‘Resort to Love’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Erica Marry Jason?


Steven K. Tsuchida’s film, Resort to Love is a tried and tested Romantic comedy. It puts a struggling singer at the center of the conflict with a broken engagement. Erica Wilson fails to find closure for both her love and passion. The twist and turn of events bring her to an exotic resort in Mauritius, where an astonishing surprise compels her to face her buried feelings and finally move on for good.

Streaming on Netflix, Resort to Love is nothing short of scenic beauty and rib-tickling situations/one-liners. However, it does serve a stale story and hence, is less unique and extremely cliche.

Plot Summary

A New York-based singer, Erica Wilson (Christina Milian), gracefully dresses for the launch event of her first song in a popular singer Cre’s new album. However, at the event, annoyed by online leaks, he smashes his new album and declares his retirement. Erica’s dreams and her song both get broken into pieces.

Erica’s friend plus talent representative, Amber, tries her best to console her, but Erica has lost it. The album was her everything. Last year, she was going to get married to Jason, the love of her life, but he got transferred to Charleston, and Erica stayed back in New York to pursue her singing career. But now, her dreams look dull and depressing.

A few months later, Amber brings a new job opportunity to a wasted Erica. Amber assigns Erica the job of a resort singer at Mer de Saphir Resort on the island of Mauritius. After a bit of tantrum, Erica takes the job, but she finds out that she may have to sing at the weddings too when she reaches the resort. The label of Wedding Singer vexes her clear-mindedness further. She complains that leaping and moving on from a failed singing career and a failed engagement to become a Wedding Singer isn’t her end goal. Yet, Amber buys her into the work, and Erica finds a subtle way of enjoying the annoying job. She starts singing the song that uplifted her passion.

However, the real inciting incident arrives when Jason visits the resort with his fiance Beverly for their wedding. Erica is expected to be an entertainer to the new guests and sing at her ex’s wedding. It isn’t the kind of closure she was looking for, and her choices will unravel the drama further.

‘Resort to Love’ Ending Explained

Erica soon finds out that Jason has hidden the information about their broken engagement from Beverly. While Erica constantly ignores Jason and vice versa, Beverly becomes very friendly with Erica and invites her to all their wedding celebrations. Erica saves Jason’s life at the mountain trek, who faces vertigo in the middle of a swinging bridge. The subtle but impacting incident impels Jason to scrutinize his past choices. He gets confused about his marriage with Beverly and secretly starts meeting Erica that rekindles the feelings they once shared.

In the meantime, Erica befriends Jason’s macho marine elder brother, Caleb King. Caleb develops feelings for Erica but is afraid to confess it to his baby brother’s ex-fiance. Erica likes Caleb as well, but the whole Jason and his secret meetings keep her mind and heart occupied. However, their unseen connection catches fire when Jason finds Caleb in Erica’s room.

An argument between Jason and Erica thereon becomes the point of disclosure between them. Erica reveals to him that if he hadn’t called off the engagement with her, she would have. She started interacting with him in the resort, just out of nostalgia, guilt, or something else that she fails to decipher. However, her point is that Jason was never her priority. It was always music. And Jason got envious of her passion for music that ruined their relationship. In the end, she convinces Jason to let bygones be bygones.

However, a new tragedy awaits them as Jason’s mother reveals Jason and Erica’s riveting secret to Beverly. As soon as she finds out about Jason’s ex engagement with Erica, she calls off the marriage, but in the end, Erica finally convinces Beverly. She concludes that Beverly’s dream is to get married and get settled, which isn’t the case with her. The thing Jason and Erica lacked in their relationship isn’t visible at all in Beverly’s case.

In the end, Jason and Beverly get happily married by the beach. Erica embraces her new relationship with Caleb. She decides to take another leap and stays back at Mer de Saphir Resort for a little longer. Erica’s love story with Caleb blossoms in Mauritius.

Resort to Love is a 2021 Romantic Comedy film directed by Steven K. Tsuchida.

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