an honest police officer with the intention of truly getting rid of crime from the county, and so he acts on the information immediately, seizing the drugs being smuggled and arresting the smuggler.

However, this plan of Cash goes downhill terribly fast, for he soon finds out that Parks has been kidnapped by Big Cat’s gang and is being tortured in front of all the members as a sort of cruel revenge. Although Cash makes an attempt to save Parks’ life by saying that he will kill him somewhere in the woods, Big Cat is intelligent enough to see through his claim. She kills Deputy Sheriff Parks and then asks Cash to dump the body, following which the protagonist has a confrontation about his working terms being over. He states that this will be the last job he is doing for Big Cat, but she obviously does not agree, making it evident that she will keep making him work for her as long as she wants to. It becomes apparent that the sheriff’s department is also mixed up with Big Cat’s operations, obviously, and Sheriff Hollister is also scared of the gang. Sometime later, Hollister is indeed directly threatened by Big Cat, who states that she will harm his family if he does not let her conduct her business.

After the execution of Parks and the following confrontation, Cash realizes that Big Cat will soon come after him, and without the support of the authorities either, he has to prepare to save his family. However, by this time, Big Cat does figure out that Cash had been speaking with the sheriff’s office, and she immediately puts out a hit on him and the family. The goons manage to beat Finney to death, right in front of Savannah and the priest, Wilder. As Cash plots his revenge, he keeps Savannah with Wilder, knowing that the teenage girl would be attacked by the vicious gang as well. But as Wilder is attacked at his house, Savannah decides to give herself in to the goons, saving the priest’s life in the process.

What happens to Cash and Savannah?

Savannah is kidnapped by Big Cash, and she clearly states that she would release the girl only when Cash came to her house and sacrificed his own life for his niece. However, Cash now plans his own retaliation, and Wilder also agrees to be a part of it and picks up a gun after all this while. Together, they raid Big Cat’s money-lending office and kidnap her son, Zeke. Wilder then drives his car to Big Cat’s house, with Zeke strapped on the bonnet, to ensure that he will not be shot at. Cash makes use of this distraction to sneak into the compound and take down a few men, while Savannah also does her part by freeing herself with the help of a dagger she had cleverly strapped onto her leg earlier. A long battle between the two sides ensues, in which Zeke is killed, and Wilder is heavily injured. Cash is also riddled with bullets, but he manages to ultimately protect Savannah, who deals the final blow by killing Big Cat. Although it seems like both Cash and Wilder might die, this is not the case after all.

During Red Right Hand‘s ending, Wilder is seen going back to his preaching job at the church, although he is still recovering from the grave injuries from the shootout. Cash has also survived and is recovering, and he has now moved into his sister’s farm, maintaining the place with Savannah, whom he is raising like his own daughter.

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