‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Is Cooking Between Beth & ‘Space Beth’?


In “Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 3, such ideas as self-love and narcissism can go so far that it almost sparks a ruckus. Beyond Rick and Morty’s craziness and their multiverse hopping, here we see two Beths and their electrifying chemistry. While becoming the kids’ coolest version of mom, “Space Beth” is now splitting up the family. On a fine Thanksgiving Day, after Jerry is sappy all of a sudden, see what transpires when Morty and Summer choose their super-realistic gamepad to sustain their sanity.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is Cooking Between Beth And ‘Space Beth’?

The opening scene of Episode 3, titled “Bethic Twinstinct,” features Rick as a giant Turkey smacking into the window. Presumably, it’s their second Thanksgiving after Season 5, Episode 6, “Thanksploitation Spectacular,” where Rick and Morty both turned into turkeys. The naked Rick, who chooses not to wear his dress, is now highly offended by the annoying customs at home, but he is surprised by the all-new Game pod that “Space Beth” has gifted to Morty. Though Thanksgiving takes the day over, Jerry, being ‘Jerry’ from the start, acts like a gooey lover who would kill himself if his wife left him. But Beth interrupts his mawkishly suicidal toast to have a healthy Thanksgiving in their family.

The crux of the mess begins in the kitchen, where the two Beths wash the dishes, and chemistry sparks between them through lighthearted banter and chit-chat about their shared interests. Beth’s self-love starts with a conversation in French while drinking alien wine and providing each other with the most comforting back massage possible. Like in the Loki series, where one might characterize Loki and Sylvie’s romance as narcissism, Beth is no different. Of course, no one can match Space Beth’s awesomeness, as in that way, Rick created her in Season 3 so that she could go on adventures with him. Meanwhile, normal Beth, who has always been a housewife, also craves some action in her life, but can she betray her dramatically obsessed husband, Jerry? Well, she can.

On a snowy winter’s night, as ‘Space Beth’ and Beth are about to reach their climax, Summer interrupts the two to return home diverted. But they continue to hunt for reasons to spend time alone. The two finally use the Gloppydrop system under the guise of bringing ice cream, but instead of taking ice cream home, things start to get a little creamy right there. They start making out after heaping on the compliments, or you could say Beth is now “touching herself.”

However, she is not particularly good at keeping secrets, or maybe she is simply guilty of cheating on her husband. She confronts her dad using code language, but Rick knows precisely what “forgetting the ice cream” means. While constructing a controller out of a bionic space whale, he explains to his daughter that he, too, has met various Ricks at times when they have probably come close and drifted apart. But “forgetting the ice cream” does not mean that she would forget about the family and keep secrets. He says the secrets mount up like credit card debt, though one secret he also keeps is a pint of vanilla hidden in his fridge for so long, which Beth takes for the family. Beth, reassured by her father’s words, is nonetheless a little conflicted. Upon their home’s frosty roof, as two Beths celebrate their choices, like Kieran as a favorite Culkin or their favorite song, “Work bitch,” out of difficulties, Beth confesses her secret-revealing to her dad. She even emphasizes how she feels a bit disputed in this relationship with “Space Beth” and wonders whether she is doing the most or least healthy thing to love herself. Contrarily, ‘Space Beth’, unrestricted by marriage and all, commands Beth to do whatever she pleases.

What Awkward Situation Have Morty and Summer Caught Up Into?

Meanwhile, Summer and Morty are now upset about being caught up in an awkward situation as they both saw two Beths coming close to each other. After mocking Rick and Morty’s realistic gaming spree, Summer abandoned the game. However, the games on the Game pod XL turn out to be so realistic that the spaceship game looks deserted, like an actual space. But eventually, Summer has to return to the game after a wake-up call when she sees her two moms approaching each other on that snowy night. In that instance, Morty is no different since he saw the Beths too, making out in a spaceship. So, Morty, following Summer’s lead, blinds himself to the super realistic “Street Fighter” games. However, the problem is that Beth is still in love with “Space Beth,” so they start spending their lives creating a 3D world with the help of Rick’s holodeck (probably a Star Trek reference). Meanwhile, when Jerry is upset about not seeing his wife, Summer involves him in an affair game that mirrors Jerry and Beth’s reality (a very realistic game indeed). Rick, sensing the issue, rushes to the Beths, where the two of them are in a same-sex love affair that is reminiscent of the “San Junipero” episode of “Black Mirror.”

Rick hurries to point out that what Beth is doing is not secret anymore except for Jerry, who is very busy being in an affair in a video game. But ‘Space Beth’ stands out for both of them, saying it was Rick who split her into two, and if he has to deal with the matter, he must deal with ‘Space Beth,’ who has all kinds of predator weapons. Nevertheless, it works out for Rick and the siblings, so they decide to remain silent. But at the dinner table, after having a contentious French argument between Beths, ‘Space Beth’ coldly confesses her affair to Jerry, leaving him with all the memories of when in high school, he was warned to attach his life to Beth. As long as the whole family is prepared to take Jerry’s reaction, he sighs and rolls himself into a bug. Rick affirms that it’s a pre-installed metabolic hibernation, which he once gave to Jerry in return for getting a tattoo on his buttocks. But Beth is caught in her double feelings where she both wants her husband to get out of his shell and doesn’t want to lose ‘Space Beth’. She realizes her husband is not capable of expression and that he feels ashamed, which is similar to Beth. So both of them need Rick to find their closure. Although Rick told them before that it’s impossible to extricate Jerry from the shell, Beth and ‘Space Beth,’ equipped with a machine, ask Rick to erase their memories of their togetherness. While Rick declines to participate in the ‘Eternal Sunshine’ stunt, Jerry comes out after his protracted crying session and apologizes for discussing the suicide earlier.

Now heartbroken, Jerry is determined to leave the house and begins packing. While Beth tries to stop him, Jerry confesses that he is saddened by the fact that they didn’t want Jerry to permit their lovemaking. It leads somewhere for the trio to engage in physical intimacy, which Rick, Morty, and Summer have to listen to while seated at the dinner table. A frustrated Morty yells at his grandfather to fix the portal gun immediately. The following morning, “Space Beth” bids the last goodbye to the Smiths before boarding her spacecraft. Jerry admits that this Thanksgiving taught him a lesson. Perhaps Rick remembers something unique about that, so he keeps the alien wine undercover in his refrigerator. We can assume after Jerry’s almost suicidal toast, while Beth and ‘Space Beth’ take a sip of the alien wine, things get a little amorous right after that. So that could be the reason why Rick is hiding it.

In the post-credits, Jerry arrives at ‘Jerryborre’ with a weird thought in mind, but he is not allowed to enter because all the Jerrys in this daycare happened to touch each other. However, Jerry comes there with a similar intention, but seeing a clone of him on the street, he settles his desires there.

How Does Beth Fall in Love with Herself?

As the writer, Anne Lane has also emphasized the significance of Beth’s self-love as she has always been excluded from the adventures of the rest of the family. Dan Harmon, who is a narcissist himself, embraces wholeheartedly that she may fall in love with herself due to her desire to discover who she is. Since Rick made a clone of her daughter, it becomes almost impossible to identify which Beth is real and which one is a clone. Therefore, Beth hesitates to rediscover herself, but thanks to Space Beth’s appreciation, she gets rid of her doubts and finds a new reason to live. Although being a pragmatic person, she comes back to reality to live with her husband, Jerry.

The idea of love is an overused occurrence, whether in Nolan’s film or the Adult Swim cartoon, but “Bethic Twinstinct” is not too bad due to its overall presentation and lovely plot combo. Season 6, Episode 3 exudes the raw humor of Season 1. Though a last-minute joke referencing “Bethic Twinstinct” from “Basic Instinct” was added, instinct was quite gullible. So, let’s wait and see what further puns and parodies this Season 6 will offer.

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