‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Are Fortune Cookies Made Of?


Do you believe in fortune cookies? Well, who even does that? They pretty much give everyone the same predictable quote (fortune), so it doesn’t matter. But what if the quote suddenly turns out to be so absurd that it robs you of peace? Such things could happen, especially in Episode 5 of “Rick and Morty.” The ruckus begins when everyone at Panda Express receives the usual fortune cookies, but Jerry’s cookie reads something so unsettling that eventually, Rick has to come to his aid. So, let’s check out what was written in that cookie, which is going to be extremely uncomfortable.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was Written in Jerry’s Fortune Cookie?

“Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 6, titled “Final DeSmithation,” starts with Smith Family, who are enjoying noodles at Panda Express, where Rick resembles Professor Octopus. He is a little bit miffed because Summer and Morty have changed his ringtone to the “Taxi” theme, which is trending on Tiktok. As Rick usually ignores popular culture, he concentrates on utilizing his octopus arms as chopsticks. While Jerry, on the other hand, is excited about going to the zoo but also afraid of diarrhea, In the meantime, a waiter serves a plate of fortune cookies to their table.

Almost everyone gets the boring quote as usual, but Jerry’s cookie just got out of hand. It predicts that Jerry will be involved in an intimate relationship with his mother (which can be a suggestion of Oedipus Rex). Inadvertently reading it aloud, Jerry caught everyone’s attention in the restaurant. As usual, Jerry becomes anxious. Even though he thinks it’s just a tiny cookie, he cannot ignore it. He tries to vomit the cookies at night but fails to do so. While everything is going on, Summer and Morty think it’s hilarious to make a mockery of their worried father. The Siblings begin playing different pranks on him. In the meantime, Jerry becomes even more suspicious when he receives his mother’s texts at this time. He makes every effort to avoid having the fortune cookie come true. The Smith family gets picked up by Space Beth the next day to travel to the zoo, where Jerry comically dresses up as Morty in hopes of avoiding the fate mentioned in the fortune cookie. He dressed like Morty as he thought if he had to get intimate with his mother, then it should be Beth (or Morty’s mother). But does fortune work that way? Finally, Rick has to step in. He says that he discovered some data from Jerry’s ‘probability field’ that leads him to believe that this ‘fortune cookie’ is causing some strange turn of events. Rick is getting ready to launch a thorough investigation into this inheritance, so Jerry is no longer going to the zoo. Rick is using a PKE meter to determine if Jerry’s fortune is going to materialize or not. Jerry is instructed to insert his genitalia inside the box as Rick tries to conduct several tests, but the fortune cookie cannot be ruled out. Therefore, Rick is ready to depart with Jerry to visit Panda Express.

What Is The Fortune 500?

The Panda Express waiters become suspicious of Rick, but they start firing before he can do anything. However, Rick is unbeatable. He kills all the waiters in slow motion while his ringtone, the “Taxi” theme music, is playing in the background. Although the few remaining waiters confess that they are actually conducting a meth ring, they thought Rick might be the DEA agent trying to dismantle them. However, Rick is aware of the “Fortune 500,” the manufacturing company of fortune cookies. When Rick and Jerry arrive at the ‘Fortune 500’ skyscraper, Rick’s eye camera emerges from his eye socket and begins to monitor the entire area. Finally, Rick and Jerry dress up to hide their identities. Rick summons his disguised suit in the fashion of Thundara from Thundercats and converts Jerry into his assistant, much as in the classic ‘Sailor Moon’ style.

Rick and Jerry do all the tricks to enter. At the entrance to the building’s hall, where prominent businessmen and prime ministers are seated, one of them is a white-dressed woman, Jenith Padrow-Chunt, hosting the crowd. She introduces herself, discussing her background. She implies that once in her father’s garage, she ate ramen from the commode, and that’s how she gained her indestructible fortune. However, she doesn’t state clearly what the cookies are and how they work. Rick and Jerry find the cookie testers in other rooms of the building. Some of them are having good fortune, and some are getting worse. Some of them are even being forcefully fed by the employees. When the security guards of the building eventually detect that Rick and Jerry have broken in, Rick pulls out his mechanical arms to defend himself, but the fortune cookie-fueled guards smash Rick’s arms. Rick finally makes it out alive by using Jerry as a human shield.

‘Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Are Fortune Cookies Made Of?

While crawling through a secret vent, Rick discovers the core of the problem. They find an interstellar creature captured by a fortune cookie smith, Old M. Hucksbee. Due to the alien’s stomach problem, its excrement is transformed into cookies that are sold with fortune quotations inside. When Jerry questions him about the quotation he received, Hucksbee replies that he has provided the same huge fortune quote to many people in the hopes that they will locate this business and come to Hucksbee’s aid. Jenith finally shows up with her enormous army to attack Rick and Jerry. She even locates Jerry’s fortune and manages to find his mother. While she brings him in front of Jerry, he freaks out. Rick finally reveals that the ramen Jenith had eaten in her past was this alien’s poo after her father’s garage was invaded. Jenith acquired her fortune-power from that.

As Jenith’s men were powered by fortune cookies, they didn’t miss any targets. But Rick has had many of them, so he becomes immortal from one of his many fortunes. When the armies are about to kill him, he ultimately discovers a package of cookies with no quotation. As all of them eat those cookies thrown by Rick, they all disappear. However, Jenith survives. She assures Rick that she has unresolved riches, so she will never lose. In his defense, Rick claims that he set up a dark web account and stole billions of dollars from Goldman Sachs. He then purchased everything from Jenith’s business, and now he removes the money from her account and sends it to Goldman Sachs. Jenith’s fortune is, therefore, simply fulfilled and goes back to where it was. Still, she doesn’t back off. She consumes too many cookies and transforms into a terrible beast.

However, the alien creature escapes its restraints and eats Jenith and Hucksbee in turn. Rick manages to open a dimensional portal and captures the creature with his mechanical arms. At this moment, Rick writes a fortune quote called “jerry no sex mom” on a fortune cookie and throws it in Jerry’s face. Jerry and his mother finally survived doing this terrible thing. Eventually, after all the mess ends, Jerry and Rick get home. Jerry offers him a cookie as a thank you and calls him a friend. Rick gets very angry as he is now friends with Jerry. During the fight, Rick ate a lot of fortune cookies, which included fortunes like immortality and making friends. Therefore, the fortune of immortality will work until he gets the fortune of making a friend. Jerry then addresses him as a friend and strips him of his immortality. The “Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 6 post-credit scene shows that Jerry’s worries have come true as it depicts zoo visitors experiencing diarrhea after eating zebra snacks.

Final Words

The current episode, titled “Final DeSmithation,” has been chaotic, with many things spinning out of control. However, after “Night Family,” this episode has been the most enjoyable, despite all the troubling aspects. The fortune cookies’ turning out to be alien feces might be the coolest interpretation of how fate just depends on actions. “Rick and Morty” are giving their best effort, and if we stick around for a while, we may get to see more of their fantastic adventures in the upcoming episodes.

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