‘Resident Evil’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Jade Wesker Die? What To Expect From Season 2?


“Resident Evil,” the Netflix series, is based on the Capcom game of the same name. The narrative takes place in 2022 and 2036. In 2036, an adult Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska), travels through London and various other zombie-infested places to find a cure. She is being pursued by the Umbrella Corporation, the organization that is considered to be the reason for the apocalypse. In 2022, we see young Jade (Tamara Smart) and her “twin” sister Billie (Siena Agudong) moving into New Raccoon City with their father, Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick). As the two girls, Jade and Billie, settle into their new environment, their father, Albert starts his work at the Umbrella Corporation where he gets involved in the development of a drug called Joy.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Simon Find Out Evelyn Has “Poisoned” Diana?

The final episode opens in the year 2030, where Jade and Amrita (Ayushi Chhabra) are experimenting with electrical signals on a little zombie lizard. A shot of the gigantic crocodile that Jade’s aquatic crew is dragging around with an anchor line indicates that Jade has used that technology on a bigger reptile. In 2022, Roth (Anthony Oseyemi) brings Jade and Billie back to their house so that they can pack their bags and come away with Umbrella. Evelyn (Paola Nuñez) has a chat with Bert (one of the Albert Wesker clones) about the mishap that happened because he went out with the girls while pretending to be Albert. She tells him that if he helps her with a project of her’s (which is another freakish zombie encased in a water tank of sorts), she’ll allow him to stay with the girls in a house of his own.

As Roth waits for the girls to finish packing, Jade and Billie try to calm themselves down. They plan to run away with the help of the passports and money that’s stashed in a big bag. Jade keeps Roth occupied with a bunch of nonsense, and Billie gets the bag. They try to escape, but Roth catches up to them. The tense situation triggers something inside Billie, and she goes into zombie mode and attacks Roth. While they tussle, Billie tells Jade to run away. After some initial hesitation, she does so by bolting into one of the back alleys of New Raccoon City. In 2036, Jade and Billie (Adeline Rudolph) stand in front of the horde of zombies that Jade has attracted to the makeshift Umbrella camp. While Billie unleashes hell with her drones, Jade makes her way back to the ship.

Jade urges Saqim (George Jackos) to let the giant crocodile loose so that it can go attack Billie and the rest of the soldiers before they can get to the survivors. Saqim hesitates, but then, with the help of Arjun (Ahad Raza Mir) and Jade, he awakens the monster. In the flashback, Roth brings Billie to Evelyn, and, after seeing her bite mark, she realizes that she was the one who got bit by the dog on that fateful night. After trading barbs, Billie asks Evelyn if she can help her with her disease, and she says that she’s the only one who can. Back in Evelyn’s home, Diana starts to show very visible side-effects of the Joy pill that Evelyn put in her wine. Simon (Connor Gosatti) is understandably freaked out by it. But before he can process what’s going on, Jade arrives asking for help.

While Diana gets busy with Pablo (the dog), Simon takes Jade outside and listens to her story about the clones and everything that has happened to her and Billie in the past 24 hours. When Jade mentions the Joy pills, Simon realizes that something is wrong. He confronts Diana, who cuts her finger and “doesn’t feel a thing.” Simon asks her if the pills are hers, and she says that they aren’t. Evelyn runs tests on Billie. That’s when she gets a call from Simon, asking her about the pills she gave to Diana. The conversation turns into an argument as Simon can’t believe what Evelyn has done, and Evelyn can’t explain the extent of her plans. In the meantime, Evelyn’s assistant injects Billie with something, and she starts to act up again. Instantly, we cut to adult Billie still raining hell on the zombies.

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Jade And Arjun Somehow Survive The Monster Crocodile Attack

Billie thinks she is in the clear now because she has killed all the zombies. But that is when the earth starts to rumble, and the gigantic crocodile appears before her with the intention of killing everyone in its vicinity. Arjun and Jade return back to their quarters, content that they’ve stopped Umbrella, for the time being. However, that relief is short-lived as they realize that their daughter Bea is missing. Where’s Bea, you ask? She is on the shores of the place where the monstrous crocodile is attacking Umbrella. She took a lifeboat and got there all by herself.

Simon and Jade break into Umbrella. Billie, who has been injected with adrenaline, apparently drives the injection through the nurse’s eye and slashes Evelyn’s face. While trying to escape, Billie hallucinates and is brought back to normalcy by Bert. Simon and Jade find Albert. Bert brings Billie to the rest of the group. All of them try to escape, but the building starts to lock itself up so that no one can get out. Billie, in the present, makes a hail mary attempt to get away from the crocodile and barely makes it to the helicopter. Jade and Arjun rush back to the shore to get to Bea, and their boat is knocked over by the crocodile.

On their way out, Billie gets feral again and bites Simon on the arm. For some reason, they simply walk up to Evelyn and give themselves up to her. Evelyn kills Simon because he’s infected. Everyone is “shocked” at this turn of events, and Jade starts to cry her guts out. After that, they try to escape. Everyone miraculously makes it out of there alive, even though there are a bunch of gunmen around them. Jade and Arjun also survive the crocodile attack, and she goes to search for Bea. At this point, if you still don’t realize how poorly written “Resident Evil” is because you’re too happy that it has your favorite monsters in it, I really envy you.

The crocodile finds Bea next and starts chasing it. But as soon as it gets close enough to eat her up, it stops and sits beside her to be, by the looks of it, petted? This attempt at a cute moment is butchered by Billie, who shoots up the crocodile with all kinds of explosives, eventually killing it. Bea runs away and conveniently finds Jade. Billie finds the mother and the daughter. Billie assumes that Jade has tinkered with Bea’s DNA to make her impervious to monsters and zombies. Then they get into an argument about how they are “twins” and how Billie became who she was always meant to be the day the dog bit her. Whatever. Billie shoots Jade in the stomach and takes Bea away.

‘Resident Evil’ Season 1: Ending Explained – What Does Billie Plan To Do With Bea? What Can We Expect From Season 2?

As Billie, Jade, Bert, and Albert try to escape the Umbrella facility, they realize that their chances of doing so are getting less and less. So, they come up with a plan. Albert and Bert prepare an explosive device, but they realize that someone has to ignite the fuse. Hence, someone has to stay back to do the deed. They have this faux emotional moment as Albert decides to do it, you know, to “pay for his sins.” And I say it’s a “faux emotional moment” because we’ve seen gadgets for almost everything in this show. However, there is nothing for a remote detonation here. They don’t even try to make it seem like they’ve run out of options. They just decide that that’s the only way to go about this escape.

Albert writes something on a piece of paper, gives it to Jade, and tells her to find the woman whose details are written there. Bert, Jade, and Billie run away while Albert ignites his lighter to blow up the place. Evelyn comes in and shoots his hand off, along with the lighter. She starts to talk about how she’s going to change the world and whatnot. Albert still manages to start a fire, which takes its merry time to get to the inflammable cylinders so that Evelyn can get to a safe place because the plot needs her to, while her soldiers barely move. Bert, Jade, and Billie watch the explosion from afar. In the present, Jade reaches for her gun while holding her wound. She is “dying,” but in a convenient sort of way where she’ll make it to the next season, if there’s one.

Bert, Billie, and Jade leave New Raccoon City. Evelyn is wheeled out of the rubble. The zombie that was in the water tank is now free. The piece of paper has the name Ada Wong on it. Those who have played the game will know about her. Those who haven’t, well, here’s a primer. She is a spy who is known for handling all kinds of nasty situations without any sense of remorse or guilt. She had worked with Dr. Albert Wesker (in the games) and was there when Raccoon City went down. She is known for changing allegiances all the time. Although it is not very clear, she works for a rival company to Umbrella Corporation. The character has appeared in the live-action films “Resident Evil: Retribution” (where she was portrayed by Li Bingbing) and “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” (where she was portrayed by Lily Gao).

Despite the shoddy direction, poor writing, and aimless performances, I think this will be lapped up by “Resident Evil” fans because of all the connections to the games, along with a few changes to the lore. And it will get a second season. From that, you can expect more of the same, I suppose. You’ll see Billie and Jade grow up under the guidance of Bert. Hopefully, Ada Wong will play an integral role. We’ll see how Evelyn in 2022 transforms into the version of herself we see in 2036. Are we going to see the zombie in the water tank do something? I don’t know. Jade’s mission to look for a cure for the zombie apocalypse will definitely go on the backburner because, now, she has to save Bea before Billie does something to her. That said, if “Resident Evil” doesn’t get a Season 2, I will be incredibly surprised.

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