‘Rescued by Ruby’ Trailer Breakdown: A Fresh Grant For A Gorgeous Ruby


Amidst all the action, spy, thriller, and horror films that make their way into our minds so often, we seldom get a feel-good film that reminds us of the goodness of life. No, we aren’t talking about human relationships, which we know a lot about already. Don’t we? In any case, no film can ever surpass a film that has a dog in it. “Dog’s Purpose,” “A Dog’s Journey,” “Hachiko,” “Beethoven,” “Turner & Hooch,” and others are examples. All these films give us a joy that no other kind of film can, no matter how many times we see them. And Netflix’s biographical drama film “Rescued by Ruby” is definitely going to become one of them. The film is inspired by actual events, and, as we all know, there is a certain credibility that surrounds films that are based on real-life events and real human beings (and dogs). The pinch of reality makes the characters more life-like, and their magic transcends the screen, making their stories more relatable to viewers all around the globe. And when there is a dog in such a film, the essence is way more powerful, isn’t it?

Two Sides Of The Same Leash

The trailer for “Rescued by Ruby” hints that the film is an underdog story helmed by its two lead protagonists, Officer Dan (Grant Gustin) and his loyal companion, Ruby (a Border Collie). Officer Dan is a state trooper who dreams of joining the K-9 Search and Rescue Team (a K-9 or canine is another name for a police dog). And to make his dreams come true, he is ready to do all it takes to get in. However, one of his senior officers doubts his talent and isn’t sure whether Dan is ready to take on the new challenges in his life. The senior officer comments that a K-9 team needs a calm and focused mind, and Dan doesn’t have either. When Dan pushes for reconsideration, he is told that the department doesn’t have the funds to bring in new dogs.

But Dan isn’t a person who will give up easily, so the hustler decides to adopt a dog from the local shelter. And finally, he welcomes Ruby! So far, Ruby has been to seven homes but has returned due to her rowdiness. The trailer contains a quick montage that visualizes Ruby’s bad habits, starting from chewing to digging to stealing food and whatnot. But fortunately, Ruby, who has been looking for a home and a roof, finally finds Dan, who assists her in becoming the “best of the best.” Together Dan and Ruby aim to grow to greater heights. We also witness Dan training Ruby to be a family dog as well as his K-9 partner.

Credits: Netflix

There’s Always A Challenge

From the trailer, we can tell that the film will show Dan and Ruby growing up together. While Dan trains Ruby to be the first shelter dog to join the K-9 unit, Ruby too helps Dan overcome his personal obstacles and helps him become not just a worthy K-9 officer but also a better human. Their bonding is made clear in the trailer itself, but the only way to establish it is perhaps through a challenge that both will have to face together. Will they make it through? We have to wait for the film to find out the answer.

A Fresh Grant 

“Rescued by Ruby” marks Grant Gustin’s first step into a feature-length film in five years. We last saw him as Campbell in William H. Macy’s Krystal, a coming-of-age comedy. But he is best known as Barry Allen, aka Flash, from the DC series “The Flash” (streaming on Prime Video). It will be nice to see him drop his superhero arc and explore a new and unique arc. His fresh face does add to his character of Dan, a good-natured lad who is energetic all the same. And the chemistry between him and Ruby is palpable, something we can’t help but want more of. From the looks of it, officer Dan may desire “endings to stories,” but we, as the audience, certainly wouldn’t like the movie to come to an end.

Directed by Katt Shea, “Rescued by Ruby” will be released on Netflix on March 17, 2022.

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Shubhabrata Dutta
Shubhabrata Dutta
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