‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6: Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Somnambulator Make A ‘Night Person?’


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do household chores while sleeping? Well, in the world of “Rick and Morty,” everything is possible, but there are repercussions. Rick decides to pick a Somnambulator as he passes through the ‘Gooby-joob’ system for his rookie desire to gain abs. But in Rick’s wacky technological world, nothing comes for free. While Summer’s inherent depravity takes command of the household, the Somnambulator takes a dramatic turn. So, let’s find out how Rick will tackle the new Summer to bring an end to their “Nightmare.”

Spoilers Ahead

What Is A Somnambulator? How Does It Make A ‘Night Person?’

“Rick and Morty” Season 6 Episode 4, titled “The Night Family,” begins with a poetic quote from T. S. Eliot, taken from the “Fragment of Aegon.” It all begins on a restless night when Beth is unable to fall asleep because her husband Jerry snores loudly. She exits the room after making a vain attempt to count the sheep on her smartphone. But after seeing her father, Rick, half asleep and half awake, she almost has a heart attack. Rick is doing crunches and is so lethargic that he doesn’t even answer Beth’s calls. He walks like a zombie in his sleep, and that seems so horrifying. The very next morning, Beth gets her answer when Rick informs that the man who appeared to be half asleep last night was actually his “Night Person,” not him. He describes how he came across a Somnambulator, which transforms a person into a “Night Person” and allows them to carry out all tasks while they are asleep. So, all he needs to do is to give a blood sample to the machine, as it works through the DNA. Then he has to put a few notes in the machine before going to bed and it will make his ‘Night’ version.

Rick has suddenly developed incredible abs, and Morty is envious of them. Even the rest of the family wants a dedicated “Night Person” to complete their tasks. At first, Rick looks reluctant, but when the others, including Summer, don’t seem interested in his job, Rick is forced to provide everyone access to the Somnambulator.

The Smith Family now exists in two versions. The Daymanoid is one, while the Night family is the other. The night family is washing their dishes, cleaning the floor, and doing other things while the Daymenoid is enjoying the results of their labor. Summer has become proficient in Spanish, and Beth has learned to play the trumpet, while Morty and Rick have developed their abs so quickly that they have started a podcast to discuss it. Even Nancy Pelosi will be a guest on the show the following week. They name their channel “Fab-solutely ab-ulous,” which is named after the famous 90s British sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous.” Jerry, though, doesn’t leave an opportunity to be odd because, without trying to learn a skill or make abs, he makes his night version, his pen-pal. Both of them now write a letter to each other. Even while his family teases him for having strange thoughts, it just serves to highlight how lonely he is. But arbitrariness comes with consequences. The minute they start provoking the Somnambulator’s night individuals, things get pretty dark. Although initially, the night people make a peace deal, Rick’s stubbornness leads to chaos.

Why Does The Night Gang Oppose The Day Family?

As per Night Summer’s request, “Night Jerry” sends a note to “Day Jerry” instructing him to wash the plates because Summer’s hands are getting wrinkly by washing the dishes at Night. Rick, the genuine leader of the Smith Family, becomes outraged and refuses all the night people’s commands. However, the outcome is not very advantageous. When Rick wakes up in the morning, the others show him how the Night People have destroyed all of their plates. Rick is persistent, though. He is unwilling to give in to the people’s demands. Since he has refused to wash the plates, he travels to the Forbidden Zone of Eight Marmaduke to forge 110% indestructible plates with the aliens there. All the hard work he did is just for not washing the dishes.

However, the night folks are vile. To display their darker side, they awaken Rick at Night. Rick sees the night gang is led by ‘Night Summer,’ who carries out despicable deeds with Rick in order to comply with their demands. They imprison Rick, and “Night Summer” forces-feeds him to the leftovers from the meal. Rick confronts Summer to halt her nighttime activities the next morning because he can’t stop throwing up. Rick has a strategy for defeating the night gang. Day Rick used a sample of his awake saliva to create a laser barrier around his home because “Night Summer” also has “Night Rick. Even Summer got a sleep-deprivation outfit from him so she could blend in among the Night people. Summer attempts to blend in with a deactivation puck despite being very uncomfortable in the garbage suit. She would remain awake the entire Night. But can she actually accomplish it? She follows the night family downstairs, where they are using the Somnambulator to create something significant that could help them dominate the day as well. Summer, acting as the commander of the Night, cunningly fixed the pluck on the gigantic Somnambulator. She awakens everyone, including Rick. At the end of “The Night Family,” Rick is finally relaxed, but is it so simple to escape the threat, especially in an episode of “Rick and Morty.”

How Does The ‘Night Family’ Get Back To Their Day Version?

After getting Summer back to normal, Rick switches off the laser guard of the home, saying that the ‘Night Summer’ was the worst. At that very moment, Summer transforms into “Night Summer” and quotes Rick’s famous line from Season 1 about how his opinion means a little to her. Everyone realizes that it’s the ‘Night Summer’ who has now come up with proxy drones. The proxy drones shoot sleeping injections into the Smith family and make them work during the day. But when it’s time for their sleep, Jerry writes a letter to Night Jerry to help his family. With the help of Night Jerry, the rest of the family escaped from the proxy drone zone. But when Rick’s car explodes, “Night Summer” attacks them with the drones. Beth, taking the whole family in a car, escapes the scene. In a massive car chase, the Smith family repeatedly transitions from Night to Day and again from Day to Night.

However, one of the sleeping injections from the proxy drones remains, causing everyone to turn into “Night Person” except for Rick. But Night Jerry asks Rick to compromise. According to their claim, they tell Rick that washing the dishes will turn them back from the Night to Day person. But Rick won’t clean the dishes anyway, so he chooses to spend the rest of his life as Night Rick. The Smith Family ends up in the Night Family, who drain Daymanoid’s money on vacations, concert halls, and streaming subscriptions, and “Night Summer” even forgets her Twitter password. They end up being broke, so to put an end to the anarchy, Rick decides to shoot the Somnambulator. Even if he does, they turn into the Daymanoid again, but at what cost? Rick finds out that Choco Taco has been killed.

The fourth episode of “Rick and Morty” is, in our opinion, the best one so far this season. One question remains after seeing this episode: how do the creators come up with these concepts? It is more than wonderful that they brought it up and carried it out in such an absorbing manner. The major theme of this episode is how Summer’s suppressed rage gets released through the “Night Person.” Where Rick has always been in charge of their family for life, it is unclear why “Night Summer” now takes the helm of the Night Family, but it is a commendable effort. “The Night Family,” episode 4 of season 6, is the most entertaining episode so far, and we anticipate that the remaining episodes will continue to entertain us with an incredible plot.

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